Chapter 31

Jace looked at the little dragon, which had turned and cuddled up to Magnus.

"Awww." Magnus said, patting the dragon's head.

"You're a mommy!" Maia said, laughing. Magnus looked up, and then back down at the dragon.

"I suppose a dragon is a fitting companion for a warlock." Magnus chuckled, "But Chairman Meow will always come first!"

Clary laughed, and Jace turned, Roxy rolled her eyes and looked at Chloe.

"You didn't cook the eggs, did you?" she muttered, Chloe just grinned.

"Dragons hatch at high temperatures, someone must have put a dragon egg in with the basilisk eggs." Chloe said, taking another bite of the cupcake. Jordan froze with a piece of egg on his fork halfway to his mouth.

"Basilisk?" Jace asked. Roxy shrugged and muttered something about idiots and crazy phoenixes.

"Hey! Guys! I got it!" came a voice, Jace turned, as did the rest of the group, only to see a boy with brown hair and large bat wings at the door, he was holding up a scroll and grinning. His features had a bat-like twist and his ears were extremely large and….you guessed it, bat-like. His eyes were red with black slits for pupils, much like Drakiel.

"Hi Ben!" Chloe exclaimed, before forgetting him and grabbing another cupcake to eat.

"Who's this?" Simon asked, Isabelle narrowed her eyes, and the little dragon on Magnus' shoulder chirruped.

"Ben, he's a bat demon, and one of Nightshade's members, he's from Jophiel's island." Jacob's voice came as he dropped down from the ceiling, where a portal was just closing.

"Oh goodie, you came back, how was Hell?" Roxy asked, folding her arms across her chest. Jacob paused to consider this.

"Hotter than normal, the old bitch is finally taking an interest in things, oh, and she wants to know where Leri is," Jacob shrugged, Jace assumed that Jacob meant Destiny when he said 'the old bitch'

"Why? She's never cared about Nightshade before." Chloe asked, coming out of a cupcake-induced haze.

"Who knows, my sister had to work for her for a while, she's as bipolar as the phoenix over there." Ben muttered, placing the scroll on the table and striking a very feminine pose where his hips were angled and one hand was on his hip.

Magnus raised an eyebrow at Ben's pose, and Alec's expression changed to something unreadable.

"I don't know, what he said, right? It was something about all the Class 7's meeting up. I dunno." Blank looks from everyone met Jacob's words.

"Anyway, where's Drakiel? We need to know how to break through Sebastian's walls," Roxy said.

"Newsflash: we don't know where he is!" Isabelle growled, there were some considering gazes from around at that.

"That's what this is for." Ben pointed out, moving and unrolling the scroll on the table at the center of the room.

It was a map, a map of a city, but not one Jace had ever seen before. It kind of looked like Idris, with all the designs that marked crystal towers.

"This is…." Magnus trailed off. Ben grinned.

"Atlantis, which luckily, we are very close to. Looks like he found another place to build up his empire." Ben explained, Jacob shook his head.

"Didn't you listen at all in Daedric History? The Atlantians were cursed by Fate, and they became the Draconians who ravaged both Heaven and Hell, and were eventually cast out to the Second Kaeron Dimension." Jacob said passionately.

"Aaaaaannnnnnnd, you lost us." Simon muttered. Roxy rolled her eyes.

"It basically means that Atlantis is incapable of supporting life, and will infect anyone who tries to live there with the Kaeron Curse. It's a deadly sickness that is extremely hard to shake." Sariel spoke up, Jace turned; he had almost forgotten she was here.

"He might kill himself, considering this. Sebastian wasn't in our Deadric History class." Jacob said thoughtfully.

"So this place basically poisons anyone who enters?" Maia asked, there were a few murmurs from around.

"Basically." Sariel smiled.

"So? Let's let him die." Jace growled, was it all really going to work out for them? That would be a first. Clary put her hand on Jace's arm, she had been awfully quiet for the past while.

"I don't think it will work out that way, just, it feels like there's something that's going to happen. Sebastian's smarter than this, he would realize, and don't forget, he has Lerial, there's a high chance she told him to spite him." Clary said.

"Since when did you get so wise?" Magnus said after a small silence, cracking a slight smile. Clary shrugged.

"Hey, wait, has anyone told Krypcis that Lerial was kidnapped?" Ben asked out of the blue. At this, all of the Nightshade members froze.

"Who's that?" Jace asked, along with confused looks from the New York supernaturals.

"Long story." Drakiel came in, narrowing his eyes.

"Yeah, we all know you have a score to settle with him. Did you get our ride?" Roxy asked, brushing it aside.

Drakiel nodded and turned, as if expecting them to follow, Jacob muttered something under his breath and turned to follow him. Seeing no other option, the rest of the gang did as well.

Since Drakiel wasn't talking, conversation broke out as he led everyone to the beach. It was then when Skyah appeared and flew over, followed by Timor and a purple-shaded Nyryn they didn't recognize.

We have come to help.

Alas thou are heading to do battle with thy greatest enemy!

Timor, shut up.

Skyah, then Timor, and lastly, a voice they didn't recognize, appeared in their minds, Jace turned to see the three Nyryns.

"O hai guys." Chloe said, grabbing Skyah and hugging her. Skyah looked like she wanted to break away but didn't, just because she recognized that Chloe wasn't exactly right in the head.

I'm Hijah.

The purple Nyryn's voice appeared, she sounded slightly sarcastic, whereas Skyah was emotionless and Timor was Shake-spearey.

"We're here." Drakiel said, interrupting Hijah, which made the Nyryn glare harshly at the back of Drakiel's head.

"Underwater unicorns!" Chloe squealed, letting go of Skyah, who fell with a thump to the ground.

Drakiel just smiled as a crest of white on the waves appeared in the distance of the water.