So begins the sequel to Behind The Curtain…I thought the last story was stupid but others told me it was great (life is full of surprises!) and I was bored anyways, so yeah. Happy birthday to my little brother John, who just turned 11! YAY!

Glinda never forgot Elphaba. If she tried, it wouldn't have worked anyways. Every night, Elphaba returned in her dreams, slipping farther away…into darkness…gone. Then when the world crumpled, Glinda sat up in bed, screaming and sweating.

As usual, her mother wasn't helpful. She rejoyced in the fact that Elphaba was gone. Glinda finally didn't come down to answer the door when her mother arrived, reminded of the rude words she endured every week.

Glinda wouldn't eat or drink and when she could help it, sleep. She didn't go and visit the munchkins who adored her so, even after they were alarmed and thought her to be sick, which resulted in many get well cards. She didn't leave her castle, day and night.

She drank heavily until she vomited and fell asleep again, having nightmares of her friend being away.

Then she resorted to thinking about every wrong thing she did. She'd been jealous of Elphaba and Fiyero. Glinda had many boyfriends before him, what was it to be jealous? Elphie never had anybody, nobody to love her in that way. Let them be. She thought about the mean things she'd said to her. She'd called her artichoke and broccoli and other things. Why? Elphaba had done nothing, never anything to Glinda. And she'd never done anything back.

Glinda decided to go into therapy, since she found she could bottle her feelings no longer.

She sat down on the blue couch opposite from Dr. Moroson. He was a handsome duck of many colors. Adjusting his glasses up his bill, He asked Glinda what was wrong.

"My friend died last week." Glinda already felt relieved to talk to someone about this.

"Well, first look on the bright side. Do you think your friend would be happy with the witch's death?"

Glinda winced. "I um, I don't know."

"Did you by any chance go to school with this person?"

"Yes, sir. She was my roomate. Sometimes we would go to History class together."

"What school did you go to?" the duck asked, jotting notes down.

"Shiz University."

The duck suddenley stopped, looking up at her.

"I was a good friend of Doctor Dillamond's. what did you say your name was again, dear?"

"Glinda Upland." Glinda wondered what he was thinking. He seemed to recognize something.

"Doctor Dillamond spoke often about you, miss Glinda. You were often mean to that girl with green skin. Poor girl."

"That's my friend!" Glinda exclaimed before she could stop herself. "she became my friend! She's dead and I'm all alone with nobody to talk to!"

"Don't worry, miss Glinda." The duck smiled. "your secret is safe with me."

Sorry this was short. I have to go soon. But if you like this, tell me!