The rest of the group came out to investigate.

Sure as day, Morrible's army descended down the hills, paired in many numbers, and singing some kind of chant.

But Elphaba decided the war wasn't worth it.

"Don't follow me," she ordered, and took a knife off the wooden table and ran outside.

She saw Morrible running into the woods. Huh. So she hadn't left.

She chased after her, tripping often and wishing she had brought her broom. But it was too late to turn back now.

Morrible lead her all the way into the city, darting into a vacant house.

Elphaba chased her up the stairs, hearing her wicked, horrible high-pitched laugh.

Elphaba found the door Morrible had found her way into to be locked. She stepped back, against the stair railing, and moved forward to kick it open.

Morrible was ready for her, pulling a new, clean curved knife out of her purse.

Following Elphaba's shocked gaze, she whispered, "Just for you, my dear."

The war started then. The real war.

Elphaba charged toward her, meeting a cutting pain in her left arm…she ducked as Morrible ran her over, then pinning Elphaba down and cutting her lip. Elphaba gathered a mouth full of blood and saliva and spit on Morrible's face. She backed up, kicking her enemy in the mouth.

She brought out her knife and they continued, dodging and stabbing and laughing evilly mixed in.

Finally, Elphaba was drenched in blood from all over, and weakly fell to the floor.

A drop of blood from Morrible's forehead dripped down and met Elphaba's face.

Morrible leaned over her, smiling.

"You know, I'm very disappointed in you. You were such a good student."

And she raised the knife to cut into Elphaba's green flesh…

But the brave woman stopped her, taking her own knife and inserting it to meet Morrible's heart.

With an anguished scream, the lady fell hard against the floor, smiling weakly as Elphaba bent over her.

"I always wanted…to be a mother…"

"You would make a horrible one." Elphaba said simply. And Morrible let out her last breath, her eyes glazing over.

She was dead.


When Elphaba returned, she saw that the poison couldn't function without Morrible being alive, and the Animals were free.

"Sorry I stabbed you," Glinda said sincerely to a zebra on the ground.

They helped the hurting Animals, and rejoiced in the fact that Morrible was gone.


The city of Oz welcomed Elphaba back, and as the Tiggular family and their helpers went to Fiyero's other castle, they felt very happy indeed.

"You're amazing." Fiyero whispered fondly to his wife.

"Well…" Elphaba smiled. "…Yeah, I guess…"


They sat in their new thrones as Yackle proclaimed:

"Welcome, Oz! This is an exciting day! Let us welcome, Princess Eldora Elphaba Melena Tiggular."

It was a sensational moment as the youngest member let the throne come on her head.

"To Prince Liir Thropp Tiggular!"

Liir let Yackle place the crown on his head, letting out a glad smile no one would take away.

"To King Fiyero Leon Tiggular!" Yackle pressed a silver crown on Fiyero's head and all of Oz bowed.

"To our Most Honored Subjects, Miss Galinda Arduenna Upland!"

Galinda squealed as a crown was placed on her head too.

"And it's pink!" she smiled.

"To Miss Larena Upland."

Glinda's mother waved away her crown, meeting Glinda in a big hug. "I love you." She whispered.

"And…to myself," Yackle laughed.

"And for the highest one of all, our Queen of Vinkus, Queen Elphaba Melena Thropp Tiggular!"

And the crowds cheered as the crown came onto her head.

Her eyes filled with tears. They were bowing. They were really bowing.

And she and her friends knew at that moment, they wouldn't fear for a long time. Because, well…they had each other.

And they simply couldn't be happier.

Thanks so much for reading! Until we meet again.