I'm really sorry for such a short chapter last time. I had somewhere to go.

Dr. Moroson poured Glinda tea and sat across from her.

"Doctor," Glinda began hesitantly, "could you tell me anything about Elphaba before I knew her?"

"That I can do," the duck laughed. "I was good friends with her father. Oh, those days…"

Glinda fixed her eyes on the ground and visualized the story as it was told.

Another day at Shiz, Frexspar Thropp walking with Daniel Dillamond and Gregory Moroson. They met up at a locker in the hall. Frex looked very worried about something.

"What if she says no?" he said worriedly, popping several mints into his mouth.

"She won't," Moroson assured him. "Melena's too nice. She's my partner in chemistry."

"Just play cool," Dillamond put in. "she'll be coming any minute."

"Right," Frex said, but he still looked worried, "and then…"

"You ask her." Moroson finished.

Little did they know that on the other side of school, a group of girls were on the same subject. They started down the hall in their little posse of three, giggling and talking. However, one girl asked a question that annoyed her friend.

"Is he going to ask you?" Mesh asked. The girl with brown waves suddered.

"Probably," Melena rolled her eyes. "he's so annoying. But my parents love him, which is the problem. If Frex asks me out, then they'll support it."

"How bad can it be?" Tfane patted Melena's back. "I heard Frex is rich."

Melena looked insulted. "So am I," she said. "what of it?"

She looked back and forth at her friend's blank faces.

"Girls, I'm marrying for love, not money." Melena reasoned with them. She suddenly stopped, nearly tripping over her high heels.

"Oh, no!" she groaned.

"What?" her friends asked. But they found out exactly what in the next second.

Three boys, one goat, a boy, and a duck leaned on Melena's locker.

"Nice," Mesh laughed. "go over and yell at them, Mel."

"No!" Melena snapped. "they'll think I'm flirting."

"I'll say something," Tfane said. She flounced forward, her red curls bouncing.

"Alright, guys," she said to the three boys. She pointed a pale long finger around them.

"Away from Mel's locker!"

"We need to ask her something," Frex stammered. His hands were shaking. Melena was close, so close…a couple feet away from him, looking at him.

Tfane turned and addressed her friend. "He wants to ask you something." She stated.

The three boys moved away from the locker as Melena came towards it to claim her things.

"Yes?" she asked, turning the dial on her locker and trying to tune Frex's words out. But somehow they sqeezed through her ears and poisoned her heart, filling her with anguish.

"Do you w-want to go out w-with me?" Frex blurted. He turned a dark crimson, then a purple and then absolutely pale. His voice was stammery, his eyes downcast.

Melena continued to run the dial and she opened her locker, as if Frex had commented about the weather.

She took her new things out and closed her locker. Sooner or later, she would have to meet his eyes, and give him her answer. She took a deep breath.

She knew the right thing to do of course, but was it the smart thing? She knew in every way that she could end up with this boy, whether she liked it or not. And Frexspar Thropp was—well, a nice boy, but he wasn't her boy. She guessed she could go, but after one date, what would her parents say?

She knew exactly.

Melena, isn't he charming? I think one more date is in the question!

Melena, I think you two would go to the fair together!

Look at our daughter, she's with Frexspar, like we always wanted her to be!

Ugh. Never. Never. She couldn't. but her family…

The last thing she wanted to be was a disgrace.

She looked at Frex's green eyes and sighed.

"Fine, Thropp." She said. She hadn't meant to make it come out snappish.

Frex looked up at her with so much emotion, Melena almost said, "Awww!" out loud.

She smiled half-heartedly.

"I have to go to class. When and where are we going?"

"Um, I haven't thought of that yet," Frex blushed and looked at his friends for help.

"How about that resturant across here?" Moroson suggested. "The Emerald Diner?"

"Fine with me," Melena said. "what time, Frexspar?"

"Uh…seven?" he said quietly.

"Okay. See you tonight." Melena turned and walked away, using all her power to keep from running. Stupid boy, didn't even know where! Oh, WHY did I say yes?

Tfane and Mesh came behind her giggling about his mix matched socks and Dillamond's crumply hair.

"She was so miserable, I could tell." Moroson continued his story.

Glinda nodded. "I feel sort of bad for her. How did you know her parents wanted him, anyway?"

"Oh, it came around. He always told me how they invited him in when Melena was around, and had him eat with them, and other such things."

"And Frex and Melena got married?"

"Yes, my dear, that's a very long story, and we don't have time." The duck replied. "I'll tell you more tomorrow."

Glinda got up and before she knew what she was doing, she hugged him.

"Thank you, Dr. Moroson." She whispered.

He chuckled. "Your very welcome."

Glinda left that day with many questions swarming in her head that she didn't think to ask.

All throughout her getting ready for bed, she thought of all her friend didn't tell her, or what her friend didn't—and never would—know.

Then she fell into sleep again, and found her nightmares had subsided.