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Chapter 1: Janette Jones

June 14th

Is the day when I was born into the world. It was the most happiest day for my parents. They were so delighted to have a pale baby girl in their care. I was a very quiet baby, how do I know? Well, when I was four, my mom used to tell stories about when I was a baby. It was really touching and I will always ask if I was really that quiet. She only nodded, the way my parents smile, the way they hug me, the way they care for me… it's the only thing I've ever want to feel until I die.

But, a year after I was born, a new baby girl was born. She has really a cute face when I saw her. It was when I was three and she's two. She's the reason I protect her so much. She's just so… fragile and sweet and caring. I was truly the happiest big sister ever. She would hug me and kiss me on the cheek. And I'll return with a big bear hug along with a tickle on her stomach. We were once a very close sibling.

It all soon change when she entered Kindergarten and I was in my first year in my primary school year. I was only seven and she was six years old. That's when I get the feeling mom and dad was paying more attention to her. At first, I was shock by their reaction to me. They suddenly left me at the school yard after picking my sister from school. I had to walk towards my house and I almost got ran over by a car that day. A week has pass and my parents grew more and more to my sister. They were beginning to ignore me.

At first I understand that… but, the big day came. My birthday. I waited for my family to greet me with open arms saying 'Happy Birthday!' But, after I waited and waited… no one came. I began to search the house and found no one inside. They left me. They left me on my eighth birthday. And I was about to show them, my third A at school. But, they weren't home and so as my sister.

Since that day, I was beginning to get more ignored. And they forgot to feed me. Eventually, I have to cook for myself. With both of my parents being caring and loving to my one year younger sister, I've been studying hard in school and tried to get attention from them whenever I got an A or a school play coming up. But, they seemed to be busy with their jobs. I understand.

Don't get me wrong here… I don't hate my sister. I can never hate her. She may be daddy's and mommy's little girl but, she's still my one year younger sister. She was the one who always tell mom and dad that there's me. I only smiled as they began to apologize. I nodded thinking they wouldn't forget again. But, then again, I was wrong. They did forget again and again and again. It kept on repeating on itself as I gave up and finally found a job and tried to feed and pay for school by myself.

I began to shut myself to everyone and became mute. I wasn't actually mute. Just, antisocial. I only open up to my family, especially my sister. My lovely little sister. My caring little sister. The one and only,

Emily Jones.

It was just another normal day at Tranquility, Nevada. It was normal to me and my family members. Once again, they forgot… about me. I wasn't surprised. I was used to it. I leaned my head against the warm window as I watch the neighborhood. It was a peaceful and calm neighborhood. The neighbors are all very nice. The one that lives across me has a dog called Mojo.

Mojo sometimes come over to my front yard, I played with him for hours and he was almost like a human friend to me. I always see Samuel James Witwicky going in and out from his house with his Yellow Chevrolet Camaro. His car was very suspicious. Almost everyday, a few expensive cars would always come to park in fornt of his house and mine's. For example, one time, there was a Petebilt semi-truck, a GMC Topkick, a silver Pontiac Solstice, and a Chevrolet Volt, was parked in front of his house.

Weird though… I always thought those fancy, expensive cars are alive. I have a few sketches of those cars in my sketch book. I love to draw, write, and almost all of the quiet activities done around here. I began to draw again to pass the time while my family was at the mall, probably shopping for clothes.

After a half of hour of drawing, I was finally bored and decided to take a walk to the park. I grabbed my bag and shove my sketch book and a few drawing tools into it. As soon as I was out of my house, I began to stretch out my arms as I took a deep sigh. Saturday mornings… the same as usual, the sport cars would always be in front of Samuel's house.

I took a deep sigh once again before going into the garage to get my bike. It was an old dark blue bike I bought with my own money. I hop on and saw the cars were beginning to leave. I sigh once more before pedaling towards the park. While riding, I began to think what I think every single day. Sometimes, I wonder. Why? Why did I have to be born in this state? In this town? In this family? Those were the questions that started to appear in my mind, ever since I was eight.

Sometimes suicide cross my mind. Should I just commit suicide and end my life? I mean, nobody would miss me anyway. No friends. No family. But, even if I commit suicide, then my life would just be wasted like that. No one would ever want to die. Even I. So, it's pointless to die and to live.

Let me tell you more about myself,

My name is Janette Jones but, call me Jen, a nobody and a nerd at school. I'm seventeen years old with normal blue eyes and normal shoulder length blonde hair. My skin tone is pale, it's probably because I rarely went outdoor. I blame myself for that one. People were starting to start rumor that I'm a ghost at Emily's house. I only sigh at that gossip. It's not true, why would people believe if it's just a gossip? Anyway, my clothing is consist of dark blue jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, hoodie jackets, sweaters, and the same shoes. I love to wear things like that. I truly hate skirts, it's breezy when you put them on and it's much too reviling to me.

It'll go perfect on Emily though. Me compare to her? It's like a weed and a rose. I'm the weed and she's the rose. She's the Princess and I'm the lowly servant. She's the Head Cheerleader and I'm the school mute and nerdy girl. She's loved by everyone, my only friend is Mojo. She's a somebody, I'm a nobody. She has everything, I have nothing.

It's like the Princess and the Pauper, it was like my favorite movie. Except, I'm placed as the low servant and Emily's the Princess. I never hate her, and I never will. She's my sister, I'll always be there to tend to her every needs. Sadly, she sometimes forgets about me. I don't mind. I'm used to it. I understand if she's faking to not notice me. I don't want to ruin her rank as the popular girl.

Sometimes, I wish I was in her shoe or even Mikaela Banes. She's popular, beautiful, and very lucky to have a lot of friends. I want to be a somebody, I want to be noticed, I want to be loved, I want to be cared, I want a… family.

I wanted to scream. I want to scream my wish to the heavens. I'll scream with my hoarse voice if I have too. But, even if I scream with all of my might, my wish wouldn't be heard anyway. I and I mean I, will always be a nobody.

As Bumblebee was scouting the area, he saw a girl, around Sam's age to be exact. He drove up a bit closer, turning his engine into minimum. He saw she was hugging her knees close to her chest as she was facing the lake. Bumblebee whirled and chirped a little as he was trying to convince the girl to come and look at him. He got startled a little as the earth femme was screaming to the sky.

Ratchet! Rachet! Bumblebee tried to contact the medic as fast as possible.

What is it, Bumblebee?! Can you be a bit quieter! Ratchet, the CMO scolded.

There's this earth femme! She's screaming into the air! What's wrong with her? Bumblebee asked curiously.

Screaming into the air? Do you mean sky? Ratchet asked confused. Can you at least hear what she's screaming about?

I don't know! She's just screaming!

Hmm… Maybe I should come to where you are now, Bumblebee. Ratchet said as Bumblebee chirped.

Okay… But, she's leaving! I've seen her somewhere though… but where? Bumblebee asked himself.

Ratchet sigh, Alright… just go back to Sam's house and I'll think of this situation okay?


Bumblebee let out a sigh as he began to drove back to Sam's house. He was curious, why was the femme screaming? An even better question, why was she alone? He drove to the garage but he stopped as he saw the femme from before going into the house across the street. He stared at the femme and saw she was sad. As soon as the femme went inside the house, a car drove to the house's garage. Bumblebee raised whirled and did a sad chirp. Was she lonely? Why did her creators went elsewhere, when their sparkling is at home alone?

"Welcome home." I greeted.

My mom and dad raised an eyebrow while Emily hugged me. Then the two realized, they just forgot to take me with them… again. I dunno how much they've done this, I lost count after the first hundred. They both gave me an apologetic look as I just raised my hand and smiled. I decided to went back into my room doing homework.

I rather do homework than have fun like other teenagers. My parents should have been proud for me being a good girl but, like they even noticed… I look out my window as I leaned against my chair. I saw at Samuel's house, the yellow camaro and a search and rescue H2 was somewhat talking to each other. I raised an eyebrow at the two cars, I shrugged it off and decided to have a quiet and relaxing shower.

I told my family I wasn't hungry and I quickly locked my door shut. I jumped onto my bed, burying my face onto my pillow as I tried to cry but my tears were all dried up. The last time I cry was the time when I turn eight. I lost my tears back then and as so as my family.

I wish something new will show up.

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