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Chapter 20: Snow Day

I watched as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker began to argue with each other. This is wrong, really wrong. Brothers, especially twins, shouldn't fight. They share the same spark together. They should get along well, and not fight each other over me. This is my entire fault. I should never have cried about my feelings. I should've just hidden them. If I had hidden my feelings, Sideswipe wouldn't have kissed me, and Sunstreaker wouldn't be mad. Gosh, I'm so stupid!

Wait a minute- a kiss from Sideswipe? If Sideswipe kissed me, then Sunstreaker would feel the same in his spark, but not in real life. Then again, to make it equal… do I have to kiss Sunstreaker?

I glanced over at Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. They were still swearing at each other. I gulped a bit as I took a step forward. Here goes nothing.

I ran towards Sunstreaker and grabbed his collar. I slapped his hands away from Sideswipe's collar, and stood in a protective way in front of him. I tightly closed my eyes as my arms moved from my sides, preventing Sunstreaker from hurting his twin. I could almost feel the staring from the twins to me. My cheeks reddened a bit. I reached my hand to grab his upper arms, and our faces were only an inch away.

"P-Please don't hurt him! He was comforting me!" I quickly said.

I heard Sunstreaker give a low growl. "Whatever," He sighed, as he turned away. "I'm going back to base." He stated; and glared at Sideswipe, who glared back in return.

"Fine by me." Sideswipe sighed.

I hung my head. I felt guilty for separating their bond. I have to do something about this before things get unpleasant.

"Hey, don't worry 'bout Sunny… He'll get over it sooner or later." Sideswipe stated, as he smiled.

I stared at him and shook my head. "No, Mr. Swipe! You need to go after Mr. Streaker! Don't worry about me, I'll walk home. It's not that far from here." I smiled shyly.

Sideswipe disagreed with me, but he soon gave in. He disappeared, and I could hear his engine roar to life. I smiled sadly at the red Lamborghini. I'm never going to live peacefully if those two don't make up and became their old selves again. It would break my heart to see the twins fighting each other.

I started to walk through the empty streets. It was a bit cold. Lucky I brought my jacket with me. I sighed as I put my jacket on. It was still baggy, considering it's a boy's jacket. My mom and dad were too busy, they've spent a lot of money on Emily. She loved Saturdays, because mom and Emily always go to the mall, either for hanging out or shopping or even having a 'girl's night out'.

To tell you the truth, I never was once invited to one of these, what they called it a 'club'. I was always the one who would pick Emily and mom up by the 'Club', by getting a taxi, because my dad would fall asleep whenever Emily or mom called. I didn't want to wake dad up. He deserves a good night's sleep. So, I volunteered myself to pick up my mom and Emily.

I bet these 'Clubs' are a bad place to hang out. Every time I picked them up, I always found them drunk or singing a song with a raspy voice. I even asked the taxi driver to help me carry both my mom and Emily. They were a bit too heavy for me to lift. I would always sit beside the taxi driver, because mom and Emily would be in one of their 'happy' situations. I rolled my eyes while the taxi driver rolled his. He quickly shut the glass, and sighed heavily in relief.

I chuckled at bit at the flashbacks. It was funny, but at the same time disturbing when something goes too far.

I stopped for a moment as the stoplight blinked bright red, which reminds me of Barricade's eyes. I stared at my surroundings and found a few drunken people with a few girls. The girls were wearing miniskirts and tank tops. Yeah, on this kind of night? Where the weather is really cold? I bet they would catch the flu in the morning.

I narrowed my eyes when I saw another group. My eyes landed on the brunette with a pair of bright pink eyes. I quickly realized who she is. Emily, my own sister was hanging out, on a school night, but most importantly with Trent and his jock team. I silently growled; this side of me was never showed to anyone. Not even the Autobots or Samuel, Mikaela, William, and Robert knew. Only my grandparents knew that I have this thing for being protective of someone close to me. I would even do anything for the safety of the ones I love.

I glared at the group across the street, pulling up my hood as I kept on glaring at the group, mostly Trent. When the light turned bright green, I began to walk across the road. On the way, I accidentally bumped my shoulder roughly into Trent, and left him there without apologizing.

"Watch it you bitch!" I heard Trent shout.

I waved my hand and walked away from him and his friends. Taking one last glance over at Emily, I sighed. Can she just dump him already? There are nicer guys in the world than just Trent.

I was too busy in my thoughts and I didn't even realize I just entered an alley. A dark alley to be exact. I gulped; I know this alley. It's one of the darkest alleys in Tranquility and apparently I'm in it. I face palmed and sighed heavily. I should've paid more attention to the directions.

I gasped a little as I heard a few rattling noises. I gulped and turned around, only to see a black and white cat. Feeling relieved, I sighed heavily while holding my backpack. I backed away from the alley and bumped into someone. Someone who's really tall, buff, and scary.

"Well, well, well… Aren't you a pretty little girl." He smirked.

I stared blankly at him before walking away, trying to keep as calm as I can. "I am not little." I spat.

"Aw… C'mon, let's have fun." He continued as he grabbed my hand.

I step on his foot, hard and tried to push him away from me. "Let. Me. Go!" I yelled. The man laughed darkly as he dragged me away while I dug the heels of my shoes into the ground.

"Put your hands up where I can see them!"

Both the man and I turn around to see a police officer holding a gun. The car's headlights were blinking furiously as the police officer growled. I smiled as I quickly knew who he was: Prowl, the Autobots' SIC and Police Officer. He turned his head to me and smiled a bit, but his smile soon faded as he saw the man holding my upper arm.

"Release her at once!" Prowl commanded. The man who was holding me glared as he shoved me away to the Autobot SIC. "Good. Now go. I don't want to see you bothering this youngling ever again. Do you understand?" He asked as the man nodded and ran away.

We both stared at the man before Prowl turned his head towards me; his blue eyes piercing mine for the truth inside of me. I flinched as he cleared his throat. "Jen…," He began. "Tell me the truth. Did that mech do anything to you?" He asked cautiously.

I shook my head. "No… but he was going to if you didn't save me." I smiled.

Prowl nodded. "I just got word from Barricade that the twins have come back to base while arguing… Care to tell me why?" He asked as I nod nervously.

This police officer can detect lies coming from us humans. It's kind of creepy, yet cool at the same time. He motioned his hand for me to get in his alt-mode, and I nodded. As soon as I entered the passenger's door and sat down, a seatbelt was strapped over my chest and the engines revved loudly. Prowl put the gear in reverse and moved away from the alley.

We both stayed silent for a moment, before Prowl turned his head towards me. "Both of the twins are pissed at each other. What has happened? I've heard word from Barricade that they both met your childhood friend." He said calmly.

I nodded. There was no use in lying to Prowl. He'll dig the truth out of you until he gets the answers he wanted. "Yes, they both did, but they've gotten over it. I guess that Mr. Streaker is mad at me because I defended Mr. Swipe…" I sighed.

Hey, at least it's true.

"I see…" Prowl said. "The two will be briefed by me again as their punishment for almost revealing themselves to a civilian, and I suggest that you stay away from them for a few days until they settle things." He finished with a sigh.

I slowly nodded.

"In the mean time, Jolt shall be your guardian." Prowl stated. "He'll pick you up tomorrow morning for school and after school."

"I understand, Officer Prowl. But, why can't Officer Cade be my guardian?" I asked.

"He has duties to attend to." Prowl said with a cough.


We pulled over in front of my house. I step out of the police cruiser and just as I was about to enter the backyard, Prowl lowered his window.

"Please pay more attention to where you're going next time." Prowl smirked a bit as I laughed.

I smiled and waved my hand as I pushed open the fence's door. Prowl's engine revved back, and I could hear him drive away from my house. I took one last glance at where Prowl was and sighed. He was right. I need to pay more attention next time. And maybe I need to learn more self-defense from Chromia or Ironhide.

I locked the door and leaned against the wall, glancing up at my parent's room. The lights were out; good, they're asleep. Odd though, it was too early for them to even be in bed. It was only eight in the evening, and they usually got in bed at eleven or so. I climbed up the vines and jumped onto the balcony. Silently, I unlocked and pushed the glass door open. I looked around and scratched the back of my head as the house was quiet, too quiet.

I decided to walk down the stairs and look for my family, but I didn't find them. I walked towards the kitchen and saw a note stuck to the fridge. I took it and read the sticky note, clearly it was Emily's handwriting.

To: Jen

I'm going on a date with Trent 'till midnight! Our date is at that restaurant! 'Ya know the one you're working at? Funny, I found a girl that looks A LOT like you XD. Oh yeah, mom and dad are going on a business trip to Germany. They said it's about something important.

Love, Emily

I smiled at the note. At least she informed me on where she's going for the night and it's at the restaurant where I'm working. The employees over there will handle things when they get messy, but I was still sad that she didn't realize that the 'girl' at the restaurant is me. I scrunched the note, and tossed it into the bin.

I decided to skip dinner, since all of the events that happened today… made me lose my appetite to eat dinner. I quickly took a shower and draped a towel around my neck. I entered my room. It was small, because when I was seven, I asked my parents to build a bathroom in my room. It was big back then, but now it's a bit smaller.

On the other hand, Emily was asked that if she wanted a bathroom in her room also. But, she answered a no. She wanted to have a big room because she'll have a lot of things in the future, like now. So, Emily shares her bathroom with mom and dad, down the hall and across from mom and dad's room.

I walk towards my desk and sat down at my chair and placed my textbooks on my desk. I pulled out my headsets and ipod from Jazz. It was pretty useful, due to the fact that every time I was in a different class from Samuel and Mikaela, and Trent is insulting me, I would pull up my hood and play a song with the ipod.

I was doing my homework when my cell phone vibrated. I checked the number and quickly realize who the number belongs to; it was Sunstreaker's. I opened the message and there were voices. So I guess it's a voice message.

"Hey, it's me Sunstreaker… Sorry for acting like what you humans call … a jerk. Yeah, I was a big jerk… -Hey! Sides! Cut it out!" Sunstreaker apologized as I huffed a bit.

"What's that I hear? Is Sunny admitting he's a jerk and a pain in the aft brother?" I giggled a bit as Sideswipe's voice came on the voice message recording.

"Shut up you afthead! I'm talking over here!" There was a loud clang, and I laughed. I bet he hit Sideswipe on his head.

"D'awwwwww! Sunny is going soft! Hah! I'm never going to let you live this down!" Sideswipe mocked as his voice was disappearing.

"FRAG! Sides! You come back here you son of a glitch! Sorry, Jen…. Talk to you tomorrow? Great. SIIIIDEEEEEES! I'm going to weld your aft to Hatchet's Med Bay ceiling!" Sunstreaker finished. I guess he went off to kill Sideswipe.

I smiled widely. Glad that they've already made up with each other. Nothing's stronger than a twins' bond. I shut my eyes for a moment as smiled and tap my pencil to the music's beat. It was a song about friendship, how fitting.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Reaching my hand out to hit the snooze button, I smacked it hard and shivered. I quickly snatched my hand back. Lazily standing up, a small fog cloud appeared when I exhaled. I raised an eyebrow. Then, I shivered. Okay, this is weird. First, it's really cold in here. Second, when I exhale there's a small fog. And third, I was shivering.

I decided to walk towards my window. My eyes widened as I saw soft white little balls raining down from the clouds, but in a softer way than rain. It was snow! The white blanket covered up the streets and houses. I gawked at the beautiful sight. I stared down at the people walking at the sidewalk, they were real! They're wearing winter clothes!

Surely, I am not dreaming! I slapped myself with both of my hands at the same time and I didn't wake up. I took one last deep breath and grinned happily. It was snowing, here, in Tranquility, Nevada! This is the first time that Nevada has seen snow in years, due to the deserts that are near this area. So, I guess that the night yesterday was cold because it was going to snow… I get it now.

I jumped out of my bed and grabbed my phone. I received a message from Samuel. I opened the message and smiled at my phone.

Hey! School's canceled! How cool is that?! Come over to my house at eight! Mikaela will be here too!


I laughed, thinking that Jolt would not have to pick me up for school. I quickly got in the shower and got ready to go to Samuel's house. I went to dig inside my closet and grabbed my winter clothes. I put on a white long sleeved turtleneck, black shorts with black skinny jeans underneath, a brown belt, a thick coat with detachable inner hood, a pair of dark brown boots, a pair of brown gloves, and a knitted hat. It isn't winter wear for the coat and all, but at least it'll do… I think.

I grabbed my wallet and phone as I exited my plain room. I glanced over at Emily's room, seeing it was still dark inside because there's no light from under the small gap of the door. I gave a small sigh and smiled as I walk thru the hall, keeping my walk as silent as ever. I like to exit the house using the vines or by jumping from the second floor, it was faster than using the front door. It's ridiculous, and it's dangerous. I know… I could've died by jumping from the second floor. But, I didn't.

Taking a deep breath before opening the glass door, I gripped the handle. I walked out to the balcony and almost slipped, but I held the railing tightly. Sighing, I glanced down to the backyard. I smiled a bit as I saw the snow covering the whole backyard. I jumped from the railing and landed a bit rough. I stood up and dusted the snow off of my clothes. I breathed and a small fog cloud appeared. It wasn't even a full one minute and my nose was already red.

I slowly walk towards the front yard without slipping or tripping over the thick layer of snow. I pulled up my hood and look to both my sides, safety first. I smiled as I shoved my hands into the jacket's pockets. It was only across the street, but it felt like crossing a desert. I saw shivered a bit as I saw my surroundings. Judy's rose bushes were covered in snow and I'm pretty sure it's dying underneath that cold layer of snow. I feel sorry for Judy. She's been growing that bush for over six month now. I think… I don't know, I forgot.

Knocking the door lightly as I waited for either the Witwicky's to answer or Mikaela or even Bumblebee to answer the door. I waited for about five minutes and the door was answered. It was Judy in a lot of wooly clothes. I stared at Judy for a moment before greeting her and coming inside her house. She had at least ten sweaters, one knitted hat, black jeans, woolly slippers, and three scarves. Wow, I would've died from the heat underneath those clothes.

"Hey; Morning." Samuel said as I took off my jacket.

"Good morning, Mr. Samuel." I smiled. I glanced to my right and saw Mikaela, shivering like little Mojo. "Good morning, Ms. Mikaela." I greeted.

"M-M-Morning." She stuttered. I'm guessing from the cold.

I saw Samuel was giving Mojo some pain pills. Okay…. A bit awkward, but if that pain pills keep Mojo calm, then I'm fine with it. We heard Judy called us to the kitchen. I saw she prepared breakfast, a lot of it.

I sat next to a shivering Mikaela while Samuel sat next to her. I grabbed the glass of orange juice and stared at it for a minute. I tried to drink it, but it kind of froze. I let it slide from the glass onto the table. Samuel and Mikaela also stared at it for a moment, before Samuel tried to smash it with his fork. The orange popsicle flew across the room and hit the blender. Actually, it went inside the blender, and Judy accidentally blended it. We almost sweat dropped for a moment there.

I coughed, "Erm… So, how's Mr. Bee? I'm sure he's freezing out there in the garage." I said as I glanced over at Samuel.

"Oh," Samuel smiled. "Yeah… I actually had to put a heater in there, and placed a blanket over him too… Our plan for today is actually to go to the base. We're going in just a few minutes, after breakfast." He explained.

I nodded.

After we'd finished breakfast, the three of us grabbed our jackets and went outside to Bumblebee. When we entered the garage, the yellow camaro was shuddering. I feel sorry for Bumblebee for being, uh- too big for a coat? Bumblebee's holoform appeared beside me as he was shivering, even though his form was wearing a thick winter coat. His cheeks and nose were red as he shivered. My cheeks also turned bright red as I rubbed my hands against each other, creating heat.

"Hey," Samuel chuckled. "It's Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!" He laughed as he pointed his finger at Bumblebee.

"Cut it out, Sammy! You know how much I don't like snow inside of my alt-mode! It makes us Autobots shiver like Mojo!" Bumblebee shouted a bit as he tried to keep himself warm.

"And me." Mikaela added as she began to rub her shoulders.

"Whatever, let's just get out of here and get those snow tires!" Samuel chirped happily.

We all went inside Bumblebee's alt-mode. Samuel drove to the road, but he was making us slide from side to side, well mostly me, since I was sitting in the back. Mikaela gripped the handle as she began to scream while Samuel was trying to take control of the wheels. The road was too slippery for Bumblebee to handle; he needed new snow tires for this kind of season, like last time.

A seatbelt strapped over my chest as another slippery turn was made. I sighed heavily and patted the leather seat. Bumblebee's holoform appeared beside me as my head almost slammed into his alt-mode's door. I was currently sitting in the middle a bit to the left. So, Bumblebee appeared on my left side and my head bumped into his shoulder. It kind of hurt, but at least it's much less painful than getting your head slammed into the door.

My cheeks reddened; not from Bumblebee, but from the coldness. I shivered as his nose touched my cheek. It was so cold! I quickly placed my hand on top of his nose. Bumblebee yelped a bit at my sudden move. If his nose is cold like this then it might have fallen off… Wait-oh yeah, he's a holoform. I forgot.

I quickly took my hand back as I blushed. Bumblebee stared at me for a moment before smiling. He grabbed my hands and placed it both on each side of his cheeks. I glanced over to Samuel and Mikaela. Lucky that they're too busy with the road, or they might have seen Bumblebee's holoform in the backseat. I sighed heavily as I turn my head around to see Bumblebee's holoform. He leaned forward.

"You know… If femmes like you have warm hands even though the weather is cold, then that means you also have a warm Spark, or Heart in your human terms." Bumblebee whispered.

I giggled. "Don't be ridiculous, Mr. Bee. Those are just legends."

"Nu-uh! I can prove it!" Bumblebee smiled as he placed my right hand on his chest. "Feel it? It's cold," He moved my hand to my chest.

"I think what you meant was that people who have warm hands in this kind of weather also have a warm heart, which is not likely a heart that pumps blood, but the one in terms of feelings. Is that correct?" I asked as Bumblebee grinned sheepishly as he nodded.

"HOLY SHIT! BEEEEE! HELP!" We heard Samuel yell out loud.

Bumblebee quickly disappeared. I looked up to the front and almost screamed as I saw that in front of us was a big semi truck. Samuel shut his eyes tightly as he released his grip from the wheel. I glanced over at Mikaela, and she was already covering her face with her hands. I quickly unbuckled the seatbelt and grabbed the wheel. Turning it to the left sharply, I almost fell on Samuel, but I kept my balance.

Hearing the tires began to make screeching sounds, Bumblebee took over as I released the wheel. I let out a deep sigh, and leaned back against the black leather seats. I tapped my finger on Samuel and Mikaela's shoulders.

"Is it done yet? Are we dead?" Samuel asked. "Oh my gosh! We're alive! We're freakin' alive!" he continued.

Mikaela was paler than ever, she was still holding her breath. "Sam! I'm going to kill you! You scared the life out of me! You too Bee! Stop laughing!" She glanced over at me. "At least someone here respects girls." She pouted.

"Aw… babe… You know I didn't mean to almost get us all killed… It was the tires' fault." Samuel defended. He earns a glare from both of us girls. "Okay, okay… Bee! You take over." He said as Bumblebee chirped.

"Girls take over the world." Bumblebee said through his radio.

Mikaela lightly kicked his dashboard as she laughed. I chuckled as Samuel was laughing. I sat back again as we pass thru the desert, it was more freezing at the desert than Tranquility. The three of us shivered as Bumblebee shuddered. Only five more minutes until we've reached the base.

"My gosh! It's freezing in here!" Samuel yelled, as Mikaela and I exited Bumblebee's alt-mode. True to his words, it was freezing inside the hangar. I shivered along with Mikaela. We glanced around and we couldn't even find the Autobots inside the hangar. I mean we can't even find William or Robert inside this hangar. It's like a ghost town in here, without any activity going on.

"Hey, Sam! Over here!" we heard William yelled.

William jogged over towards us with Robert not far behind. He is wearing a green army coat with a baggy army jeans and black boots while Robert is wearing a dark green coat with fur lining on the hood, baggy army jeans, and a pair of black boots similar to William. For William, he isn't wearing his hood, but Robert is. Maybe it was because he has a shaved head…

"Fuuh! This weather is freakin' cold! Nevada has never been this cold!" Robert said.

"I know… Extreme weather changes we're having here…" William agreed.

Samuel snorted. "Tell me about it… We almost crashed into a semi! I have got to get Bee those snow tires, pronto!" He shouted as we all agreed.

"C'mon, kids!" Robert smiled as we all scoffed at the nickname. "The other 'bots are at the rec. room. Probably trying to keep themselves warm. Especially, old 'Hide and Ratchet.

We laughed a bit as a picture came through our head. Bumblebee shifted into his bi-pedal mode as we all walk towards the rec. room, which was not that far from us.

William and Robert explained that the hangar is empty because some of the workers can't even get out of their houses, due to the fact that the snow has covered the whole state by now. I guess this could be a good thing and bad thing. The good thing is that the Decepticons might have the same situation as us right now. The bad thing is that we're freezing in here…

The two soldiers lead us towards the rec. room, and to our surprise. The Autobots were really shivering like Chihuahuas. I scratched the back of my head or hood to be exact. They seriously need a heater in here.

"Hey, Morning fellas!" Samuel greeted happily as his teeth chatter.

"Morning." Came a gruff reply from Ironhide.

I was busy glancing around to find the heater. I walk towards the box attach to the wall without any Autobots or any humans realizing I was fiddling with the thermostat. I opened the box and it showed sixteen degrees Celsius. Okay, that was too low. It might be good in the summers, but in weather like this? No wonder everyone is shivering like Chihuahuas. I turned it up to a nice thirty five degrees Celsius, even though I might've broken it by how high the temperature is in this hangar.

I smiled as I walk back towards the crowd. I shoved my hands into my jacket's pockets, and smiled at them. A grin appeared on my lips as they all seemed to stop shivering.

"Hey… I'm not shivering anymore!" Robert cheered.

William nodded. "Yeah… But how?"

"Um actually, Mr. William. I did it." I smiled as I pulled my hood down. "The previous temperature in this hangar was sixteen degrees Celsius, and I've changed it to a thirty five." I stated.

"Oh yeah… forgot about the thermostat." William mumbled.

Optimus sighed heavily as a smile appeared on his metallic lips. "Thank you, Jen. You've made us all much more comfortable." He said, as I nodded.

"No problem, Mr. Prime. It was too cold in here anyways…" I said. "I want what's best for both humans and Autobots." I continued.

Ratchet's head perk up. "So are you saying that you want to be a human doctor and a mechanic in your future?" He asked. I nod in return.

"Yeah, I want to be a doctor since I know that doctors safe lives. But, when I was little… I always wanted to be a mechanic." I smile shyly.

"If you want to be a doc… just don't be like Ratchet." Ironhide snickered.

He earned a good whack from Ratchet and his wrenches. We all laughed as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker was the loudest. "Hah! Old 'Ironaft got you good Hatchet!" they both yelled.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker got another good hit by Ratchet.

Jolt kneeled down with a smile. "I'll teach you all I know about the human anatomy." He said as I nod with a soft smile.

"YES!" We heard Samuel shouted happily.

"Sam? What is the matter?" Optimus asked as he kneeled down.

"Oh, nothing boss bot. Hey Mik', Jen… Do you girls remember the lake party?" We both nodded. I wasn't at the party, two years ago. Emily was there with her previous boyfriend, Brandon. She dumped him because she said that he was too formal and boring. Too bad though… Brandon's a nice kid. I snap my thoughts back to reality when I heard Samuel's voice. "Well… I got info from Twitter saying that it's frozen solid! And they're going to open it for the public for us to go ice skating! How great is that?" Samuel said in pure joy.

"That's great! I just love ice skating!" Mikaela smiled as she clapped her hands together.

Samuel turned to me. "How about you?" He asked.

"Well… I'm not good," I said as they were all giving me odd looks. "Okay, I admit… I can't roller skate or ice skate…"

"You're lying! You're good on ice! You even snow boarded down the snow mountain!" Robert pointed a finger at me while yelling.

I shook my head. "I assure you, Mr. Robert. I'm not good on ice, just good at snow." I stated truthfully.

It was true. I'm not good with ice, but good with snow. I'm also not good with water. I can't swim or even do a doggy paddle. I can only do the rock, the technique to drown. I was too embarrassed to even tell the Autobots the truth, but I guess sooner or later… Prowl would find out.

"Oh… Do you want to learn how to skate on ice? I'm sure Bee would love to teach you." Samuel stated as Bumblebee chirped happily.

"Score one for the scout!" Bumblebee chirped.

I laughed a bit.

"Hey! No fair!" Both Sideswipe and Sunstreaker complained.

"Okay! You both can come too! Just don't bother us!" Ironhide yelled grumpily.

Optimus chuckled, "Maybe Arcee, Jazz, Mirage, and Prowl can come as well." he said as the Autobots nodded.

"Hey! Wha 'bout us?!" Mudflap argued as Skids nodded.

"Why do we have ta stay?" Skids whined.

"I still do not trust you to go out to the human's social places. Ratchet and Jolt have to fix Wheeljack, Barricade can't come, Elita-One and I have a meeting with Director Galloway, Will and Epps also have a meeting with the Director, and I'm sure Ironhide and Chromia hate for their cannons to rust." Optimus said as he finished with a chuckle.

Both the weapons experts grunted before turning away to the training hangar.

I decided to go with Arcee. I always wanted to try and drive a motorcycle. I grabbed my jacket and a helmet. Arcee transformed and so did the other Autobots. I put on my helmet and sat on the seat, gripping the handles as Arcee revved her engine. We speeded through the chilly desert. Arcee and I was leading while Jazz was tailing her, followed by Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Mirage, and finally Prowl.

It was going to be an half an hour drive to the lake. I was surprised that a lake that size would freeze and became a new Tranquility ice rink for about a few days or so. I'm sure almost everyone is there by now. I'm not much of a fan of being in a crowded place. I'm much more of a silent type. A nice and quiet place is enough for me.

"Nine pairs, please." Samuel said.

The employee nodded. He speeded off to get nine pairs of blades. He was back four minutes after he disappeared. He handed Samuel the blades and Samuel handed one pair to each one of us. "That'll be forty five bucks please." He said.

Samuel pulled out twenty, I also pulled out twenty, and Mikaela pulled out five. We paid for the blades and the entrance to the frozen lake. I stayed at the edge, not wanting to try on the frozen solid lake. I mean it could've cracked and we would all fall into the freezing water! I sat on the snow and slowly tied the shoelaces. I saw that Sideswipe was waiting for me. He tapped his blade on the ice impatiently as I just slowed down.

"Jen," He gave a warning. "Are you coming out here or not?" I shook my head.

"Do I have to come back over there and drag you here to the ice?" He asked again as I shook my head.

"Then c'mon over here and let's play!" He grinned.

I sighed and made a snowball. I threw it at him, grumbling under my breath as I tried to stand up straight on the ice. It was hard even to stay still. I saw Sideswipe wiped the snow off of his jacket. He grinned as he skated towards me. I slipped back, but he quickly caught me and pushed me back to my feet.

"See? It's not that hard." Sunstreaker joined in.

I rolled my eyes, "For you it's not…" I mumbled as I tried to slide.

I stopped for a moment as I saw Mirage getting chased by girls, with Prowl not far behind the girls. For a moment there, I think I just sweat dropped. Jazz and Arcee were obviously being together. The femme and mech started to skate away from us to their own private place. Samuel and Mikaela were probably playing with Bumblebee. So, I was left with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. I guess it's not that bad.

A little girl and her friends zoomed pass me. I spun around and fell flat on my bottom. as I held my head to stop the world from spinning. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were laughing their bottoms off as they saw me. I mumbled under my breath, thinking that this might've been a moment they'll never forget.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker hooked their hands on my arms. and dragged me back up as I yelped a bit. It was scary that I just heard a crack. I gulped hard and quickly hugged Sunstreaker's arm.

"Hey… I love ice skating." Sunstreaker stated with a smirk.

"Me too!" Sideswipe cheered.

I rolled my eyes. I saw Samuel and Mikaela coming over towards us with ease. I'm jealous how they skate so well.

"Hey, we'll take care of things from here boys." Mikaela smiled as she grabbed my hand and dragged me away from Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.

"Hey! We were teaching her!" Sideswipe complained.

"Not from my point of view!" Samuel shouted.

Mikaela and I skated towards Bumblebee. She stopped in the middle. She released her grip on my wrist and let me skate on my own. My knees were shivering and my arms were shaking, trying to keep balance.

"C'mon! You can do it! Just try and skate!" Mikaela encouraged.

I nodded. I tried to skate and did it! Well, I was slower than a snail, but I'm still moving. Mikaela gave me a look as Samuel laughed. Bumblebee chuckled as he skated over towards me. My hand was grabbed by Bumblebee as he guided me around. I smiled at him as he smiled back. The scout was just too nice.

After five minutes, Bumblebee let me go on my own. I cheered as I was skating! It was fun until I wanted to stop, but couldn't. Samuel, Mikaela, and Bumblebee chased me around until Prowl came and stood in front of me. I closed my eyes as I bumped into his chest, which was hard and I think I might have broken my nose from the impact.

I shook my head as Prowl stared at me worriedly.

"Are you alright?" He asked as I nodded.

"Yeah, thank you Officer Prowl…" I said as I turned away and rubbed my red nose.

Prowl shrugged and skated off to help Mirage. I blink a few times as I rubbed my nose again. That was some impact I had there. Samuel, Mikaela, and Bumblebee skated towards me with big smiles as I only stared at them.

"Are you okay? That was some hit on Prowler's chest there." Samuel said between laughs.

"Yeah… I think we just heard a crack…" Mikaela snickered as Bumblebee nodded.

I shook my head as they laughed.

Samuel placed his hand on my shoulder, "Hey… Do you want to come with us for a moment and see our classmates?" He asked.

"No, I think I'll stay here where it's safe." I stated while crossing my arms.

"Suit yourself." Samuel shrugged as skated away with Mikaela.

I was left behind with Bumblebee, as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were nowhere to be found. I sighed as I replayed the scene when Sideswipe, ahem, kissed me, and Sunstreaker was mad at both of us. Lucky that they can sort things out.

I shivered as the wind blew. Then, I felt warmness around my neck. I look down, and saw a yellow scarf with black stripes. I looked up, seeing Bumblebee with a smile on his lips. He was wearing the same scarf as I am. Turns out, the scarf is the same one. But Bumblebee used it for the two of us.

"You're cold… I had to do something." He shrugged.

"But I can just button my jacket up to my neck." I said.

"Hmm…" Bumblebee hummed. "I can do that." He grinned while I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Well," I started as I tried to skate away. "I'm going to find Mr. Swipe and Mr. Streaker… See you later, Mr. Bee." I waved as I smiled to him.

He waved back.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were really worried that Jen might be caught up in some trouble. The twins were skating around the lake to search for the pale blonde. How hard it is to find a certain blonde femme with pale skin and blue eyes? Apparently, very hard.

The two searched high and low as a girl or a femme with red hair and her friend skated towards the twins. They circled Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. Getting a bit freaked out, the twins backed away with their hands in front of their chest. They were trying to push these femmes away from their personal space. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker felt a bit weird being with femmes who had something on their faces. They both liked natural beauty, not makeup. It'll make things worse. It's what the inside that counts, not the outside.

"Hey~," The red haired femme sang. "Let's play! I'm sure guys that are as hot as you would love to play with us hot girls." She smirked.

"Uh- no… I'm actually looking for my girlfriend." Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both said at the same time.

"Aw… too bad, where is she anyway? I can't see her." The red haired femme said sarcastically, as she grinned and hugged Sunstreaker's arm.

Sunstreaker felt disgusted as this femme was touching him, t-o-u-c-h-i-n-g. He didn't like it one bit. He wanted to shove this femme away from his arm and find Jen as soon as possible. Sideswipe was having the same problem. He was surrounded by a bunch of femmes, it's not their fault for being too cute and handsome. It was Ratchet, Wheeljack, and Jolt's fault.

"Please, fe-girls… We really need to go." Sideswipe quickly spoke as one girl was too close to him.

"If we see your 'girlfriend' then we'll stop bugging you two." The red haired said as she leaned forwards.

"She's around here some-," Sunstreaker was already cut off by the red haired femme as their lips met.

Sideswipe stared wide eyes at his twin and the femme. If Sunstreaker got kissed, so did he. The kiss wasn't like when he first kissed Jen. The first kiss he got from Jen was really different. It was really disturbing when this femme kissed his twin. He also felt the disgusted feeling inside of Sunstreaker's spark.

Push her away! Sideswipe commanded. She tasted like fish! Yuck!

You don't have to tell me twice! Sunsteaker yelled.

"Get off of me! I do not want your lips to touch mine! I do not even know you!" Sunstreaker spat as he spit the taste out of his mouth.

"Oh? But, I feel that you and I are destined to be together." The red head smiled.

"Heck no!" Sideswipe and Sunstreaker yelled at the same time.

"Now will you ladies please excuse us, we would like to wash our mouths out, and search for our girlfriend." Sideswipe said as he and Sunstreaker turned away.

The girls huffed and pouted. They skated away from the twins and searched for another victim.

Unnoticed by Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, a blonde femme was watching them from the background. Before she could even notice the truth, she ran away when she saw the red haired femme kiss Sunstreaker. It was bad timing for the twins.

I ran. I ran the minute I saw Sunstreaker was kissing Frankie. He was willingly kissing her. So, Sideswipe was kissing Frankie as well. I felt my heart sank down and broke into many of pieces. How can I be so stupid? Why didn't I notice that I like the twins since the beginning? And now, I have to see the truth though the hard way. I've just realized that I've got a crush on them.

I skated past a few people and I bumped into someone. We both fell onto the ice. I look up and saw it was Bumblebee. He was rubbing his head as I only hung my head back down. Bumblebee grinned as he tried to get up. He was about to help me, but he quickly stopped as he saw tears coming out of my eyes.

"Jen? Why are you leaking?" Bumblebee asked worriedly as he grabbed my upper arm.

I didn't answer. I quickly leaned forward and gripped on his jacket as I cried. I cried silently as only tears and hiccups were heard and seen. I felt a hand gently pat my head.

"There, there, Jen… Now tell me, what is bothering you?" Bumblebee asked as he gave me a smile. He wiped my tears away with his finger as I look up.

I sniffled and wiped my tears away.

"I-I saw Mr. Streaker kissing a-a girl…" I said between hiccups.

I felt Bumblebee's grip tighten as he wrap his arms around me. I admit, it was warm.

"Don't worry, Jen. I'm here." Bumblebee cooed.

Does Bumblebee like me too?

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