Changed Forever Introduction

Changed Forever is the end of the 1999 Annie movie from Grace Farrell's perspective. Since writing this story last August I have gone on to collaborate on several stories with fellow Fan Fiction writer Manadlicious highlighting events in the Warbucks family saga such as graduations, moving to a new town and the family growing and changing in various degrees. I have decided to turn this story into an anthology of all the Annie stories I cowrote with Manadlicious and also a few others I have written by myself. Along the way you will meet Grace's sisters Jen and Melissa who have children of their own Kathryn who is 12, Jacob who is 7 and Christopher who is five, Oliver's brother Gene, wife Anne and children Isabella and Eli, Oliver's sister Gloria her husband Richard and their sons Jonathan and Patrick, Annie's aunt and uncle James and Antoinette Bennett and their children Larry and Margaret, Molly's birth parents Nicole and Robert and her younger sister Patricia and Mrs. Pugh's children, spouses and grandchildren Billy, Phyllis and Harry, Marlene, William and Marie and Ralph.

Enjoy the wild ride that is the Warbucks Family Saga!

No rights to Annie characters are owned by Mandalicious or myself. We have created Oliver and Grace's familes and co-created Mrs. Pugh's family and Molly's birth parents and sister.