Here's a little something for the ShadAmy fans who wanted my story to have a different ending! However, if you are a SonAmy fan (like myself), DO NOT READ THIS CHAPTER! If you do, don't hate the player, hate the game!

(Extra chapter) Chapter 10-The return of Shadow the hedgehog


It had been a long and surprising day. As much as Amy had enjoyed her birthday party, it felt good to just curl up in bed and go to sleep, knowing that the moon was watching over her. Amy was asleep in seconds. But she didn't stay like that for long.

There was a sound of gun firing which woke Amy up in seconds. Running to the window, Amy stuck her head out into the crisp night sky. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, well, except the dead guy in her back garden.


"Don't worry, Rose. He's a murderer. He would have been shot down by the police, if I hadn't got there first,"

Shadow was lurking in the shadows (Ironic, Amy thought to herself) of Amy's wardrobe. He blended in perfectly, except for the machine gun which was placed firmly in the hedgehog's hand. Amy gasped, about to run into Shadow's arms. She stopped, remembering that he had just killed a man.

"Did you really need to shoot him? Really? And did you have to keep him in MY back garden?" Amy felt guilty for sounding so selfish, but Shadow would have killed him anywhere.

"He was tailing me. About to shoot me," Shadow chuckled, evilly, "Amateur,"

This didn't sound like Shadow at all. But, at the same time, Shadow would do anything if he was angry enough to do it. Amy felt sorry for him, wondering if she was the source of his pain.

"Shadow..." Amy started, but Shadow cut her off.

"Listen, Rose. I get it. You don't need to feel bad, nor explain. Sonic's a lucky guy..." Shadow placed his gun on the floor, knowing it scared Amy, "But he's the right guy. I'm too dangerous and wanted to have emotional ties. They'd capture you in a heartbeat if they knew," Shadow stretched his arms out, as Amy ran to him. Pressing her face into is fur as tears fell down her cheeks; Shadow's arms wrapped themselves around her, protectively,

"I'm sorry Shadow. I just..." Amy looked up at the ultimate life form, wondering what he would say. Shadow tucked her hair behind her ears, holding her face in his hands,

"My I said have nothing to be sorry for," Shadow placed his hands on Amy's back, holding her in his arms. His face was still cold, his heart hard. But there seemed to be a little bit of love in that hurt and pained hedgehog.

"Shadow..." Amy pushed away from him, hiding her fresh tears. Shadow looked away, still holding her hand,


Amy sighed. She wasn't sure what she wanted. This was all too sudden. It felt okay when Sonic had told her Shadow had gone, Amy could cope with that. But if Shadow was still around...she couldn't act the way she wanted around Sonic if she thought that Shadow was watching them.

"I'm sorry Shadow, I truly am. But...I can't...I love Sonic," Amy gasped, her eyes too dry to cry anymore tears. Enough tears had been spilt that day.

Shadow walked up to Amy, pulling her to face him. Amy gasped, frightened of what Shadow might say or do to her. But the hedgehog simply looked defeated.

"Rose...MY Rose...You'll always be in my heart..." Shadow stepped away from her, nearer to the open window. He picked up his forgotten gun, "But I won't be in yours,"

And with that, with his free hand, Shadow grabbed a hold of the window frame and swung himself out of Amy's house. Amy ran to the window, hoping to see a glimpse of him. Shadow was still holding onto the window ledge, his gun now in his backpack. In one of his hands, Shadow was holding a vial which contained a purple liquid,

"Take this. It'll help you sleep," Shadow handed the liquid to Amy, who cautiously took it from him, "And remember...I love you," Shadow said the last sentence with such seriousness that Amy's heart froze. But, without warning, Shadow dropped from the window and disappeared.

Amy wandered back to her bed, her head spinning after the events. If she was completely honest, there was no way she was going to drink that liquid. It was probably drugged.

Amy placed the vial on her bedside table, vowing that the purple drink would not pass her lips.

~A couple of sleepless hours later~


Oh no, Amy thought to herself, realising she had just drank the drink. She soon felt sleepy and as her head hit the pillow, she was out.

~The next morning~

Amy's head was spinning when she finally awoke from her slumber. With her memory slowly returning, Amy remembered that Shadow had visited her in the night. The hedgehog ran to the window, looking to see if the dead man was still there. His body was gone-as was the blood. So...maybe it was just a dream?

But it felt so real...