Author's note: I am still semi-new to the homestuck fandom so please do let me know if there are any inaccuracies. I will very much appreciate any and all constructive criticism. This pairing started off as a joke between a friend and I, and then somewhere along the way we fell in love with it. As a side note; I am potentially willing to take prompts and request for other fics.

You would think that a world created by a group of friends would have a place in it for all of them. That they would consider it a scandal should one of their own be a strange anomaly.

But… then. He wasn't really one of their own, was he? His own world was gone long ago, in another universe, another time. He was only a remnant now of game best forgotten by the surviving players. When they looked at him, he could tell. They saw in him only dark memories of horrific events and he knew that it pained most of them to talk to him. It pained him, too, to see the copies of his own friends alive and well. Mostly they were the same but mostly they were different. He wondered often if his John would have been like this John if he had lived. But if he had lived, then he would literally BE this John.

Timelines were a fucked up thought process, even for one who used to play them like an air traffic controller. The game was done and over with and Davesprite didn't really like to think about such things anymore. He was okay that his almost-friends avoided him, because he was happy to avoid them too. They all tried really hard, for a long while, to get along. Near the end of the game, Davesprite even thought that maybe he and Jade could end up somehow together. Things were going well. There was teenage flirting. She even seemed to understand that he was not just a Dave clone.

But it became pretty damn obvious that it wasn't going to happen when they arrived. She wasn't his Jade and he couldn't compete with himself. How could you compete with yourself? Anyway, how could a strange orange bird-ghost think to compete with a human? Everybody seemed to know it wasn't going to work out and he was glad to avoid their looks of pity when things finally broke and the two made it official. John never seemed to even give him a chance, and Rose… well. It hurt him a lot to speak to Rose, after spending so much time with his own true ectosister and then having to leave her to die alone or fade away into nothing.

He was destined to drift away from them. For a long time, he simply explored the new world that they created, avoiding people and seeing the sights. And for a long time, this was satisfying. He'd had a lot of excitement in his life, after all. Time for some relaxation. But after some years, he grew sick of it. One could only live in a land of strangers for so long. And after some years, he heard rumors of a new place. A land of odd rules and strange creatures. Davesprite didn't know if it'd belong there. But he knew that he did not belong here.

Eventually, he found himself hovering in front of a strange green shimmering crack in the sky. It looked oddly colored through his dark shades, and the way that it twisted and glowed was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. This was absolutely what he had been searching for. With a silent sigh, the orange winged man flew through the portal.

Everything was green. Green and dark and swirling. Nothing stood still. Within the green were odd purple floating doors, scattered throughout the never ending space. Davesprite, for a moment, lowered his shades from his bright orange eyes to take it all in. It took a lot to amaze a bird boy with a sword through his stomach who had watched gods play games. But this was a land unlike any he'd seen before. It was a land of… doors and green. LODAG. Yo dog. Ha. Land of Yo Dawg. He smiled (anxiously?) and replaced his glasses. Time to explore.

He flew through the green, hardly needing to use his own wings. He seemed to simply float through the space. There was nothing but doors, as far as he could tell. So, with no other apparent choice, he glided to an ornate purple door and opened it. Inside was just a young boy in a cage. A normal human boy in a cage. They were in a room. There was nothing else but the black haired boy and the cage. He moved closer and offered a hello.

The boy noticed him and moved to the bars of the cage, gripping them tightly. As Davesprite moved closer the boy became agitated and starting speaking loudly and quickly, but in a language Davesprite didn't know. He recognized it as German from his travels, but hadn't bothered to learn the voices of people he couldn't contact.

Davesprite asked him if he wanted to be freed. Surprisingly, the boy shook his head and started speaking more wildly. He waved his hands as if he were pushing Davesprite away, desperate that he not approach. This made the winged man pause. And suddenly, the boy was glowing with a green aura and shifting and his shouts turned into vicious growls and then his clawed hands were making motions to draw him closer not push him away. The cage started bending under the boys growing green furry shape and Davesprite booked it back out of that purple door before he was going to have to regrow yet another wing.

He was out of practice with trying to maintain a calm demeanor around people, and was visibly startled by the event. But then, this did not go against anything he had heard. He should have known that things like this could be found here. Wandering through random doors was probably not the best idea until he had things more figured out. Alright. Goal for now; explore and avoid secret rooms filled with angry werewolf creatures. Easy.

He moved on and started exploring again. After a bit he found some actual land; floating rocks of vegetation and not much else. He couldn't' even find anything living there, and so he moved on.

Just as he turned to leave the strange rock land, he found himself nearly floating into a door that he would have sworn wasn't there before and THEN suddenly the door slammed open, forcing him back: but any attempts at avoiding the door were made null and void because what came out of the door flung hard into him anyway and he and the thing were tumbling backwards through green space in a black and white and green mess.

Before they could even figure out what the hell was going on, out of the door came three giant green lizards with glowing red eyes. Davesprite was pushed aside and suddenly his tanglebuddy was swooping at the lizards, firing a blast of bright green from his palm. It hit the big lizard in the middle hard, sending him flying straight backwards through the open door. The other two watched with big reptilian eyes and then, using what brainpower they had, scrambled after their mob boss. The other guy moved forward and slammed the door hard before turning away and glaring suspiciously at Davesprite.

"You want some of this too?" he shouted, raising a hand that started to glow.

Davesprite raised his hands in a peaceful gesture, trying to avoid being shot. "No, I'm cool," he answered, "I got enough already, thanks."

There was a long moment there while the two stared at each other. Davesprite, a floating orange man with dark shades, two big wings, and a sword stuck through his middle. The other man was wearing some kind of black and white jumpsuit, a white symbol across the black chest, floppy white hair, startling green eyes. And, oh, he was also floating.

The green glow slowly faded from the guy's white hand, and he slowly offered it in a handshake. "Well, good, I guess. That's a new one."

Davesprite took it and they shared a slow, sort of awkward shake. "I'm Dave," he offered, wishing he was a tad more in practice with the social skills.

"Danny." There was a bit more of an awkward pause as the two men started at each other, and then Danny said, "You are not green."

"Am I supposed to be? Is that a law here?"

"Ha, some might say so. Are you…" another small pause, this time while Dave was studied, "you are a ghost, right?"

"A ghost? Am I dead? I don't think I'm dead yet. I think I managed to ninja dodge that one. Somehow." Dave suddenly remembered the fact that he had a sword sticking out of his stomach. "Well," he clarified, "I am 100% sure that I am not a ghost."

"Uh…huh. Right." Danny was clearly not entirely convinced about that, Davesprite could tell, but nobody was killing each other so all things were good. "So. You wanna hunt some ghosts?"

"Yeah okay."