Author's note:The Intro is based from the begining of Oh! My Goddess. But after this short prologue it's going it own course. Don't own Sailor Moon, just flying off on another tangent.

Prologue: Ooops!

Evening was descending upon the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. Another hot day falling away, as the raging ball of fire sank into the sea. The rolling clouds glowing in pinks and lavenders, celebrating the suns departure in vivid colours. Long shadows began extending themselves across the streets, as the large hanging lamps that sat along the sidewalks began to flicker to life. The heavy silver glow of a full moon rose over the trees, the stars obscured behind an red afterglow of the city lights.

The lush sprawling campus of Tokyo University sat sombrely, the students to wrapped up in their studies or social lives to pay much notice to the growing darkness of night falling over the city.

The students moved with a purpose down the tree lined walkways between buildings, their bright futures prominent on their minds. Some were eagerly heading out on dates, being the beginning of the weekend. Men walking hand in hand with their girlfriends, or draping an arm protectively around the girls shoulders laying claim in a silent way for any other men trolling around the campus.

A young man, stood bitterly on the balcony outside his dorm room. Leaning on the iron railing watching the happy couples wander among the winding paths of the inner courtyard. He was tall, lean and strong of build, with a broad chest and well muscled arms. His hair thick and dark, with a long fringe that fell over this deep blue eyes. Wearing a pair of worn out jeans, with a black t-shirt tucked into the waist. The sleeves rolled up to his bicep making the baggy piece of clothing look like a tank top. He had no time for such trivialities as love, to focused on his studies to even pay much attention to the females on campus. Who didn't care about his lack of interest, still vying for his attentions when ever he left his room. He never had much use for girls, finding them kinda annoying with their love sick, mooning and high pitched baying they called laughter. The women he met at University didn't seem much different, to involved in finding love and a husband then working hard to accomplish something of themselves.

His campus residence was Toshima, an all males dorm, so once he got inside these walls he no longer had to worry about girls. He was free to focus on his studies, as long as his senpai left him be, but as always they were gone leaving him with instructions to follow. As if since this was his first year at University, and new in the dorm he was their personal slave.

The shrill tone of the phone echoed to him, breaking him of his wandering thoughts over his lack of a personal life. With a sigh he retreated from the balcony, slipping through the glass sliding door back into the chaos of his dorm room. The main living area wasn't huge, just big enough for a old navy couch and a small t.v set in a cheap black plastic stand with castor wheels. The t.v was on the news, a short blonde female news anchor droning on, her tilting voice a constant white noise in the room. The worn white walls were plastered with posters of half naked women.

Moving tentatively through the clutter of trash, pizza boxes and coke bottles littering the floor. He found the phone hiding under a pile of loose notes, and text books in the back corner of the room. Eager to stop the annoying ring, he cast the papers aside roughly, snatching up the black receiver in haste. Flopping against the wall, once the tone died, sliding to the floor once more. Staring at the little study nest he had made earlier in this corner of the living area. He needed to get back to his anatomy paper but he just couldn't focus tonight, he was strangely feeling quite restless.

"Moshi, Moshi?" He answered, his voice carrying a bored tone as a sweet female voice answered back. "No, Seiya was called into work tonight. He said to tell you he would make it up to you later." Truth was his roommate was trying to avoid his current girlfriend, who had become quite clingy and needy of late.

The female on the end, accepted the answer, leaving a message and then hung up.

"Yeah, I'll tell him." He commented bitterly. "Geez. I wish Seiya would get an answering machine. This sucks!" He complained, slamming the receiver back into its cradle.

Snatching up a yellow post-it pad from near his bare feet and a pen, he quickly jotted down the message from Seiya's girlfriend. Once that was done, he sighed deeply, crossing his legs, and getting comfortable again. Leaning back against the wall behind him, placing a rather heavy, rather thick text book in his lap. Popping his pen into his mouth, he began to read and chew the tip absently.

At first the sudden brilliant light show, strobing through out the living room went unnoticed by the young man. His head bent forward, long bangs obscuring the dramatic scene growing in both fury and intensity along the white stucco roof of the living room. A crack of thunder, shook him out of his reverie. He jumped to his feet, the pen dangling unnoticed from suddenly dry lips. Staring in both fear and awe at the swirling clouds, rolling above him. Brilliant rays of silver light, pulsing outward from the strange other worldly cloud mass. The light throbbed as if alive, blinding the young man who sought to shield himself with a raised arm over his eyes. Another clash of thunder echoed through the small room, then a sharp scream of fright echoed from the clouds. Cut silent as another deafening boom of thunder drowned out the plaintive cries. A glowing silver form, fell from the clouds, a mass of white dove feathers exploding over the room. A moment later, the clouds merely faded away along with the blinding light show. The mass of feathers that blanketed the room, merely faded into nothingness as the light cleared. The room looking untouched by the sudden invasion of the other worldly storm.

Slowly, nervously he lowered his arm, suddenly swallowing in dread. His dark blue eyes widened with utter disbelief. A very petite, very gorgeous, very naked young woman was now curled meekly upon the coffee table set before the couch. She had long light golden blone hair, that seemed to shine silver under the moonlight cascading into the room through the patio windows. A thin layer of her unbelievably long hair pulled free from her odd hair style, flowed wildly over her slight curves down her back. Falling over her well formed bottom, hiding it from view. On top of her head was two small buns, with two wide golden tails, they dipped over her slender shoulders, draping over top her perfect round breasts obscuring their full details. The curling tips of her hair curtaining her womanhood keeping her dignity a secret. Her bright blue eyes were wide and innocent, staring with a dazed uncertain look around the room. Her face was sweet, with soft round cheeks that made her look so very cute. Her glazed look, soon degraded into sudden panic, her cerulean eyes beginning to mist with tears as she took in her foreign surroundings.

He could only stand there, completely poleaxed , staring at her. Silently, admiring her unearthly beauty. His feet frozen in place, mind which usually spun at high speeds, his inner voice never truly at peace. Was left sluggish and hazy in her pressense, peace and serenity falling over his being like a warm blanket. He was drawn to this small goddess in ways he could not quite fathom at this moment.

She finally managed to stop her frantic looks about the cluttered room, her gaze focusing on him, looking so very, very, scared. Uncaring about the fact that her small demure body was on display for him to ogle. She merely sat there, her legs curled beneath her now, eyes pleading for him to protect aura of love and purity almost glowing around her. He knew from that moment that he was tied to her in some way, his soul humming in her presence. All he wanted to do was hold her, take away all her pain and forever be by her side. These intense feelings were more then shocking, to the always lonely, self absorbed young man.

He swallowed, willing his feet to move, his voice to speak. He stared at her, dark eyes unblinking, while she stared back silent and waiting.

"Hello..." He breathed, immediately cursing himself for such a stupid introduction.

She sat silent, casting her gaze downward, as she ducked her head against her shoulder looking uncertain and nervous as well.

"I'll go get you wear!" He nearly shouted it back at her, giving her a nervous smile as he slid past the coffee table. Retreating out of the room and down a small hall set off from the living room that held his and Seiya's rooms. He returned a few moments later with a pair of grey sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He meekly handed them to her, keeping his eyes respectfully to the side to maintain her dignity, as she rose off the table to receive them. With out a word, she slid past him with his clothes. The space between the coffee table and the TV stand wasn't very wide, as she sought to get past him he unconsciously felt her nipples brush against his stomach. The top of her head passed by just under his chin, his nose picking up her soft, sweet scent, intoxicating him further. She was perfect, in every sense of the word...he needed her, wanted her so badly, she hadn't said a single word yet but he couldn't see a future without her in it. The fierce thoughts of laying claim to this strange woman, hitting him hard. These feelings were alien to him and starting to scare him more then a little.

With a groan, he knew he was standing at attention instantly. He couldn't help but voyeur a quick look at her supple swaying butt as she moved lightly down the hall. Oh, he had never seen such a perfect, utterly amazing looking woman before. The intense feelings he was suddenly becoming assaulted with, concerning this girl was over whelming him. For a man who never had any time for women, keeping his focus on his studies and nothing else. This sudden need to always have this girls around him, was greatly unnerving. Even with her out of sight, her image was almost seared into his mind. Her sweet face, perfect body floating in his thoughts, perfect for hours of inner review.

With a deep sigh of defeat, his pants straining, he brushed a hand through his dark hair. His thoughts slowly drowning with erotic images. They didn't even know each others names, yet all he wanted to do was press her lithe little body up against a wall and kiss her till they were both out of breath. He wanted to run his hands down her ample curves, brush his fingers through her long silky hair...touch every intimate part of her. Images of her moaning, and writhing against him filled his mind.

"Oh...Kami." He moaned, thumping his forehead against a nearby wall, needing to find a distraction before he exploded. Who was this girl, and how could she just take over his mind in all but a few minutes of meeting her. This was insane!

Slowly he eased himself away from banging his head futilely against the wall, finding the little golden beauty standing in the entry way of the hall. She had attempted to get his long sweats to fit, rolling up the cuffs and waist making a comical sight of several wide rings circling her ankles and waist. She had pulled the hem of the shirt to her side, tying it in a knot against her hip. The round neck, hung loosely off one small shoulder. She looked like a doll, in over sized clothes. Giving him a nervous smile, her hands clasped before her she stood silent...waiting.

"Uhmmm, "He brushed a hand through his hair, keeping his eyes on his feet feeling very uncertain.

She silently moved directly in front of him, ducking her head to the side to meet his sideways glance. Her soft features falling into a questioning, searching look.

His heart began to pound in his chest at having her so close, smelling her soft floral scent. With a quick exhale of breath, he sought to calm himself.

He chuckled, raising his eyes back up, quickly rubbing his sweaty palms against the thighs of his jeans he thrust a hand out towards her.

"Chiba, Mamoru." He gave her a lopsided, half smile.

She merely smiled up at him, a happy content grin her blue eyes bright and shining. Then moved away from him, sitting on the couch taking in her surroundings demurely once more.

"Ok..." He muttered, her silence wasn't making him feel more nervous..not at all.

In the strained silence that followed his attempt at greeting her, male voices boomed from behind his front door. Which suddenly brought him back to contemplating more serious problems, groaning and rolling his eyes he moved to sit beside her on the couch. She was creating some major problems for him.

"You see, there's a problem. You can't really stay here. " he started, his heart aching as her happiness faded away. Leaving her frowning sadly up at him, eyes misting with tears of dread.

"This is an all male dorm, its completely off limits to women." He pushed on. "So if they catch you in here...they'll kick me out. I need you to leave for just a little while, anyway,...ok?" Stumbling over his words, ending with a pleading smile.

Her gentle features were quickly crumpling further into despair, tears beginning to fall down her soft cheeks. Full pink lips trembling as if great sobs were about to follow said tears.

"Oh, man..." Mamoru moaned, unable to handle the girl breaking down into utter misery. He quickly, placed his strong hands on her small shoulders giving her a light squeeze.

"Don't cry..." he started, casting his eyes up noticing a huge hole in the roof from the storm of her sudden appearance. More stress falling on his shoulders as he took in the extensive damage of her sudden entrance into his life.

She sniffled patheticly, brushing her tears away from her cheeks. Mamoru felt horrible at making her cry, but what was he going to do with her. Where did she come from, why was she here...why him?

His thoughts were cut short as heavy steps began to thunder up the steps outside of the dorm. Mamoru's stress level increased ten fold, as he heard his room mates booming voice, followed by other dorm mates laughter echoing down the outer hall. A cold sweat began to form on his neck, his heart now thundering in his chest. The next few minutes were not going to go very well.

The front door slammed open, a very tall, very well muscled man strode into the room. He had a broad chest, encased in a white muscle shirt, a thick arm grasping a black leather jacket over a powerful shoulder. His jeans hung off well formed hips and thighs, the man had a stallions physic. Moving with a power to his stride that spoke of a deep well of confidence in himself. He was a very ruggedly handsome man, with long black hair tied back into a long ponytail. His dark blue eyes gleamed with mischief, as he took in the scene before him in their living room. His dark eyes roaming over the golden haired girl's slender body, and well formed breasts as a predator would scrutinize his next meal.

"Hey, Chiba you take my messages?" He smirked, eyebrows lifting in surprise at seeing his roommate crouching near a gorgeous woman his hands on her shoulders.

Mamoru stared in dread as more men entered the room from behind Seiya. One was shorter then Seiya, skinny as a rail with silver hair the hung around his shoulders, and into his green eyes. He had a feminine charm to his features that he used to his advantage with the ladies. He had a plain white samurai mask hanging off the side of his head, dressed in a black muscle shirt and grey kaki shorts. A tooth pick stuck, cockily out his lips, that he rolled around his mouth while smiling smugly down at him.

Things were slowly spirally out of control, Mamoru knew it. The last was a tall man, with reddish brunette hair that was long well past his shoulders. He kept his unruly bangs out of his soft brown eyes, with a pair of stylish sun glass perched on his head. He wore a simple black t-shirt and jeans. All three men smirked down at him and his new petite companion.

"You know the rules, Chiba." Seiya commented, folding his arms over his thick chest. His blue eyes dancing with mirth. His two friends, smiling knowingly upon them snickering.

Seiya snapped his fingers, the two men scrambled about the room grabbing his stuff.

"What do we do when someone breaks the rules, boys?" Seiya cast his gaze over his shoulder as more male dorm mates thundered into the living room, disappearing down the hall to gather his things from his bedroom.

All of the men were shouting. "OUT! OUT! OUT!"

Before he knew it, the mob had gathered him and his golden blonde girl up along with a bunch of his things and tossed them out the front door. He landed on his butt hard, his companion set down rather gently on her bottom beside him by the horde of men. Then they began to toss his things out the front door. His bed roll,tool box, a backpack, his green duffle packed full of clothes. His sneakers were whipped around his neck, like a bolo, as he sat stunned. His helmet and keys soon followed, clattering in front of his bare feet.

"Send us your address and we'll send your crap!" Seiya's laughing voice echoed back to him, as the dorms front door slammed closed.

Mamoru remained stunned on the cold concrete out front of the dorm, blinking and slightly catatonic at the sudden reversal of fortune in his life. Casting his gaze to the side, he found his new companion sitting primely, her knees drawn under her, gazing around, confusion clear on her face.

Mamoru sighed deeply, a sweat mark forming on the side of his face. What was he going to do now...

"Well, we got to find a place to stay." Mamoru sighed, taking it in stride, one has to keep moving forward. A motto he lived by, since his dark days moving from one foster home to another during his youth. Slipping on his sneakers while giving her a strong confident smile attempting to settle her worry.

"I think we can crash at my friend Matoki's for tonight." He gathered up his duffle, rising to his feet and offering her a hand up. She gave him a bright happy smile that soothed his own worry about the future. His quiet well planed out life was over. He couldn't bare not having her near, so with a sigh he straightened his shoulders. So be it. He declared to himself, he would face this new future with a smile as long as she was with him.