Lights- Ellie Goulding

I hop down to the lower branch to watch the mansion. I peer down when I heard someone messing with the lock bellow. I see two white eyes of a giant mastiff as a caretaker lets the beast out. The dog stalks out of its cage and passes the tree. I bring my knees up and hug them as I thought about all the wild animals here. I prayed that we would be able to help Violet, stop Joylott, and get back home in one piece. I glance up at Philimus who was hanging from the branch above me. He was watching the house with a passionate determination. I noticed that look and smiled. "You really love her don't you?"

Philimus's head swiveled to me. "Pardon?"

"Violet; you really care about her." I whisper to him so he would only hear.

Philimus's ears fold against his head. "H-how did you know?"

"As my great detective would say 'I don't know; I notice.'. I'm surprised that Basil and Dawson haven't figured it out yet."

Philimus chortled. "Women intuition is lost on us bachelors Miss Belladonna; don't expect too much from geniuses."

"You got that right." I agree as I look up at Basil happily, who was oblivious to our conversation. I then ask him. "Why haven't you told her?"

Philimus stares at the night thoughtfully. "The answer to your question is; we can't be together."

"What! Why?" I sounded like a child, but I was completely muddled.

"A gypsy bat cannot be with a lady mouse; it is tabooed. Besides, I'm fear my affections are one-sided."


Philimus puts a claw up. "It's alright Miss Belladonna; as long as she finds a good husband and is happy…then I will be content."

I watch him sadly when I realize he was lying, but we both ignore the lie as we watch the house for the candle to go out.

Marten and his siblings teleported right in front of the Copper Beeches. Marten checks on Olivia who was excitedly peering through the bars of the gate. Marten was annoyed that Nick promised that he would bring her on an adventure, and when he tried to convince Nick that they shouldn't risk Olivia's life; the girls argued with Marten in Nick's defense until Marten gave up. Marten hated the dark, so he created some light into the palm of his paw and his siblings followed suit. Olivia and Nick climb through the gate and scanned their surroundings as the others followed. They went through the grass quietly, but not even Marten was tall enough to peek over the shoots of green. Mia dims her light as her ears perk up. Nick does it as well. They heard crickets chirping loudly, but something else…it was a flapping sound. A moth suddenly flew into Nick's face as he sputtered. "AH! Moth—moth!"

Mia and Olivia giggled silently as Marten shushed them all. Cassie slowed down until she was in the back of their group and gazed up at the sky. It was such a beautiful sight that she wasn't as scared of the dark. She turns around in a circle while scanning the stars, and squeaked fearfully when a large shadow swooped down toward her.

Before the barn owl could sink its talons into his future-breakfast—something grabbed his tail feathers.

Cassie gasped when she saw another owl tackle the one that tried to grab her, and heard a familiar voice say: "Why you! Get away from her! Go on!"

"Archimedes!" Cassie cheered gleefully as her siblings rush to her aid. Marten picks her up as he watches the quarrel above them.

The barn owl turns on the owl behind him with a screech. "Vermin-hugger! That's my breakfast you're scaring off!" He scratches at Archimedes before flying off to find food elsewhere.

"VERMIN-HUGGER?" Archimedes huffed. "Why I never!" He lands in front of the children. "Wha-what are you rug rats doing out here? Every animal knows not to go out at night—especially carrying around lights that show every predator where you are!"

Cassie hops out of Marten's arms and hugs her familiar. "Archimedes! You saved me." Nick and the others dim their lights.

Archimedes' feathers ruffled in embarrassment. "Someone had to do something, since your siblings just stood there gawking."

Mia bared his teeth in annoyance. "We're here to help Basil and Dawson—"

"Let me guess, they never asked for your help?" The owl looks down at them.

Marten rolls his eyes. "Doesn't mean that they don't need it."

"Yes," Olivia agreed. "We always help Basil with his cases!"

"Who-who-who!" Archemides laughs. "You—help Basil of Baker Street? Who-who—that's funny. That detective doesn't need any help. Now, I need to fly you all back where you belong."

"No way!" Mia scoffed.

Marten adds. "We're staying Archimedes."

"I will not allow you all to foolishly flaunt around to be eaten alive." He picks up Cassie with his beak and mumbled. "Go ahead and get into trouble; I can tell you lot won't listen to reason, so I shall be taking Cassie back home."

"Aw, but I want to help!" Cassie whined.

Archimedes huffed and began to fly off with Cassie until they disappeared in a flash of light.

Nick sighed. "He's probably going to tell mom…"

Mia shrugged. "Who cares, we'll show him when we help Basil!"

Marten smiles at his little sister and tousles her hair, but Olivia suddenly hisses. "Shh! Did you hear that?"

The marten and mice freeze as they heard a low rustling of someone quickly running. They look around fearfully until they saw a hunched shape running on all fours toward them. Mia jumps forward and makes her little light intensify to be as bright as a spotlight. The youngsters saw the creature stop and let out a terrible screech.

They noticed it was a baboon, and the curious creature had noticed them before and decided to risk the mastiff so it could discover what the lights were. The baboon stopped its shrieking when it saw who its source was. The creature whooped and scooped up Mia quickly while hobbling up a tree. Mia screamed in frustration that the beast held her so tightly she couldn't reach her wand or move her hands to do a spell.

Marten shouted out. "Mia!" which was probably a stupid mistake, since the mastiff quickly heard him and started racing toward the sound to extinguish it. Marten saw the large monster running toward him and growling out barks. Marten turned toward Olivia and Nick while muttering a flying spell. The two mice were suddenly shot into the air by an invisible force. Nick was smacked into the tree and held on for dear life. Olivia also held onto the rough bark and soon started climbing passed him quickly. Nick followed her and flushed when he could see up her skirt. They continued their climb until they get onto a branch. Nick vainly searched for his sister and saw the baboon was at the top; holding Mia by her tail and staring at her.

Mia growled and swung her fists at the monkey as she was held upside down. The blood rushed to head; muddling her thoughts as she cursed Marten for leading them into danger once more.

Nick and Olivia leap onto a branch as Nick started incanting a spell to teleport Mia out of the ape's grasp. Olivia suddenly screams and grabs onto Nick. Nick stopped mid-spell when he saw a cheetah crouching on a branch across from them; ready to pounce.

Violet sits down on her bed and brings the candle to her lips slowly. She made sure she faced the window as she blew the little flame out. She then puts the candle down and waited. Her father was in his room. She was in her room. And the detective and his friends were going to Alice's room…God help them. God help her. She prayed silently in the dark.

Basil's head pops up when he sees Violet's light from her room sputter out. He smirks as he taps Philimus's foot. The bat swings up from his branch and wraps his claws around Dawson's arms as Basil hopped onto his back. They flew away quickly toward the attic; where they would make their way to Alice's room.

I watch them worriedly as I whisper. "Good luck…be careful." I suddenly hear growling and to my dismay… very familiar shouts. I clamber down the tree so quickly that I fell into the grass, but scramble to my feet as I start to see little pinpoints of light dancing before me. But these weren't from my fall…they were magic lanterns of my siblings and they were running from something big. I felt fear in my throat as I pumped my legs to go faster.

Marten ran through the grass as the angry mastiff chased him; dodging toadstools and hopping over stones to keep from being mauled. The beast almost bit him twice and he was still thinking of a spell to use. He runs into the wall and gulped as he turned to see the mastiff leap toward him; large jaws opening and eyes blazing. Marten stared in shock as he finally thought of a spell. Waving his hands and whispering an incantation within a second the mastiff shrunk to the size of his shoe. The mastiff yelps wildly as it races away in confusion and terror. Marten laughs to himself, until he realized his sister, brother, and Olivia were still in danger. Marten runs off the fatigue of the spell and heads toward the tree.

Olivia pushes Nick over and he holds onto her as they fell from the branch. Olivia grabs onto a twig attached to the branch as she clung to Nick. They both yell out as a heavy weight landed onto their branch; flinging them and causing Olivia's grasp to slip little by little down her lifeline. The Cheetah growled as it saw them and takes a swipe at the mice. The paw didn't reach them, but they felt force of the blow whipped across them. Olivia shouts to Nick. "I hope you have a spell to save us!"

Nick was wracking his mind for a spell, but it was useless in the position he was in…he needed both his hands. He grabs onto the branch with Olivia and climbs up to face the cheetah.

Olivia gaped. "What are you—"

Nick throws his paws up as lightning struck the branch; snapping it in two. The Cheetah yowled as it fell to the ground with the branch. The wild cat snarls up at them as it landed on its paws and dashed away in humiliation. Nick grabs onto Olivia and hoists her up and almost collapses as the strain took its toll.

Mia was dropped as soon as the strip of lightning hit the tree. The stupid monkey forgot about her and leapt into another tree fearfully. Mia screamed as she tried to grab a branch, but only managed to catch a leaf as she plummeted toward the ground. She finally uses a spell to have the wind bring her safely to the grassy ground. Sighing she sees Olivia and Nick climbing down as well as Marten running through the grass toward her. Mia straightened her red ribbon, which Olivia gave her, as she saucily replied. "So…this is going to be harder than any of us thought…huh?" Her siblings and friend tiredly nod and chuckle, until they look up at the dark mansion before them.

I let out a breath of relief when I saw my siblings standing under a tree laughing together. I was still so far from them and they rounded the tree until they were out of sight. I slow down to catch my breath and freeze when I hear someone breathing behind me. I straighten up slowly as I tried to turn around, but something grabbed onto my upper arms. I tried to scream, but it was lost in my throat. I felt the same terrible feelings that I had with the shadow…and realized that whoever was holding was the creature…I listen as he hummed a song and finally whispered something to me. "Why so frightened, little enchantress?"

As soon as I whimpered in cold fear; the pressure left my arms and I turned around to see—nothing. I look around wildly until I realized no one was there…but I heard him…I felt him. I panted and couldn't stand the dark any longer and lit a small light as I raced over to my family.

Author starts typing up her notes as she waits for brother. Something dark creeps into the room silently and grabs onto the back of the computer chair. The author jumps up and shrieks loudly that her parents from down the hall shout: "Stop messing around!"

The dark figure reveals itself to be Brother, who laughs silently. "That's what you get for posting such a creepy cliffhanger!"

Author falsely weeps. "How could you scare me!"

"Uh, because it's fun."


"I thought you said we'll see the snake: you're dragging this out aren't you?"

"No." Author says innocently.



Parents shout. "Be quiet down there!"

Brother snickers. "Hehe, I like how this chapter was fast; I mean it's the Garrio kids so why not?"

"Really?" sniffled the Author.

"Yeah, now start writing the next chapter!"

"Yays...wait a sec. I'm too tired."

Brother shoves coffee into Author's face. "Drink. Readers she only owns oc.s-"

"And fatigue..." -o- "Yawn."