Hans Zimmer - Running, Fighting, Waiting

Dawson and Basil crept through the dark nooks and crannies until they made it to the corridor. They saw the three doors; closed yet ominous. Basil slinked over to the door that belonged to Alice. He silently opened it. With a grin he goes in and motions Dawson to follow. Dawson creeps toward him, but his foot causes a floorboard to creak. The doctor froze as Basil gritted his teeth. To their horror, they heard someone from one of the chambers stand up and cough. Dawson tiptoes behind a corner as Basil shut the door when they heard the knob turn.

Dr. Joylott swings open his door and peers into the hallway; thinking he heard someone. He steps into the corridor; bulky weight pronouncing itself through heavy footfalls. Basil listens closely as he leaned his back against the door. Dawson had his back against the wall as well. He fought with the instinct to peer around the corner to see if Joylott went back into his room. Joylott takes a drag of his cigar as he slowly walks over toward the corridor's corner where Dawson was hiding in the connecting hallway. Joylott doesn't go around the corner, but instead takes another inhale of smoke and blew it toward Dawson's hiding place. Spending years with Basil taught Dawson how to think like genius, and he knew that Joylott blew the smoke toward his spot to see if the smoke would be disturbed by his inhales and/or exhales. Dawson held his breath so he wouldn't blow or suck in the smoke to alert Joylott.

Basil hears nothing but silence and worried about Dawson that he was thinking of eight different ways to save his friend, but couldn't decide which course of action would actually work. Basil went with plan C and grabbed the candle on the table and blew it out.

Joylott took a step foreward, but stopped and turns to see the candle go out in Alice's old room. The doctor rushes back into his room quietly and locks the door hastily.

Basil pokes his head out the door and sees Dawson scurry over. Both the doctor and detective shut the door quickly behind them as they sighed a breath of relief and gave each other a grin of victory. They both survey the dark room. Basil goes over to the bed and sits down on it. Dawson goes over to the chair in the corner and sits. "Well Basil, what do we do now?"

"I'm afraid we will need to wait some more, doctor." Basil was staring intently at the vent.

Dawson snorts; he didn't enjoy waiting with a case. Basil smirks, but doesn't waver his gaze. "I know you're a man of action Dawson, but I thought I would be the one snorting in impatience."

"Sorry Basil," Dawson huffed in embarrassment and Basil silently laughed:

"Don't be, old man. I'm glad you went on this case with us. By the way, how is Mary faring?"

"Quite well," Dawson tells him with a smile. "Even though I'm a doctor I've been incredibly anxious about the baby…I wonder if Mary will be able to deliver? Will the baby be healthy? What if I'm not a good father?"

Basil scoffs. "That last question is ridiculous Dawson."

"But Basil—"

"Dawson you're a reliable mouse who knows how to fight on his feet, think with his mind, and care with a heart of gold. You'll be a good father." Basil interrupts him, but says all of this in a stoic, factual way so he would not embarrass himself for being so kindhearted.

Dawson swells with pride. "Thank you Basil." They sat in silence for a moment until Dawson had to ask. "Basil, are you going to marry Miss Belladonna?"

Basil gives a jump of surprise and quickly shook his head.

"Oh come now," Dawson scolded. "You two are already quite serious; inappropriately so if I might add. She's the only woman other than 'the woman' who you've fancied. As well as love! She's one of the only ladies I know who loves to go on these adventures like us and she understands you as much as I do. And we both know how hard it is to find people who can comprehend your methods. Besides, marriage isn't any different from what you two are up to; it just gives you the dignity to do so—"

Basil shook his head once more and answered in an exasperated tone. "Dawson, I was simply joking on the train about the bedroom! Do you think I would—I already made that mistake with Irene—" Basil stopped and calmed himself down so he was whispering again. "You know I'm not the marrying type."

"Well, why don't you give marriage a try? You may surprise yourself—"

"Shh!" Basil shushed him.

Dawson grumbled. "Now I say Basil; you need to hear this. You cannot push her away because you cannot handle a serious relationship—"

"Listen Dawson!" Basil whispered quickly. "Listen!"

In the silence they heard flute music…like the wooden flutes Dawson heard in his trips in India. The tune was eerie as they sat in the dark, Violet was right, the music didn't seem to have an ending…it just kept going on and on. Basil began to slowly rise from the bed and held his hand out for the revolver. Dawson gets up just as slowly and hand him the weapon, but froze when heard a sliding noise…it was so quiet he almost didn't notice it. A moment later a huge shadow darkened the already black room. Dawson held his breath once more as Basil remained still; the shadow passed. Basil nudged Dawson; almost causing the doctor to cry out in fear, but Basil covered his mouth to tell him. "Move towards the wall." They both crept to the opposite wall so they could get a clearer shot of the vent. They waited once more, Basil actually starts putting the pillows under the blankets of the bed and puts his hat on one pillow that he kept visible. Dawson realized he was creating a decoy.

The slithering sound whispered through the vent and the black mass reappeared. Dawson wished he had his revolver. The vent opened slightly, but then closed back. Basil bent down until he was on his knees and pulled Dawson down with him. A thin snout appeared and a forked tongue flicked above them. The snout bends down and it's tongue flicks toward the bed. Soon, an entire head of a snake appeared; it unhinged its massive jaw to reveal its sharp fangs. It struck at the bed, but only got a mouthful of pillows. The creature hissed in annoyance and shook the pillows from its fangs and lowered some of its thin body into the room as it terrible tongue flicked out. All of a sudden it swiveled its massive head toward them and its cold eyes saw the mice clearly. Its body tensed and rose to strike. Basil didn't shoot yet, and Dawson whispered. "Basil…"

The snake hissed menacingly as it began to open its mouth.

"Basil!" Dawson gasped.

The detective simply muttered. "Wait for it…"

As soon as the serpent unhinged its mouth; Basil fired. The snake's head flung back from the shot, but to their horror it straightened once more to show a missing fang; the bullet only shattered a fang. The snake hissed as it struck. Basil pushed Dawson away from him as the snake jaws swallowed him completely.

"BASIL!" Dawson shouted out in sheer, bloody panic. The snake didn't swallow its victim though, on the contrary, it was having a hard time keeping its mouth closed. Basil was in the beast's mouth and he made sure to kick around to keep from being swallowed until he was able to plant his feet in its palate and stand to lift the roof of its mouth with his paws and back. He managed to open the snake's jaws to reveal himself. He saw Dawson and yelled. "DAWSON! Do something!" He strained to keep the monster's mouth open as it shook its head to weaken Basil. Dawson ran over to the corner of the room and grabbed the chair. Basil felt the serpent's tongue hit his legs and he in turn stomped on it.

Dawson rushed up to the snake and slammed the chair into its body so hard that the chair splintered into a dozen pieces and the serpent fell to its side. Basil took his chance to leap out of the snake's mouth; narrowly missing its poisonous fangs. Basil landed on the floor and jumped to his feet while whipping the saliva off him.

Dawson went over to him in concern. "Basil! Are you alright?"

Basil nodded, but froze when he heard the snake rise from the ground. The detective and the doctor gaped as the snake rose to strike once more. Basil was about to grab the revolver from his pocket, but realized he didn't have it. He saw that the gun was in the creature's mouth still; its trigger guard stuck on a lower fang. The snake hissed while causing its jaw to shake; making the gun to go off. A bullet narrowly missed Dawson as he dodged it. Basil and Dawson look at each other in alarm and Basil exclaims. "I believe it's time to run!"

Dawson raced out of the room, but Basil hopped onto the bed to grab his hat. The snake struck, but he rolled off the bed and sprinted out the door. He shouted loud enough for the entire hall to hear: "Now Philimus!" He heard a door open to see a furious Dr. Joylott with a revolver in his paws and a small flute in his robe pocket.

Doctor Joylott opens his door to see what was happening while loading his rifle. When he saw Basil run out of Alice's room; he bellowed with rage and aimed his gun at the detective, but stopped when the detective sped away and shouted: "Now Philimus!" The snake suddenly burst from Alice's room in hot pursuit of Basil; its coils slamming against the walls of the hallway. Joylott leapt back to avoid getting hit, but he turned his attention to Violet's room and growled under breath as he made his way over to it; murder in his dark eyes.

Philimus and Violet were together in her room, since Philimus had flown to her chamber to keep guard over her like he and Basil planned. He held onto Violet as they heard the gunshots, but as soon as he heard Basil's voice he sprang into action. He swung Violet onto his back like he always did and swiftly opened the window. He felt Violet's shaky arms tighten around him as he was getting onto the ledge. Violet screamed as they heard another gunshot and the door being kicked down.

Joylott shot the handle off the door and kicked the obstacle in as he thundered into the room: "VIOLET!" he roared.

Violet saw her stepfather and felt cold terror enter her as he aimed his rifle at the two of them. Philimus saw him as well and leapt out the window. Joylott fired, but only managed to hit the window sill. He went up to the window and fired more shots at Philimus and Violet, but they were already out of his range. Joylott snarled as he marched out of the room to go after the meddling detective, and then he will deal with his stepdaughter.

My siblings, Olivia, and I burst into the mansion when we heard gunshots. Marten looks at me and we nod. I grab Mia's hand and follow Marten as Nick trailed behind us gasping. "How can we help if we're out of magic?"

I agreed; we were all tired after using our magic and what if we needed to use our magic to help Basil and Dawson?

Marten threw all of worries away by answering. "We'll do what we usually do: improvise."

Mia smirks and answers. "Sounds like a plan to me!"

Olivia nodds with excitement. "We should hurry!"

We race up the foyer stairs and through a hall until we heard more gunshots. We stop and listen. I notice the walls were shaking and I nervously turn to my brother. "Marten…"

Basil managed to pass Dawson as he ran, but he made sure to stay close to him as they tried to escape the beast. Basil winced as he heard the gunshots exploding from the snake's mouth and allowed himself a smirk; this was one of the strangest chases he's been on. He led Dawson around corners so they could slow their lengthy pursuer. The snake tried to snip at them while the revolver continued to shoot. Basil and Dawson tried to dodge the bullets and were fortunate that none had hit them yet. As they rounded another corner Basil saw a cabinet filled with porcelain plates. He races behind it and knocks it down to block the snake's path. The snake stopped for a moment as it tried to get over the obstruction while swiveling its head in fury. Basil runs up to Dawson and tells him. "That should buy us some time."

"For what?" Dawson inquired through pants.

"For me to think of a plan." Basil and Dawson sprinted around the next corner and they ran into something.

Mia lets go of my hand to take a step forward when the walls stopped trembling. We all follow her as we crept forward. We shriek when two figures rounded the corner and crashed into us. I see that it was Basil and Dawson and smile in relief, despite the fact Basil was crushing me. I stopped smiling when our friends leapt off and wrenched us to our feet; terror on their faces. "Run!"

We look behind them as the walls began to shake again. I scream when I see a giant snake slithering toward us. Basil grabbed my and hand and ran as Nick and Dawson followed; towing a gaping Olivia behind them. Marten threw Mia over his shoulder and sped off. We hear the gunshots again as we felt bullets whisk passed us and into the wall on our right; the peculiar sight made us run faster. Nick looked behind him and shouted. "How did that snake get a revolver to shoot like that!"

"That's the only question you can think of!" Mia yells at him while clinging to Marten's shoulder. "How 'bout; why the heck does it have a gun!"

Basil tells us. "Long story."

"This is all your fault, isn't it?" Marten panted in aggravation.

Basil glares at him as we ran down some stairs to the foyer. "I beg your pardon—"

"Shut up and run!" I shout at all of them when I saw the snake was getting closer.

Dawson throws the door that led outside open and we rush through it as Nick kicked it closed. I winced as we heard the door splinter and a large mass slithering through the grass. Dawson knocks thick blades of grass aside for us. We hear the slithering behind us cease and we slowed down. We stood still as we looked around for any movement and listened out for the creature. I hold Basil's paw tightly as his green eyes examined our surroundings. Marten held onto Mia as Dawson puts a protective hand on Nick's shoulder. Olivia steps up beside Basil and perked her ears curiously. We could only hear the crickets chirping, but the grass blades above and beyond us were still. I sigh and lean against Basil as Dawson lets his paw slip off of Nick to pat Olivia on the head. That was when the crickets stopped chirping.

We straightened as we heard rustling. Basil gripped my hand as we saw the grass shaking; something big was heading towards us. Mia gets her trusted slingshot out as we wait fearfully; trying not to make a sound. We heard the familiar hissing as the snake rose in front of us. It bared its fangs; the revolver was gone and there was a shattered fang. But each incisor looked deadly as poison dripped from the points. I grab onto Nick and Olivia and hold them as Basil and Dawson stepped in front of us. I look over at Marten and knew we had to teleport; we had to risk overexerting ourselves…even if it might kill us.

Our thoughts were interrupted as we heard a yowl behind us. I turn and cried out when I saw a cheetah ready to spring as its glowing eyes stared us down. Before Marten or I could mutter a spell, the cheetah leapt!—Above us. We watch in amazement as the cheetah pounced onto the snake and sunk its jaws into the withering creature. Marten covered Mia's eyes as the cheetah finished off the serpent. Even Nick had to look away. The cheetah straightened with a limp snake in its mouth and trotted away happily as it climbed into a tree to finish its meal.

We stand there for a moment until we sigh in relief. I kiss Nick's head and embrace Marten and Mia as Basil and Dawson supported each other to gather their strength. Olivia goes over to Dawson and hugs him silently for comfort.

"I wonder why the cheetah went for the snake instead of us?" Dawson wheezed.

"Elementary my dear Dawson," Basil muttered while standing up and fixing his collar. "The snake was a larger prey; more filling than half a dozen mice."

"Charming." I mumbled, but I wrap my arms around Basil to embrace him.

We were interrupted when Marten cuts in between us to say. "Yeah, yeah, let's skip this romantic junk and get out of here! I have no idea when my spell on the mastiff is going to wear off." Marten then turned to Basil. "And you! I have a bone to pick with you—"

The interruption was interrupted by Philimus, who swopped in with Violet. Violet jumps off Philimus and they go up to us. "When we saw the snake and cheetah we were terrified and tried to fly to your aid—" Philimus began as Violet answered:

"Thank God you didn't need it. I'm so relieved that you're all alright."

Basil was about to answer, but a clicking noise made him freeze. His head swiveled to the left and his eyes narrowed. We follow his gaze to see Dr. Joylott holding a rifle that was pointed directly at us.

Dr. Joylott looked even angrier than when he barged into Baker Street. He growled at us. "You no good meddlers! I told you to stay out of my business. Now you'll have to deal with me!"

Philimus stood in front of Violet and held her as he bared his teeth at Joylott. "You damn coward; of course you would shoot dishonorably!"

"Philimus…" Basil warned as he made sure I was behind him. I look over to see Dawson was also standing in front of Mia and Nick; who were holding each other's hands.

Dr. Joylott smiled irately. "No," He lowered his rifle and grabbed something from his pocket. We saw the pocket held a long wooden flute, his snake-charming instrument, as well as something else. "I cannot have the policemice looking into this as a murder." He blew into the silver object and our ears rang as we heard a low pitched sound.

Violet shrieked as she clung to Philimus. "He's called the dog!"

"That's right my dear!" Joylott chuckled as we heard distant barking. We saw the large shape of a canine run toward us and stop before Joylott. Joylott motioned to us. "Sic 'em!"

The mastiff turned its massive body toward us to attack, but froze and whined when it saw Marten. It took a step back as Marten walked up to be in front of us; a smirk on his face. The dog looked like it was ready to bolt, but Joylott shouted. "Sic 'em! Go on you damn dog!"

The dog backed away a bit more and whimpered as Joylott blew the dog whistle mercilessly. Joylott bellowed as he lifted his rifle and shot at the mastiff's leg. The mastiff yelped as the tiny bullet entered its leg painfully. I felt my fur bristle as Joylott abused the creature and wished I had my powers to subdue the cruel mouse. Olivia exclaimed. "Stop it!" But I hold her back protectively.

Joylott shouts at the poor beast. "Now sic 'em!"

The mastiff started to growl, but instead of attacking the mice; he attacked Joylott. Joylott screamed as the dog's jaw clamped around him and shook him. The mastiff quickly dropped Joylott on the ground and lumbered over a couple feet to lay down and lick its wound.

We race over to Joylott; who was mauled, but still alive. Dawson soon got to work on him as we all glare down at the mouse; feeling little pity for the monster. As Dawson fixed Joylott up we heard some animals racing through the grass and saw a few policemice. They told us that someone warned them of trouble brewing in the Copper Beeches and came to investigate. Basil raised a knowing brow and explained everything to mice, while showing them the fractured remains of the flute. I suddenly see someone creep out of the grass behind the policemice and saw it was the mouse with the straggly beard I saw at the gate. Violet noticed as well and held onto Philimus anxiously. One of the officers notice and said. "Oh, this is the bloke who warned us tonight."

"Yes," Basil says as he motioned to the strange mouse. "May I introduce Officer Fowl."

Violet gasped and ran up to Fowl and embraced him. "Oh Arthur! It is you!"

The officer separated himself from Violet as he marched over to Joylott; with both grief and vehemence in his eyes. Fowl got out a gun and pointed at Joylott's head. The officers exclaim and were about to draw their own weapons, but Basil raised a hand to stop them as he told Arthur. "I know Joylott deserves death for what he did to Alice."

Fowl shook as he cocked the gun and glowered at Joylott.

"But you do not deserve to throw away your life to kill him. Do not let his death forfeit your life officer!" Basil tells him.

We watch Fowl apprehensively as he stood there panting out furious breaths. He finally yells and throws the gun down. "I will not waste the chance to see this monster thrown into the dungeon to rot."

He walks over to lean against the side of the mansion and hid his face from us; still grief-stricken over the loss of Alice.

Basil explains. "You see, I'm afraid Dr. Joylott had never told officer Fowl of Alice's disappearance because he did not want Fowl to try to investigate it further. So, Arthur Fowl came here himself to see why his fiancé had not been writing him. When Joylott realized this, he came up with a plan to deceive Fowl. He had Violet cut her hair to give the appearance of Alice, so to make Fowl believe that Alice was well."

"That was why he had me wave Arthur away." Violet answers. "It was all a ruse!"

"Exactly Miss Violet," Basil answers.

Officer Fowl looks up and nods. "Yes, I am sorry that I did not realize this sooner, but when I saw what was going on at the mansion I ran for the policemice…hoping that no one else would be murdered by the doctor."

We hear flapping and we see Simza and her son, Jasper, and Lydia fly over to us. We watch as the police dragged off Joylott. The doctor gurgled to Simza. "Simza! You must tell them of my innocence!"

Simza glared at him coldly as she placed Edward behind her. "Sorry dear, but I will not lie to the police."

"Damn you woman!" Joylott croaked. "I did this for our son! Don't act like you wouldn't want the money I would've gotten! I did this to help Edward!"

"You did this for yourself!" Simza spat. "And Edward is no son of a murderer." At this, Simza flies off with little Edward as Joylott was taken away. We watch as Joylott was thrown onto a crow that the policemice flew to get to the estate. The bird cawed as it flew away with its new cargo to the country prison.

I look over at Violet who watched Joylott with her watery blue eyes. She wrapped her arms around Philimus as her lids hung over her eyes in exhaustion. Philimus embraces her protectively.

Basil clears his throat to interrupt. I nudge him and give him a scolding look. Basil smirks at me and kisses my nose apologetically. He turns to Violet, who had picked up on the hint and was now standing before him. "I cannot not thank you enough Mr. Holmice and Dr. Dawson."

Dawson gives Violet a kind smile and takes her paw to pat it gently. "We were glad to help you Miss Violet."

Violet blinks her eyes and sniffs. "You all saved me, imprisoned my stepfather, and brought me peace that I've wanted for a long time. For that, I will give you both my dowry money as payment."

Dawson gaped and shook his head to argue, but Basil crisply answers. "There is no need for you to pay us Miss Violet, but I do have a proposal."

We all gaze at Basil curiously as Violet nodded for him to continue. Basil grins as he tells her. "I know of this animal who would be able to help you in acquiring that dowry for you as well as protect you in this countryside. He's a good bat, and he absolutely adores you and wishes for your hand in marriage."

Violet blushed as her eyes widen. We all knew Basil was talking of Philimus, who was standing there; looking both stunned and anxious. Violet goes over to Philimus to ask. "Is this true?"

Philimus looks away from her to mutter shamefully. "Y-yes Violet,"

Violet smiled and kisses his cheek. Philimus jumped and looked down at her as she says. "Then I will accept this proposal."

Philimus was blinking rapidly in shock as he tried to make sense of what was going. "But—Violet—we're too different—a mouse and bat? Would you be happy if I was your husband—"

"Yes." She tells him. "I am free now Philimus. My stepfather is gone as well as the cursed mystery that stole my sister. Now I can pursue my happiness, and it's with you."

Philimus grins. "Then what are we waiting for? Papa," He says to Jasper. "We have much planning to do!"

Violet smiles, and it was the first smile I saw when she was truly happy.

When we all make it back to the inn; the sun began to rise. I yawn as my siblings copy me. It's weird how that always happens. Olivia was sent home with some of Marten's remaining magic, but not before she told us what a grand time she had and how she wanted to come with us on our next case.I see how tired my brothers and sister were and said. "We can probably get a room for you guys, so you can rest-"

Marten, whose eyes were half-closed, suddenly straightened as his eyes snapped open. He turned to Basil and asked. "So Basil..." Basil looked over at Marten and realized what was coming. "Why have you been sleeping with my sister?"

"Do we really need to discuss this?" Basil asked in annoyance.

"YOU'VE BEEN SLEEPING WITH MY SISTER!" Marten shouted dramatically, while leaning over Basil menacingly. "OF COURSE WE NEED TO DISCUSS THIS!"

Basil gulps as he retorts. "It's really none of your business-"

"I'm making it my business." Marten starts rolling up his sleeves; ready for a brawl.

"Alright, Marten, stop." I finally intervined. "As funny as it is to see you flip out; you don't need to fight Basil."

"Yes I do."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, I do."



"You're not fighting him!"

"I'm punching him in the face whether you like it or not!"

"I'd prefer if you didn't." Basil sneered. "By the way, I will not fight you Marten."

"What!" Everyone shouts.

"You heard me."

Marten stares at him and shrugs. "Ok."

"Marten!" I grab him by the ear and walked him several feet away from the others.

Mia and Nick watch as Belladonna scolded Marten; her thin arms waving around frantically as she poked Marten in the chest. Marten looked scared, but they couldn't tell why because they couldn't hear a word they were saying. Marten hung his head in shame as he walked over to Basil, who was smiling at him.

"Um." Marten peers at Belladonna, who tilted her head in warning. "Uh, sorry that I tried to beat you up to protect the honor of my sister..."

"And?" Basil asked mischievously.

Mia gasped as Nick snickered at Marten's stormy expression.

"I'm sorry for assuming that you aren't a...gentleman."

"And?" Basil inquired once more.

"And I'm sorry my sister is dating you-" Belladonna elbows him. "Uh, sorry, please accept my apology."

"But of course," Basil smirked as he shook Marten's paw. There was a cracking noise as Basil yelped and wrenched his hand out of Marten's tight grip. Marten smiles at Basil innocently. "I'm so glad we're friends."

Everyone laughs at this, except Basil and Belladonna who was checking his paw.

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