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Logan was seething mad.

This was by far the worst day of his life. First, his fucking boyfriend had to tie him up this morning, and fucking turn him on, and do... some wonderful things, before deciding to be a nice person and tell Logan he was going to be late for work. And, of course, being Mr. Congeniality, Logan had rushed to get ready and literally ran to work.

Oh, did he mention that Kendall didn't allow him to come whilst turning him on?

So, Logan was an incredibly frustrated and even more horny doctor today, and had snapped at fifteen out of the sixteen patients he'd had so far. Now, he was ready to pack up and leave. He hadn't moved from his work office for the entire day, so he had no time to relieve himself.

What a shame.

Logan looked down at the patient's card in front of him. He'd take one more patient. Maybe he might be able to save a life. But as he read the details on the card, his heart sank. The next patient had the same name as Logan's stupid idiot boyfriend.


And if he was hot, Logan didn't know how he would contain himself, especially with that-

The door opened, silencing his train of thought. And immediately, Logan was fucked. He knew it.

The boy walked in, green eyes looking tired, and his blond hair adorably rumpled.

'You're hot,' Logan breathed without thinking, and mentally slapped himself.

The boy looked up in surprise. 'How did you know?'

Logan frowned. What? 'Come again?'

The boy smiled slightly. 'How did you know that I'm hot? My mom told me that my fever's really bad, and that you're an amazing doctor. Turns out she was right.'

Oh. Logan felt stupid. He returned the boy's small smile with one of his own. 'I try. But your flushed face and slight sweat gave it away.'

Well, he was neither flushed nor sweating, but Logan wasn't about to admit that.

Logan took a step forward, placing a hand against the boy's forehead, the... the thing that Kendall (his boyfriend) had done to him this morning sending shudders throughout his body, and he bit back a moan.

Lust clouded his mind for the slightest instant. 'You have a fever. I happen to have a thermometer in my pants. Say ahhh.'

'What?' Kendall looked up at him, eyes widening fractionally.

Shit. Stop thinking with your dick, idiot!

Logan cleared his throat. 'I meant pant-pantry! Yes pantry. Of course I said pantry. What else would I have said? It's not like I would've said anything-'

Shut the hell up, Mitchell, Logan thought firmly as Kendall glanced up at him in confusion. 'Um... Okay? But why do you have a pantry in the doctor's office?'

'It's not really a pantry, but it's a joke between the nurses and I.' He looked at Kendall. 'Long story.' He said, when he saw Kendall going to ask him what the 'joke' was.

Logan blew out a deep breath. He was fucking going to murder his boyfriend when he goes back home. He was going to take his dick and stab him multiple times-

Fuck. Logan turned and headed for the medicine cabinet, cursing himself under his breath. Now he had a raging boner and it wasn't getting any better.

He needed relief now. NOW. Or he might suffer from some medical condition was three times worse than blue balls... what ever that was. He turned around and looked at Kendall, he looked so innocent. He couldn't do this. It would be rape.

A quick glance at the boy's card confirmed that he was just a year younger than Logan. But still.

Logan was torn. Quickly he made up his mind. He moved to sit in his chair- wait. Not a good idea, he realized as the things inside of him moved.

'Kendall,' he said, clasping his hands tightly. 'I have something to tell you.'

A look of bewilderment crossed the boy's face. 'Okay...'

'This morning, my wonderful boyfriend tied me up as I was sleeping. There was nothing wrong with that. He sucked my dick, he fucked me, he did amazing things with his mouth, all over my body,' Logan said, shivering as he remembered that morning.

'Okay...' Kendall looked utterly confused now. 'Why-'

Logan held up his hand, halting the boy mid speech. 'All that was okay. Except, when I was so close,' he emphasized with his fingers, 'he stopped. That was fine too. A little teasing, I'm okay with that. But then the bitch decided to tell me that I was going to be late for work. Which I was.'

Kendall stared at him, wondering why the hell his doctor was telling him about his failing sex life. Logan sighed. 'Kendall, do you know what Ben Wa balls are?'

Kendall shook his head, slowly.

'Duotone balls?'

Another shake of the head.

'Sex eggs?' Kendall nodded, grateful that he finally got something.

'Ben Wa balls are just like sex eggs, except they don't vibrate. You put them in and leave them, they rub against your prostrate every single fucking time you move, turning you on, but never enough to come. Understand?'

'So...' Kendall hedged. 'You have that inside of you right now?'

Logan nodded. 'And if I go any longer, I might die.' He whispered the last word. It wasn't entirely true, but what the hell, Logan was desperate, for any kind of relief.

'Can you help me, Kendall?' Logan said seductively, waltzing up to the boy, ignoring those fucking balls inside of him that made him feel so amazing.

The boy nodded, slowly. Logan brought him down for a kiss, and a loud moan erupted from the boy, and Logan realized that he was turned on by the story Logan just told him.

Logan wrapped his hands around the boy's thin body, bringing him even closer as they continued kissing.

'Fuck,' Logan said, pulling away, just as a ball decided to push against his prostrate. 'Take off your clothes now.'

The boy complied, and Logan admired his body. He was beautiful, beautiful and - fuck. He was huge. Logan stared at the Mount Everest standing erect between the boy's legs, and his mouth watered. He wanted that inside of him, and he wanted it now.

He took off his lab coat and was beginning to take off his tie, when Kendall stopped him. 'Don't take off the tie,' he whispered huskily, making Logan way more horny. 'And leave on the coat when you're naked.'

Logan shuddered and he undressed quickly, putting back on the coat, and Kendall smiled, coming back to kiss him. Kendall's hands slipped under the coat, massaging his bare ass, and Logan elicited a loud moan.

He didn't care if any fucking nurses outside heard, he was too caught up with an blonde beauty.

A small smirk came across Logan's face, and he hopped up on the bed, spreading his legs wide open, and the blonde flushed, his erection already leaking pre-cum. 'Take it out,' Logan whispered, leaning back on his elbows.

Kendall approached him, and ran a finger around Logan's pink hole, making the boy groan in anticipation. Then he licked it once, twice, three times, and Logan was in heaven. 'Shit, Kendall. Take it out now! I need you.'

Kendall tugged at the piece of string and pulled, Logan sighing as the balls rubbed against his insides as it came out. He immediately felt empty.

He got off the bed and pushed Kendall onto it, straddling the blonde. The boy grabbed his tie and pulled him down for a long kiss, before Logan lined himself up and sank himself down on him, hitting his prostrate immediately. He groaned loudly, and leaned back on his hands, before pulling out and pushing back down, Kendall having a perfect view of his cock disappearing into that perfect pink hole.

'Fuck, Doc,' Kendall whimpered, as Logan sat upright and was riding him at a blinding speed. Kendall didn't even know where to look. At Logan? At Logan's dick? At his own dick coming in and out of Logan's ass?

He didn't fucking care. Logan looked so hot in his coat and tie, and he grabbed the tie, pulling Logan down for a kiss. During the kiss he thrust upwards to meet Logan's moving hips, and he was so lost in the incoming euphoria, he didn't even hear Logan cry out his name, all he knew was that he fucking exploded.

Logan sank down beside Kendall, tired and worn, but his body still buzzing from that orgasm.

Kendall smiled and kissed Logan. 'How was it?'

'I fucking hate those balls.' His eyes widening as he realized what his statement could also mean, he immediately tried to cover it up. 'I mean those egg-shit stuff things.'

Kendall burst out laughing. 'You're so flipping adorable Logie. I love you.'

Logan blushed. 'Just keep those- those things away from me, okay?'

Kendall smirked. 'Next time we'll use a vibrator.'

Logan shuddered and fell against Kendall's chest.

'And just so you know, Logan. You're gonna be the best doctor ever.' He said grinning at the bright-red faced boy.


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