There's a train bridge near my best friend's college, I was thinking about this the other day and just somehow came up with this little drabble.

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Raven had a tradition; every night when she was sure the other titans were asleep she'd go outside for a walk. Well technically a fly and then a walk. There was this one bridge in Jump City that was right over the train tracks, and every night since she had joined the team, she would go out there to think.

Occasionally a train would go by, sometimes she'd just ignore it and other times she'd sit down on the bridge, let her legs hang over the edge, and pretend the train was coming right at her. The bridge was blocked off from cars so she didn't have to worry about getting run over, and most people didn't walk by there at night. It was one of the only places in the city where she could get a clear view of the night sky.

Now even though Raven was an empath and could usually tell when people were sleeping by the emotions they were giving off, there had been a few times when she was almost caught. Once she mistook Robin and Starfire's feelings of bliss for good dreams, but upon entering the common room she realized she'd walked in on something she could never un-see. After giving a quick and flustered explanation she was able to sneak out of the tower and continue her usual tradition.

Another time Nix had caught her just as she was about to fly off the roof, but Raven was able to easily convince her that she was just dreaming. Beast Boy held the record for being the teammate that caught her the most amount of times. The first time he caught her she had accidentally walked in on a late night video game match between Cyborg and himself luckily that time and the first couple of times after that he'd believed her excuses. But sooner or later he'd start questioning.

Raven stepped out of her room as quietly as possible. There was no one in sight. She sighed, maybe for once she wouldn't get caught.

"Going somewhere?" she turned around surprised as she saw a green fly turn into Beast Boy.

"Oh, Beast Boy, what're you doing up so late?" she asked in her usual monotone having quickly regained her composure after the initial shock of seeing him.

"I could ask you the same thing." he said folding his arms across his chest. "This is the fourth time I've caught you sneaking out of the tower this week. Where've you been going?"

"Frankly it's none of your business Beast Boy." Raven frowned before trying to walk away.

"Yes it is, last time you were being secretive like this it was the end of the world! And the time before that it was because you were dating a guy trapped in a book who turned out to be an evil dragon! I can't help it if I'm worried."

Raven stared at Beast Boy for a few minutes she considered just telling him to mind his own business and then leaving but that would end in one of two possible bad outcomes. 1. He follows he anyways and if he was going to come with she'd prefer it if she gave him permission instead of him just following her. 2. He actually did leave her alone, but this would mean he'd probably not talk to her for weeks and she didn't want that...did she?

"I won't tell you." She started, Beast Boy clenched his fists a turned to leave. "But," he froze and looked at Raven. "You can find out if you can keep up." she smirked before running off towards the roof.

Beast Boy was taken off guard by this at first, but as soon as the event registered he quickly took off after Raven. He watched as she jumped off the roof and flew towards the city. Beast Boy transformed into the first bird that came to mind and flew after her.

As they flew he looked at Jump City below. He'd seen it many times in the day, but this was the first time he'd flown over it at night not being on a mission. He was amazed by all the sparkling lights of the town; though he eventually became aware that they were flying over an area of Jump City that he'd never been to before. He was just about to ask Raven where they were, but then she began to land and he had no choice but to follow.

"Raven, where are we?" Beast Boy asked, cautiously surveying his surroundings. They were on a bridge, there were only a few street lights around, and he could hear the sounds of a train coming. "Raven?" When she didn't respond Beast Boy looked over at the young empath. She was sitting on the edge of the bridge with her feet hanging over. She motioned for Beast Boy to come sit next to her so he did.

"I come out here to think every night." She said not taking her eyes off the train tracks in front of her.

"Ah…that makes sense; it is pretty peaceful out here." Beast Boy started. Suddenly the oncoming train honked its horn again. "Although the train makes it a little less peaceful; why do you sit out here if there are trains passing through here every hour on the hour?"

"You'll see." Raven said, giving Beast Boy a small smile as she spoke.

Beast Boy thought about questioning her again but he changed his mind and faced the tracks. Finally the train got closer and the light got brighter. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Raven repositioned herself so that she was directly over the train.

The train became really loud and a large gust of wind came with it. Beast Boy covered his ears, unused to a sound that high. He glanced over at Raven. The wind was blowing her cape and hair behind her and she was smiling. Not the kind of small smile she usually did, she was all out smiling. Like as if Happy had taken over her mind smiling. He smiled to himself; she looked beautiful when she smiled. That was why he liked her, maybe even loved her. One day he'd tell her, but not today. Right now everything was perfect, even if she didn't know how he felt.

"So yeah…this is where I go every night." Raven re-stated after the train had passed.

Beast Boy smiled, "I can see why you like it here. Thank you for showing me this."

"No problem," Raven responded. "You're welcome to come here with me any time you want."

Beast Boy's smile grew, "Alright, I think I'm gonna have to take you up on that offer at least once a week from now on."

Raven smiled another small smile. "I'd like that."

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