So after I posted Train Bridge as a oneshot I got a review like this (that later disappeared because for some reason all guest reviews disappear):

"Toolazytosignin: Loved it! Read it earlier today and came back just to read it one more time, heck, I might read it again after this. I know this is a one-shot but it be nice to see a connected story like this were there on the bridge one night and beastboy actually confesses how he feels or gets overwelmed and can't help but kiss her. Idk, just an idea. Again loved it! :)"

And I'm pleased to say that I'm now adding a second chapter to the story Train Bridge. Now it's a Two Shot! It's not exactly like the reviewer suggested but I think it's still pretty good. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, but it would sure be cool if I did! I do own my OC Nix though.

A few weeks had passed since Beast Boy had first gone to the train bridge, and though he said he'd be going with Raven at least once a week, it was more like every other day. The two would go to the bridge and talk for a bit, the train would come by, they'd laugh, and then sometimes if one of them actually needed to think about something they'd just sit there in a blissful silence happy to be in each other's company and not be at each other's throats.

Because of their late night excursions to the train bridge, their relationship during the day was improving. Beast Boy would still try to make Raven laugh, but instead of insulting or injuring him, she'd just laugh silently at his jokes, and when Raven was reading a book, instead of annoying her till he was thrown out a window, Beast Boy would politely ask if he could read it to him out loud, and most times she would.

Now these changes definitely didn't go unnoticed by the team. Robin was just glad that they no longer had to fix some of the tower windows every day, Cyborg would tease Raven and Beast Boy about their new closer relationship but at the same time he really wanted to know what caused it, Starfire would fly around saying how it is "most glorious" that her friends were not fighting anymore, and Nix was convinced they were secretly dating.

'Heh, I wish.' Beast Boy thought every time Nix brought up her theory, truth be told he hadn't gotten up the courage to tell her how he felt yet. He'd thought about maybe telling her the next time they went to the train bridge, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to. He liked spending time with Raven at that bridge, he didn't want to mess anything up and lose the chance to spend time with her there every night. 'Though maybe I should tell her tonight, it would be nice to at least know if I have a chance….' He debated with himself. Currently he was lying on the top bunk of his bed trying to decide what he should do. 'If she turns me down we may never be this close again, but then what if she doesn't turn me down? Oh who am I kidding, she'll turn me down. I mean look at me, I'm annoying, green, and I've got this dumb tooth sticking out. And these ears, as much as I don't like to admit it, people really don't care about the ears.'

Suddenly there was a soft knock at the door. "Beast Boy? It's me, Raven." He quickly got off his bed and opened the door. "You coming with to the train bridge?" She asked, not a hint of emotion on her face.

"Yeah," Beast Boy nodded. "Let's go."

After the two of them got to the train bridge, Beast Boy was being uncharacteristically quiet, and Raven noticed. Every time at the train bridge up until now had been fine. So she didn't get why he was so quiet today. "Is something wrong?" She asked cautiously.

Beast Boy seemed spaced out so he didn't answer her right away. "Oh what? No I'm fine." He said putting a smile on and shifting his gaze away from the train tacks to look at Raven.

"Are you sure?" Raven asked, still worried. "You seem off."

"Yeah I'm fine Rae, just thinking, that's all." He assured her. Raven would have corrected him about her name, but he seemed so off she figured she better not.

"What're you thinking about?" She asked. The sounds of an oncoming train could be heard in the background.

"It's nothing important really." Beast Boy mumbled.

"What?" Raven asked, the train was getting closer now, and a lot louder.

Beast Boy debated with himself for a few seconds, right now the two of them were alone, and he'd never get a better chance to tell her how he felt, well unless they were at the train bridge another night, but that's beside the point.

"Actually I was thinking about how-" He was cut off by the loud horn of the train passing under them.

"What?" Raven yelled over the horn.

"I was thinking about how I-" The train used its horn again. 'You have got to be kidding me' He thought.

"I can't hear you!" Raven yelled.

"Ah screw it!" He yelled before pulling her into a kiss.

Raven was shocked at first, before relaxing into the kiss. The two of them felt like they were in their own little world, the sounds of the train sounding distant, even though it was right below them.

They finally had to pull away for air; the train was gone at this point.

"So um…what was that?" Raven said after an awkward silence.

"That was a kiss Rae," Beast Boy joked nervously. "I didn't know you were that uninformed about the dating rituals of humans."

Raven rolled her eyes. "I know what that was; I mean why did you kiss me?"

Beast Boy just looked down at his hands. "I guess…because I wanted to."

Raven rolled her eyes and thought 'Obviously.' "Why did you want to?" she asked, trying best to keep her monotone, however her annoyance with Beast Boy's answers was pretty obvious.

Beast Boy let out a frustrated sigh before lying back on the bridge. "Raven I did it because I love you. And I know you don't feel the same way, but I just couldn't help it and-"

Beast Boy was still giving his long explanation, but Raven wasn't listening anymore. Beast Boy loved her. Beast Boy loved her. That was…unexpected to say the least. Not that she didn't feel the same way; she just thought that Beast Boy only saw her as a friend. She was pulled from her thoughts when she realized Beast Boy was still rambling.

"And I know that even though you don't feel the same way you probably also feel hurt that I told you this because you probably think I'm lying and that I'm actually still in love with Terra and-"

"Beast Boy, could you shut it for two minutes?" Raven asked as calmly as possible.

Beast Boy went silent and made the motion for zipping his mouth shut.

"Alright now first of all, I didn't get half of what you just said because I wasn't really paying attention." Beast Boy looked a little hurt when she said this. "Second, I feel the same way…" She mumbled quiet enough that only someone with highly trained ears like Beast Boy could hear her.

"You…what?" He asked.

Raven sighed. "I love you too Beast Boy." She watched as Beast Boy's face went from a confused look to an extremely goofy grin. He started to silently cheer at his victory. Raven just rolled her eyes and smiled to herself.

"So…what was it?"

"What?" Raven asked, not understanding the question.

"What made you fall for me? Was it the ears? Chicks dig the ears."

Raven rolled her eyes again. "I'll see you back at the tower." She said before flying off.

"Wait Rae! I need to know what it was! The ears? The jokes? The skin? It was my tooth wasn't it? Rae?! Rae?! Raven c'mon! Was it my sparkling personality?! It was my transforming ability wasn't it?!" He called after her before transforming and following her. "RAVEN C'MON! TELL ME!"

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