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It was a Wednesday night, since it was middle of the week I couldn't go out, I couldn't do anything. It has been almost a year since Poppy 'died'. And by died I mean left with her soul mate as a creature of the night. I still remember this night clearly, how scared I was, that I would loose her. Now, I at least know she is alive and well, but without her, the house seemed empty. It's always the same routine each day, mum will get up, get dressed and go off to work. I will get up get dressed and go to school just to keep myself busy so I don't loose all of my sanity. Then I will come back and maybe practice some spells. Since I found out that I am in fact a witch, it fascinated me, what if some spells could cure, or do something just as amazing, I could change the world!

I often think, what would have happened if it wasn't Poppy who got the cancer, what if she was alive and well, still here living with us. Would she and James be together? Or would they never know they were soul mates and Poppy would carry on just dreaming about him. Would I know that I belonged in night world, or would be just think that the visions we had were crazy, just dreams. Because that's what I thought at first. I never told anyone, but I did have the visions before. My mind was set to logical thought and so I didn't believe it was anything I should be concerned about.

What if I find my soul mate, will I be able to sacrifice normal life for her? All the what if's were swimming around in my head when I heard a knock on my door.

"Phil, can I come in?" it was mum, she didn't wait for my reply, she just opened the door and came in. at first I didn't notice anything strange about her, but then I saw it. She was wearing a dress. Why would she be wearing a dress now?

"Come on, get ready. We will go to that new Italian restaurant they opened in town." she smiled at me and walked out. It took me a moment to realise what she just said. We were going out. As a family. For the first time since Poppy left.

An hour later, we were sitting in Presto, waiting for a waiter to arrive. The place smelled of fresh garlic bread and pasta. The atmosphere so homey, that I started to feel comfortable straight away. The interior wasn't anything special, on the wall nearest to us was a big Italian flag with photographs pinned onto it. On the wall opposite to us were pictures of Italian chefs. At least that's what I thought. Everyone was talking all at once, there was some music playing in the background and you could hear the clatter of dishes from the kitchen while the cook ordered everyone around. I automatically loved the place.

"So Phil, how is school going?" my mum asked, and I was so shocked to hear her voice, to get back to the real world again, that I jumped slightly in my seat.

"School's like always, it all right. We had a maths test last week and we will get the results on Monday."

"That's great. And how is that girl you said you liked the.. What's her name..?" mum asked and I blushed slightly.

"Mum, I don't like her, we are just friends" I replied, and that was true. I hang out with a lot of people, Jennie was one of them. And as soon as I mentioned her to mum, she mistook it and thinks we are going out. Which we are not.

"Sure you don't. Phil, you are sixteen now. There is no reason to be embarrassed because you like a girl!" mum said and I had the feeling that everyone was staring at us.

"Oh stop embarrassing him now, we came here to celebrate tonight!" Cliff said and laughed. Celebrate?

"To celebrate what? Has anything happened? You're not pregnant mum are you?" I asked her with horror written all over my face. I was praying that she wasn't. I mean not only is she too old, but I didn't want another sibling.

"What? Oh no, no need to worry. Cliff got a promotion at work today" mum said and looked at him with a big smile on her face.

"Oh phew." I said, relieved. And then I saw her. She was beautiful. Her long black her hang loose around her shoulders and framed her pale face perfectly. Her crystal blue eyes looking right at me.

"Hi can I get you anything?" she said, smiling at us. Mum ordered a large pizza and wine for herself and Cliff. And she asked me what I wanted.

"I… can I have a glass of coke please." I said and smiled back at her. I tried not to stare but it was so hard, she was beautiful. Her name tag said Hope. And it fitted her perfectly, she did give me hope. I was hoping that my feeling was right and she was my soul mate.

Later on when we got back home, I was still thinking about her. Her smile, her eyes, the way she walked. I knew it was stupid, I didn't even know her. I only saw her carry drinks around. But still.. I wanted to get to know her. I made this my goal, to go back there tomorrow after school and talk to her. Maybe even get her number. She must be new in town as I have never seen her before and she didn't look older than sixteen so she might even go to our school who knew.

Just before going to bed I turned on my laptop and logged on to Facebook. Nothing new was happening, the usual drama from people from our school. Someone poked me. Another person wanted help in Farmville. I was about to log out when I saw a friend request from someone. I clicked on it and… I couldn't move. I was paralyzed. It was from Poppy. This day was only getting better and better with every minute..