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After my lack of response in the Cowboy Bebop and Pandora Hearts fandoms, I thought I'd give Gundam a try, seeing how UC is ever so popular! *sarcasm voice*

Anyway, I thought I'd post this short fic I wrote anyway, because I love Bright and Mirai and all that jazz. Takers place in Zeta, will references to original.

Enjoy! :)

Bright sighed as he turned on the hologram phone, hurriedly trying to adjust his bandages before the call started. He wished he'd taken up Emma Sheen's offer to hide the bruises on his face with make-up before he called his wife, but his so-called manly pride had prevented him.

He hated being a man sometimes. Maybe life would've been different if he'd been born with the name Kai.

He smirked at that thought, and then winced as it agitated a bruise. Divine retribution for laughing at his own joke.

His wife finally picked up, and he tried to put on a nonchalant face for her. It wasn't easy when she gasped at the sight of him.

"Hello, Mirai, honey," he said, trying to be cheery. "How're the kids?"

"Bright, what the hell? What happened?"

"It's nothing," he denied fruitlessly. "Don't worry about me."

Mirai glared at him, and Bright suppressed a smile. She was so gorgeous when she was pissed. "Bright, what happened to you? Was it those terrible Titans? This breaks every law in the book!"

"I can't believe they got away with it myself," he admitted. "Their leader just stood there and laughed as they did it."

"They think they can take down Bright Noa, former leading officer of White Base? Like hell!"

Bright truly loved his wife.

"You know as well as I do that attempting to overthrow the Titans would be a terrible political move at the moment...we'll have to wait our turn."

Mirai's expression softened. "You look terrible. Does it hurt?"

"That's of no concern, dear, it doesn't-"

"Bright, stop the bullshit. Does it hurt?"

Bright met Mirai's gaze. "Honestly? Like hell."

Mirai reached her hand out to touch the holographic screen. "I wish I was there to make you feel better."

"You're making me feel better just by talking to me." he promised.

"And how do you think I feel, waiting patiently at home? I actually miss the days when we were on the White Base! At least then I knew was in the action."

"You miss the White Base days?" asked Bright in disbelief. "You miss constant stress and being overworked and the fear of being killed in battle at any moment? You miss the feeling that you're responsible for the life of every soldier but you don't know how to lead or save them?" Maybe that last part was a little more about himself, but he wasn't afraid to admit it. Not to Mirai.

Mirai smiled at him. "Just a little."

Bright smiled back. "You know what? Me too."

But most of all, he missed her.

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