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August 15, 2011

"Bruder, where are you going?" Germany asked, not even turning around. Prussia swore, his attempt to sneak out failing.

"Well, every year someone puts flowers on my grave on August 15. So I wanna catch them and find out who this time!" Prussia explained. It always felt weird to say 'his grave'.

"Fine. Just don't stay out too long." Germany said, still cooking. Prussia grinned and left, heading towards the cemetery. When he got there, he saw a girl was placing flowers on his grave.

"AHA! I caught you!" He shouted victoriously, making the girl jump.

"I wasn't doing anything wrong!" She cried, turning around. Prussia stared at her. The girl was obviously Italian. She had tan skin and dark brown almost reddish hair that went down to her back. She had hazel eyes and looked like she was about to cry. She wore a pink tank-top under a white skirt, with white boots and a white director's hat. She had a stray curl of hair on the right side of her hair. She looked like she was about 16.

"Are you okay mister?" The girl asked, cocking her head. Prussia shook his head quickly and grinned.

"Nope. But why are you putting flowers on this grave?" He asked. The girl glanced down at the grave.

"Well, my Opa was putting flowers her since his sister couldn't and now he's dead so I decided to put the flowers on the grave this time. Opa said he knew this man and the man was really nice, and he loved Prussia, so I made him a present to take to heaven." The girl explained, opening her bag and taking out a wrapped object.

"What's that?" Prussia asked. The girl smiled and unwrapped it.

"Well, I researched Prussia, which is a pretty cool ex-kingdom, and I made a wooden soldier in the uniform from the Austrian Succession." The girl explained, handing Prussia the soldier. Prussia smiled as the memories came back to him. The doll was pretty accurate too.

"This is pretty good." Prussia finally said, handing the girl back the soldier.

"Thanks. I hope Mr. Gilbert likes it, I worked really hard on it. Nonno said I got it right though." The girl grinned as she placed the solder amongst the flowers.

"By the way, my name is Bianca. It's nice to meet you!" The girl grinned, holding out her hand. Prussia grinned.

"I'm Gilbert." Prussia introduced, shaking her hand.

"It must be kind of freaky to be in the cementary by yourself though. It's nearly 9 o'clock and it's gonna get dark soon." Prussia commented. Bianca nodded.

"I have to come at night otherwise Elliot would-"

"What would I do?" Bianca froze as a man walked out into view. He had black hair and stubble on his chin. He was at least 25 and wore a leather jacket even though it was still pretty hot out.

"E-Elliot?! What are you doing here?!" Bianca asked, obviously terrified.

"Well, since a certain someone wouldn't tell me where the grave was, I decided to follow you. Rosa's getting irritated since she doesn't have the specimen yet." Elliot smirked. Prussia frowned.

"Wait. You're not going to dig up the grave are you?!" He demanded. Elliot glanced at him, as if he just remembered Prussia was there.

"That's none of your business. Now scram before it gets ugly." He said, casually pulling out a gun.

"Elliot. Messing with someone's grave is illegal and evil. Don't do it." Bianca said calmly, but there was terror in her eyes. Elliot laughed.

"I just came to pick up the box. It's been unburied since this morning." He said, picking up a metal box that was hidden behind the gravestone. Prussia glared.

"Put. That. Back." He said through gritted teeth. Elliot raised an eyebrow.

"And what will you do about it? You can't touch me!" He laughed. Bianca glanced at Prussia.

"Wait. You're….that's….ELLIOT!" She understood now. Elliot jumped at the sudden outburst and dropped the box. Bianca dove for it and grabbed it, holding it close.

"Bitch! Give that to me!" Elliot roared. Suddenly, there was a bright light as the box began to glow.

"Wh-what's going on?!" Bianca asked, terrified. Prussia walked, in a trance, towards the glow. The glow engulfed him. Both humans looked away, blinded. When the light dimmed, Prussia was there, smirking. He wore his military uniform and had his arms folded, looking at Elliot, who was terrified.

"You idiot! YOU BROUGHT HIM BACK TO LIFE!" Elliot yelled at Bianca, who was confused.

"I-I didn't….how did….what…" Bianca was glancing back and forth between Elliot and Prussia.

"Hell yea! The awesome Prussia is BACK!" Prussia grinned and grabbed Bianca, who yelped.

"I'm not even going through anything! YES! Hey, I don't know what you did, but thanks!" He grinned and Bianca slowly calmed down.

"ROSA! It's Elliot! Bianca screwed everything up! How? He's ALIVE again that's how!?" The two turned to see Elliot frantically talking on his cell phone.

"He's gonna call for back up…" Bianca realized, terrified.

"How'd you get here?" Prussia asked. Bianca turned and pointed to a motorcycle. Prussia grinned and grabbed her hand, running to the motorcycle.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE!" They heard Elliot shout.

"Put on the helmet and hang on!" Prussia instructed. Bianca nodded, putting on her helmet and getting behind Prussia, who quickly took off.

"U-um where are we going?!" Bianca asked.

"My place. I'm sure my bruders won't mind if I bring a friend home." He replied.

~One motorcycle ride later~~~

"YOU DUMMKOPF!" Bianca yelped and hid behind Prussia as they entered the house. Germany was standing in the hallway, glaring at Prussia with his arms folded.

"Hey Ludwig. This is Bianca and I CAN EXPLAIN!" He yelped as Germany pulled out a pistol. Bianca began to cry and Germany softened.

"Why did you bring her here?" He asked. Prussia grinned and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Because she was awesome enough to bring me back to life and we kind of had nowhere else to go." He explained. Germany stared at him. He walked up and punched him in the face, causing Prussia to nearly fall over.

"OW! What was that for?!" Prussia snapped. Germany grinned."I can't believe it." He quickly wrapped his brother in a hug. Prussia grinned and returned it.

"U-um….Mr. Gilbert? W-what's going on?" Bianca suddenly spoke up. The two brothers turned to her, remembering she was there.

"'Mr.' Gilbert? Just call me Gilbert. And well, this is my little bruder, Ludwig. I have no clue where Heilrich is but he's the oldest. And well, I couldn't leave you back there with that freak so I brought you back to my place." Gilbert grinned. Ludwig raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean 'YOUR' place? Last time I checked, this was MY house." Ludwig said, folding his arms.

"It was mine first though." Gilbert shot back.

"OMG IT'S SO CUTE!" They were both interrupted by Bianca, who giggled as a bird sat on her shoulder, rubbing its head against her cheek.

"Hey Gilbird! I guess he likes you." Gilbert grinned.

"Bruder, can I talk to you in private?" Ludwig asked, before grabbing Gilbert and pulling him into the kitchen. Bianca didn't notice, still playing with Gilbird.

"Are you insane?! You brought a human here?!" Ludwig hissed. Gilbert sighed.

"Look. She saved me. There was this dude who was trying to dig up my grave, get my remains, and do something sciency to it! Bianca stopped him and somehow brought me back to life! I owe her one and if I had left her there, that guy would've killed her!" Gilbert explained. Ludwig stared at him.

"You actually expect me to believe that?" He finally said. Gilbert groaned and threw his hands up.

"Ok. You know I'm alive again, we just hugged. And I'm serious!" He snapped. Ludwig sighed.

"I know. But what do we do about-"

"EEEKKKK!" They were interrupted by Bianca's scream from the hallway. They dashed out and saw Heilrich standing over her, muttering in German. Bianca looked terrified, since she was pretty short compared to him.

"Bruder! You're scaring her!" Ludwig said. Heilrich noticed the two and walked over. Bianca stared at him.

"Heilrich! Sie ist unser gast nicht ereschrecken!" Ludwig hissed.

"Sie sieht aus wie Italien." Heilrich replied.

"Um… I might look Italian because I am." Bianca suddenly said. Both bruders turn to her, shocked.

"Ich kann Deutsch sprechen." She said, rolling her eyes. Gilbert grinned."How many languages CAN you speak?" Gilbert asked, walking over.

"Um, English, Italian and German. That's about it. I mean, I know a little Spanish but otherwise those are my three main languages. I'm in Germany a lot in the summer, I live in Italy, and my uncle and cousins live in England. My great-aunt left her mansion to my uncle's sister, but when she died he got it." Bianca smiled, finishing her explanation. The three brothers stared at her.

"So, I guess we should properly introduce ourselves then. I'm Ludwig Beilschmidt." Ludwig said, clearing his throat.

"You already know me, I'm the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt." Gilbert grinned.

"Ich bin Heilrich Beilschmidt." Heilrich nodded.

"I'm Bianca Rossi. It's nice to meet you all!" She smiled. All three brothers gaped. She looked at them.

"What?" She asked. Ludwig shot a glance at Gilbert that read, 'What did you do?!' and Gilbert gulped.

"Your last name is 'Rossi'?" He repeated. Bianca nodded.

"Well, my Opa's last name was Hensen, but he hated it and took his mom's name of Rossi." She explained. Ludwig race-palmed and Heilrich quickly left the room. Gilbert just stared at her. Suddenly, a phone went off.

"Oh! That's mine. Oh cool it's Nonno!" Bianca grinned as she flipped open her phone.

"Ciao Nonno! Si, ho finito un po 'di tempo fa. Dove sono? Beh io sono a casa di un nuovo amico! Chi? Ummm, Gilbert Beilschmidt." Bianca glanced at Gilbert. Ludwig and Gilbert glanced at each other, wishing they spoke Italian.

"Oh, voi lo conoscete? Wow questo è strano. Oh, posso chiedere!" She turned to them, placing a hand over the receiver.

"Umm, this is really fun, but Nonno wants to know when I'm going back to Venice." She told them. Ludwig glanced at Gilbert.

"Actually, you should stay here until we know for sure that this Elliot freak isn't going to come after you." Gilbert explained. Bianca frowned and began talking into the phone again in rapid Italian.

"Ok. Ciao Nonno!" She said cheerfully before hanging up the phone.

"Nonno said he'll tell my mom that I'm staying with his friend for a little bit. Luckily I don't go to college so I can stay however long you guys want." She grinned. Ludwig stared at her.

"Why would you go to college?" He asked. She frowned.

"I'm 21." She said bluntly. Both brothers stared at her.

"WHAAATTT?!" They both shouted. Bianca rolled her eyes.

"I know I don't look like it. Some sort of Medical problem or something. I age normally, I just look younger than I am." She explained, obviously having given the explanation before. She yawned and the brothers remembered what time it was.

"Here. We have a guest room that you can sleep in." Gilbert said, leading her to a guest room. It had white walls and red carpet.

"Grazie." She said. Gilbert shut the door and Bianca climbed into the bed, exhausted.

"Nonno, what have I gotten myself into?" She asked as she drifted to sleep.

"Nonno! I did it!" Bianca giggled joyfully. She was eight and wore a white dress with no sleeves and was barefoot. Her Nonno laughed, his dark brown eyes sparkling. Bianca had successfully carved her initials into a tree. B.R. was messily scrawled out on one of the branches.

"Good job Bianca! Soon you will be able to use that knife for more than writing." He said, smiling. He had given her a black pocketknife that also had a mini-wrench and screwdriver. Of course, they had hidden it from her mom.

"Really? Will I get big and strong like you?!" She asked, giving her Nonno a hug. He laughed."Not as Big and Strong, but enough to protect yourself, your mama, and even your friends." Bianca gazed up at him in amazement.

"Wow really?!" She asked.

"You bet. Now come, it's time to head back." He said. Bianca grabbed his hand and they began to walk back to the house, when it suddenly exploded. Bianca stared at it.

"MAMA!" She screamed, trying to get out of Nonno's grip to go run in to her mother.

"Bianca! No! I will go get her, just wait here!" He ordered. Bianca nodded, never seeing this side of her Nonno. He ran into the building. After a few minutes, the fire department came. Bianca was taken to the hospital and never saw her Mama again. Her Nonno had vanished.

"Ve~ Why are you in my bed?" Bianca woke up to see blinking brown eyes staring at her.

"HOLY CRAP!" She screamed, rolling out from underneath the stranger. The man fell off the bed. Soon, the door burst open and Ludwig and Gilbert ran in, in their pajamas.

"What's going on?!" Ludwig demanded. The man stood up and dashed to Ludwig, giving him a big hug.

"Ve~ Germany! There's a cute girl already in my bed!" He complained. Bianca sat up, hugging the stuffed bird Gilbert had let her borrow.

"I woke up and his face was just THERE." She said at the same time. Ludwig sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Fine. Feliciano, you can stay with me tonight. Come on." Italy squealed with joy as Ludwig led him out of the room. Gilbert was about to leave when Bianca stopped him.

"Why did he call Ludwig, 'Germany'?" Bianca asked. Gilbert froze.

"Well, they met a while ago and they both weren't very good at speaking English, which they learned for their jobs. Ludwig tried to say he was German and he ended up saying he was 'Germany', so Feliciano just always called him that as a nickname." Gilbert explained. He dashed out of the room before Bianca could ask any other questions. She stared at the closed door.

"Gilbert's a bad liar." She said before going back to sleep.

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Heilrich! Sie ist unser gast nicht ereschrecken!- Heilrich! She is our guest, don't scare her!- German

Sie sieht aus wie Italien- She looks like Italy- German

Ich kann Deutsch sprechen- I can speak German- German

Ciao Nonno! Si, ho finito un po 'di tempo fa. Dove sono? Beh io sono a casa di un nuovo amico! Chi? Ummm, Gilbert Beilschmidt- Hello Grandpa! Yes, I finished a little bit a go. Where am I? Well, I'm at the house of my new friend. Who? Umm, Gilbert Beilschmidt.- italian

Oh, voi lo conoscete? Wow questo è strano. Oh, posso chiedere- Oh you know him? Wow that's weird. Oh I can ask.- Italian