Title: New Horizons
Summary: A selection of drabbles written about the crews of the NX-01 and NX-02. Trip/Hoshi are the main featured couple. Third instalment of "I Have A Story To Tell" and "Whispers" collections. (The Jonathan/Erika chapters have been moved to the story "Of Song and Story")
Lyrics: Hand On Your Heart - Steps

Set post-series

Hand on your heart
Heart on your sleeve
Are you telling me
When we're apart
You still believe
We are meant to be

Light-years apart and she wondered if he felt as strongly as she did. His letters told the story of adventures she could imagine, she couldn't be part of. It had been her choice to step down, to leave Starfleet and return to the civilian teaching post she had enjoyed before the whirlwind that had been the last 9 years of her life.

Whenever he came home, or wrote home, he told her that he missed her, that the whole crew missed her. He told her every time that he knew they would get through the distance, because when he came home everything was as it should be. It was the two of them, and everything that meant, their family, and their lives. He was the fleets' most experienced engineer, and had always been needed more by the Enterprise than by those at home. He believed they were meant to be, and so did she, but being told always made things better.

Even as she looked out of the door and into the night sky, wondering where he was tonight, the source of her decision to leave bounded into the room, tripping over her own feet. Hoshi knelt down, and lifted her three year old back onto her feet, kissing her forehead.

"Letter from daddy?" Toshiko demanded as soon as she was steady again, tugging at her pyjama top as she looked at her mother with a combination of excitement and exhaustion. She'd stayed up late in the hope of a letter arriving, but now the lateness of the hour was winning over, and Hoshi knew it was time to put her to sleep.

"Not yet Tosh, soon." She whispered, as disappointed as her daughter, she'd hoped to get a letter tonight too.

"You'll wake me up if he calls?" the little one yawned, nestling into her mother's neck as they started up the stairs.

"Of course, come on, story time." She read, and only minutes after the little girl was asleep, Hoshi walked downstairs, just in time for the sound of an incoming message on the comm system, and there he was.

"Did I miss bedtime?" He asked, with his usual cocky grin, the grin that tugged at her heart, and she just sat and looked at him for a minute, then almost whispered, too tired to do anything else.

"I miss you."

"I'll be home with you soon, beautiful." He studied her through the screen, and she knew he was telling the truth. He would be home with them, as soon as he could be. Because with his heart on his sleeve, he really loved them both.