Memoirs of a Seductress
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Kagome Higurashi
Age: 24
Description: at the age of 13 she runs away from her abusive mother & her boyfriend. She meets Masato Imamura & begins an intimate relationship with him till his death, youngest twin, breathtaking, curvaceous, successful business woman who lacks practical skills & has emotional needs which causes her to seek the company of many men.
Occupation: current CEO of Imamura Assets Management

Masato Imamura
Age: 42 (deceased)
Description: he's a notorious womanizer, he finds Kagome beaten on the streets & raises her as his own. He gives her a proper education, money & everything she needed in life.
Occupation: former CEO of Imamura Assets Management

Sesshomaru Taisho
Age: 35
Description: ruthless businessman, widow, smitten with Kagome.
Occupation: CEO of Taisho Corps

Kikyo Higurashi Taisho
Description: oldest twin, she lives with her father in Okinawa & moves to Tokyo at the age of 18 she reunites with Kagome, married to Inuyasha, five months pregnant.
Occupation: secretary at Imamura Assets Management

Sasuke Uchiha
Description: recently engaged, he meets & falls in love with Kagome.
Occupation: vice president of Uchiha Designs

Christopher Adams
Description: handsome, blonde hair & blue eyes, out-going, he meets Kagome in Kohana.
Occupation: doctor


Inuyasha Taisho, Miroku & Sango Yamada, Naraku & Onigumo Yoshida, Itachi Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki & Sakura Lee.

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