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"Don't laugh, Char, the men are watching."

Char pondered that sentence in his quarters, every possible connotation, every possible meaning, every inflection and syllable. He felt like a thirteen year-old boy with a schoolyard crush.

After reviewing it every way in his mind, Char decided to laugh. Really hard.

"Don't laugh, Char, the men are watching."

Char abruptly stopped laughing and slowly, carefully, turned towards his door. Was he hearing things? Apparently not, because Garma was standing in the door frame, smirking like he too was thinking about everything that sentence could mean. Char suddenly felt the urge to strip Garma of that pesky green uniform and ride him until dawn broke.

Char blinked and tried to banish that thought. "I hope the men aren't watching," he managed. "That would be rather creepy."

Garma curled his hair with his finger. "I don't mind an audience..."

Char wasn't sure if that was erotic or not, but his dick was going with the former.

"What are you here for, Garma? I'm sure you came by for an actual purpose, not just to exchange innuendoes."

Garma titled his head to think about it. "No, I'm pretty sure it was that last one. Who wants to think about work at a time like this?"

"A time like what? Four o'clock on a Tuesday? Normal working hours?"

"Exactly, my dear friend." Garma slid into the seat next to him and slung an arm around Char's shoulder.

Is that what we are?" asked Char, trying to regain the upper hand by referring to his hidden plan to wipe Garma and his family off the map. It came off sounding needy.

Garma rubbed Char's shoulder. "What do you want us to be?"

"Whatever serves my needs best," smirked Char, finally getting his composure back. About time. He cracked his gloved knuckles and met Garma's cocky gaze. "How you you feel about that?"

"However I want. You don't control my emotions, Commander Char."

"I liked that Commander tacked on there. Lets you know who's in charge."

Garma raised a royal eyebrow. "I don't think you've fully realized who's in charge here, Char. You may be the up-and-coming hotshot Commander, but as a Zabi Prince, I'm obligated by duty to...show you the ropes, you might say."

Char was glad he wore a mask, because he had a master blush going on right then. "Is that so? You should've shown me these things in the Academy, so I would be prepared for battle."

"I'll prepare you, don't worry about that."

Char let Garma remove his helmet and was halfway to heaven before...

"Lieutenant Quattro? Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena! Wake up!"

Char wasn't sure what he hated more, morning erections or that stupid name.

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