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10. On A Night Like This

They had been sitting on the bridge for a full half hour just looking out at the New York skyline. It was hard for Virginia to believe that she was this genuinely happy, that things were finally working out for her. It was true that this was not the future she had planned for herself, if she had any plans at all. A little over a year ago, she had been a normal girl with a boring waitressing job, just living to make ends meet. Her father a poor janitor that hated his life, her mother was long gone, and there was no man on the horizon at all. Things were so very different now.

The breeze blew lightly, ruffling the fabric of Virginia's long white dress. It was the very same one she had worn in the 4th Kingdom, the day Wolf asked her to put on the singing engagement ring. Now they were married for real, making official what wasn't quite so in the hospital three months before. It had been a simple ceremony, just the two of them, Caleb, Tony, and Marla. It was all they needed.

Virginia sighed and leant her head on her husband's shoulder. She was officially Mrs Wolfson now, and the thought of it made her giggle uncontrollably.

"What has you so amused, Mrs Wolf?" her husband teased her, nudging her head off his shoulder so he could see her face.

"Nothing really," she sighed as she met his eyes. "I'm just so happy."

"Me too," he agreed with a nod, leaning in to kiss her lips.

Perhaps Virginia thought she was the only one surprised by the way her future had turned out, but Wolf could say the same. A little over a year ago now, he was locked up in a jail cell at the Snow White Memorial Prison. He was a criminal, without family or friends, with nothing to live for in so many ways. Then he met an evil queen, followed by a beautiful princess. Now here he was, a husband and a father, in a whole new world he never even knew existed. The mythical 10th Kingdom had handed him some kind of dream life, despite the fact it was the only world to possess no actual magic at all.

"A whole year," said Virginia, looking up at the night sky full of sparkling stars. "Can you believe it? A whole year since we stepped through the magic mirror and came home."

"I believe it," Wolf replied, squeezing her hand that he had been holding the whole time and never wanted to let go. "I can't understand how my destiny led me here, how I could really deserve all this but... but I believe it, and I've never, ever been happier, Virginia," he promised her, a hand at her cheek turning her back to look at him.

They were kissing again in a moment, the world falling away as they did so. This was their time, just for a little while. Tony and Marla's visit was supposed to be over and it was difficult to extend. As it was, getting a slot at City Hall for the wedding was trickier than expected and it was today, on the older couple's last whole day in the 10th Kingdom, that they managed to do it. The mirror was only activated on set days and times, they would have to go back in the morning, there was no choice on that. For tonight, that didn't matter. Tony and Marla were grandpa and grandma to Caleb, whilst Wolf and Virginia enjoyed a little alone time.

There had been talk of hotel rooms, fancy restaurants, all kinds of treats. Wolf had offered Virginia anything and anywhere she wanted, yet they had ended up here in Central Park. It was free and simple, and it meant everything to the couple. They had sat here together on their first night back in New York City. One year on, the first anniversary of their new beginning, it seemed the perfect place to be.

A beeping at Wolf's wrist broke him away from kissing his wife at last. The digital watch she had bought him for his birthday proclaimed it was midnight. Virginia gasped in a much needed breath, then shivered involuntarily as the cool breeze passed through her thin dress.

"Its really late," she noted. "We should find some place to stay tonight."

Wolf nodded his agreement and they turned to step down off the bridge. Ever the gentleman, he took off his jacket, draping it around Virginia's shoulders as she shivered again. They walked along with their arms around each other, headed down the path towards the entrance gates.

"Where do you wanna go?" he asked, already mentally calculating what they could afford.

Though magic had assisted in converting many of Tony's gold Wendells to US dollars, and much of it given to his daughter as a gift, things still weren't going to be easy for the new Mr & Mrs Wolfson. They had rent to pay, bills piling up, and a baby to raise. They had to be careful.

"Honestly?" said Virginia, looking up at him. "And I'm not just saying this because of the money," she told him quickly, knowing he must already be thinking it. "The only place I really wanna be is in our bed, with our baby close by. Would that be okay?" she asked, as they stopped walking and turned to each other.

"Virginia, my deliciously scrumptious wife," he said, holding her close. "That is the best idea I ever heard," he assured her.

The couple shared a kiss, and then with hands joined, broke out into a run. Out of the gates to Central Park, dodging traffic to get across the street. They pelted down the sidewalk, laughing like silly kids as they headed for home.

Wolf picked Virginia up off the kerb and spun her into their building. They kissed like teens on a first date until the elevator came, and continued to enjoy each other on the way up to the apartment, almost not realising when the doors opened on their floor. A neighbour clearing their throat soon alerted them.

"Home sweet home," said Wolf with a grin as he unlocked the door, sweeping Virginia up into his arms and carrying her over the threshold, such was the tradition.

"Put me down," she hissed through a fit of giggles, desperate not to wake her baby who she knew would be sleeping.

"What are you two doing here?" asked Tony suddenly, disentangling himself from Marla.

Both of them had messed up hair, clothes out of place, and he was wearing half of his girlfriends lipstick. The younger couple pretended not to notice.

"We decided there was no place we'd rather be than here," Virginia said definitely, as Wolf finally put her down.

She rushed to her father hugging him tight before he could even get up off the couch.

"I love you, Daddy," she assured him. "I'm so happy for you, that you have this great life in the 4th Kingdom with Marla," she smiled widely as she pulled away.

"We're happy for you too," the older woman assured her when Tony seemed dumbstruck.

'Is she drunk?' he mouthed to Wolf as Virginia headed for Caleb's room and he made to follow.

"Only on her love for me," he smirked, unable to help it.

The young couple poked their heads around the door of their little cub's room. He was sound asleep and they had no wish to disturb him, but couldn't resist a peek into the crib.

"You were right, you know?" whispered Virginia, curling in under Wolf's arm and resting her head on his chest.

"I'm sure I was," he agreed in a similarly quite voice, "But about what?" he checked, making her smile.

"Everything," she admitted. "That we were destined to be together. That you could make me happy. That there was a little furry chap on the way," she smiled up at him.

"Of course I was right," he rolled his eyes. "Wolves know these things," he told her, rubbing his nose on her own.

"Well, I've learnt from the best wolf there is," she replied, holding him close. "And I know that we're going to be happy together for a long time yet. This is just the beginning."

Moments later, he was carrying her to bed, his dreamy, creamy girl that had now become his wife. She laid down with her crazy insatiable wolf-man, her much-loved husband, and knew this was what she had been looking for her whole life.

All their happiness was here in this apartment, a little place on the edge of the forest. They could easily live happily ever after here, and neither Wolf nor Virginia doubted for a moment that they would.

The End