Well, looks like I'm going to dive into the realm of Gravity Falls. Should I be working on my other incomplete stories first? Yes, yes I should.

Unfortunately, I can't help myself! I started watching Gravity Falls a couple weeks ago and I'm hooked!

Now, I mentioned in my summary that there is going to be DipperxMabel, but no incest. Let me tell it to you right now: I AM AGAINST INCEST. I do not like it, I do not care for it at all.

However, I can't help but like DipperxMabel. I don't know how, but there it is. In order to write such a story, I had to get around the icky incest. I won't tell you how at this moment, but rest assured, it is completely taken care of.

Now, I don't own any of the characters from Gravity Falls.

Prologue: Home Sweet Mystery

Dipper looked around. He was feeling somewhat nostalgic today, and found himself remembering all the details that led him here.


It started about halfway through that summer that they first came here, to Gravity Falls. Although he had discovered many weird creatures and other supernatural phenomena, he had always found a way out, with help from Mabel more often than not. But their worst adventure started with a phone call.

He remembered it like it was only earlier that day...

Dipper and Mabel attempting to wrap Soos in toilet paper to look like a mummy. Mabel was grabbing the next roll when the phone rang.

"Not it!" Mabel shouted.

"Not i- ah man!" Dipper groaned.

Have lost, Dipper walked over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello. Pines residence."

"Is this Stanford Pines?"

"No, this is Dipper."

"Stanford's great nephew?"

"Yeeeessss," Dipper replied slowly.

"This is Officer Dan of the Piedmont Police Department. I'm afraid I have some bad news."

Dipper's heart froze right there. He could think of only one reason for this call.

"Your parents were in a car accident today. Neither of them survived."

That call had changed his life. He could only vaguely remember the rest of the day, most of which was him curled up on his bed in tears, with Mabel in Sweatertown on her bed.

After what apparently was a long legal debate, Dipper and Mabel's next legal guardian ended up as their Gruncle Stan. Dipper was somewhat glad for this. After all, the two of them had just gotten used to living there. Moving somewhere else would have made a horrible situation a lot more difficult.

Wendy and Soos were very supportive of the twins. Soos offered many activities to distract them and Wendy offered a few of her magazines.

Throughout the years, the twins had managed to bury the pain, their lives slowly returning to normal. At least, as normal as it could be in Gravity Falls. Dipper continued to search out the supernatural and Mabel had continued her quest to get a vampire boyfriend. Ironically, the only vampire they had encountered in their years had been female.

"Hey Dipper," Mabel exclaimed, bounding into their attic room, "why you up here?"

Dipper looked at his twin sister. Time had certainly been kind to her. She had retained her cheerful, energetic look, minus the braces, as well as her attitude. But, as the two of them were now sixteen, she was now graced with a body many girls would envy. Of course, it wasn't too apparent, given she still wore sweaters she knit herself.

"Nothing," he replied. "I was just thinking."

"You think too much," Mabel grinned. "That, and you need more sparkles in your wardrobe."

Dipper smiled. "And how do I do that? Bedazzle my face?"

Mabel's grin widened as she pulled out her Bedazzler from behind her back.

The two laughed as Mabel chased after Dipper, firing off little plastic rhinestones in the process.

The creature stared at the image in the pool. The girl leapt onto the boy and attempted to put sparkly objects on him.

Another, smaller, creature looked up from the image. "This is the one."

The larger creature scoffed. "I sensed that, you know. How did you manage to keep him here?"

The smaller creature shuffled its limb in either embarrassment or in anxiety. "It was easier than anticipated. But the flame may not be as receptive due to the circumstances."

"No matter. Once the flame is exposed to its true power, all will be well."

"But what of the sibling?" the small creature inquired. "They are rarely separate, despite their age."

The large creature grinned, revealing a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs. "I'll think of something."

That night, Dipper was climbing into his bed. Mabel was already out cold on her side of the room.


He paused. This wasn't the first time he had heard his name in such a manner. Most of the time it was some creature or unfriendly person trying to get him alone.


But this one was different. It had some sort of pull. And Dipper knew, somehow, that he would find the source soon.


The voice trailed off, leaving no doubt that he wouldn't hear it again tonight.

Just one more reason to get to sleep.

Stan was heading for bed when the device went crazy.

Stan headed down the staircase hidden behind his vending machine. This was where he hid who he truly was. No one had known about this side of him, other than his comrades in arms. This second group included the twins' mother.

He checked the readout on the device. It showed psychic energy that was off the charts. Nothing like it had been seen for years. About sixteen, if he remembered correctly.

Well, this time he had a much better reason to find the source of these readings. He needed to protect the twins.

He wouldn't let them down.

Real short, I know. Don't fret. Chapter 1 is on the way, with Chapter 2 not far behind! After all, I can't seem to stop writing this story!