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Chapter 15: New News Isn't Good News

(Dipper 3rd Person)

Porsaitha looked at Dipper in surprise. "Your father is Sethagon?"

Dipper looked at Ancalagon. "Is that his name? You never actually told me."

Ancalagon nodded. "Yes. That is his name."

"If that is the case, you are more pathetic than I took you for."

Dipper whirled and glowered at Porsaitha. But it was Mabel that first spoke. "He is not pathetic. He's a much better person than you are! He doesn't attack people for no reason, either!"

Porsaitha hissed at her, causing Mabel to pull back against Dipper's scaly hide. "I did have a reason. You had seen me, and it looked like the area was a human-only area. I could not let you go with knowledge of my existence. If there had been a better sign of dragon inhabitation-"

"It wouldn't have changed anything," Ancalagon interrupted. "Don't attempt at falsehoods, Porsaitha. I know you would have done the same thing short of seeing a dragon beside them."

The Wyvern glared at him. "Say what you want. It does not matter. I only came to tell you that Sethagon will arrive in two days." She glanced at Wendy, Stan, and Mabel. "I suggest you find a way to rid yourselves of these humans before he arrives. If you wish for me to do so, I will be in the forest." With those words, she stalked off into the trees.

Dipper returned to his human form, and drew Mabel close to him. "What's her problem?"

Ancalagon sighed. "She's one of several dragons and dragonkin that believe humans to be worthless. They believe that it would be better to just kill humans off."

Wendy went pale. "That's horrible! What kind of jerks would do that?"

Ancalagon stared in the direction Porsaitha had vanished in. "Creatures like my brother."

Mabel squeezed Dipper tightly. "I thought I would like meeting your parents, Dipper. But now I'm just scared."

Ancalagon looked at Wendy. "I don't know what will happen. But I do know that I will do everything in my power to make sure you remain safe."

Wendy blushed under his gaze. "Thanks, Cal."

Dipper awoke when he heard Mabel scream.

"Mabel?! What's wrong?!"

She clutched at him as she shook in fear. "I dreamt that a dragon ate me, Dipper. He looked like you, only a lot bigger."

Dipper sighed with relief. "Mabel, it was only a nightmare. I promise, I won't let anything happen to you."

Mabel looked straight into his eyes. "Dipper, can you really keep me safe? What if your dad-?"

She didn't finish her question, but she didn't have to. Dipper knew exactly what she was asking. "If he does anything, I'll stop him. He may be my father, but he's never been my dad. And, besides, I love you too much to let him hurt you."

Mabel smiled. "Thanks, Dipper."

(Gideon 3rd Person)

Gideon moved along the edge of the forest. In anger, he slammed a fist against a tree trunk.

He was certain the Gobblewonker would have finished off Dipper, regardless of his freakish new abilities. Instead, his underlings said that the Gobblewonker was dead, and the roof of its cavern destroyed. It had taken much effort to keep the normal rabble from finding his hideout. But that was the least of his worries.

Something had killed that Gobblewonker. Gideon knew it was the toughest creature he could acquire, and the toughest he could find, period. Even Gryphons couldn't match it in sheer power.

So what could have killed it? Gideon felt that is was somehow linked to what Dipper had done in that chamber. For lack of a better explanation, Dipper Pines had turned into a dragon. But Gideon, and his vast network, had never found a dragon before. He didn't know how such a large and powerful creature could exist without someone in the Illuminati knowing.

Unless it was some ability Dipper had mastered, but the reasoning was the same. The Illuminati knew all the secrets of the supernatural realm. No one had ever bested them before.

Gideon lost his temper, screaming and attacking the tree in front of him. Needlessly, he loosed his rage until his bloody hands left a solid dent in the trunk.

He would not go down as the first member of the Illuminate to be bested by a normal boy.

"Disappointed over something, Gideon?"

He turned his head to see none other than Pacifica Northwest, giving him a smug look. "I assume the Pines twins got you again? Must be hard not having a way to get back at them."

Gideon glared at her. "You have no idea what you're talking about! I have more ways to get my revenge than you can imagine!"

Pacifica laughed. "Sure you do. But I doubt you have the same dirt on them that I have." She pulled a photo out of her purse and dropped it, allowing it to fall right in front of Gideon.

He picked it up. After a brief moment examining it, he gapped at her. "Is this real?"

"As real as I am rich."

Gideon smiled maliciously. "So, you plan on posting this in the paper?"

Pacifica nodded. "Of course. But one person giving a photo like this would never be believable to the fools who read the paper. I need someone else to give an 'honest opinion' to make it legitimate."

Gideon glanced at the photo again. He laughed. "Pacifica, you have yourself a deal!"

(Mabel 3rd Person)

Mabel looked at the cards in her hand. She glanced up at Stan, Dipper, and Soos. The card game was Stan's idea, a way to pass the time until Wendy and Cal returned from town with the groceries and any news about Gideon.

Mabel grinned. "King me," she stated, placing her cards on the table. The others groaned as she pulled the crackers toward her with a laugh. Soos threw his cards in the air, and Dipper smacked the table in frustration.

"It's not fair," Gruncle Stan complained. "She doesn't even know what we're playing!"

Mabel looked at him with slight confusion, although her cheerful look didn't waiver. "Go Fish?" she asked.

"Hey guys," Wendy said as she walked through the door. She was carrying a couple bags of groceries. Cal was only a few steps behind her, also carrying bags, although his looked heavier.

"Good think you're here," Gruncle Stan griped. "Any more games against her and I think I'd never play Poker again!"

Mabel tilted her head. "So we weren't playing Go Fish?"

"Your gaming life aside, Stan, we have some news," Cal interjected.

"Really? Well, go on, spit it out!" Gruncle Stan exclaimed.

Cal didn't say anything. Instead, he laid a copy of the Gravity Falls Gossiper, the only surviving newspaper in town, on the table. Before Gruncle Stan could pick it up, Mabel exclaimed, "I wanna see!" and grabbed it.

Her eyes flew to the large picture on the front and her jaw dropped.

It was a picture of her and Dipper from yesterday. They were on the lakeshore, during their date. And they were kissing.

"No way…" she mumbled. Then she grinned. "We're famous, Dipper!"

"What? Let me see!" he exclaimed. Mabel handed him the paper.

His eyes widened at the picture, but he also scanned the actual story. "Mabel, this isn't the kind of fame that's good for people."

"Why? Our date is front cover news! This is awesome!" she shouted, jumping in the air.

"Um, Mabel, the paper says that our relationship is incestuous."

"But it isn't!" Mabel argued. "Because you're a- oh…" she trailed off. "No one is supposed to know you're a dragonkin."

Dipper nodded. "Which means everyone believes we're related."

Stan tore the paper from Dipper's hands. "Yeah, yeah. Everyone's just gonna think it's more gossip, as long as you two are careful. Now, I want to see the sports section."

As Stan walked away, mumbling, Cal shook his head. "I may not have much experience with humans, but I doubt that such an accusation will be so easily dismissed by the townsfolk."

Soos nodded. "Dude, I think that everyone's gonna believe it. I mean, you two haven't always made the best impression for everyone."

"Oh yeah," Wendy added. "Easiest one is when you went around interrogating practically everyone for the murder of Wax Stan." She paused. "By the way, did you actually solve that case?"

Mabel nodded. "Yep. The other wax figures were alive and trying to get rid of us. We melted them all down, though!"

Cal raised an eyebrow. "So that's what's in the vents then?"

Everyone looked at him. "What?"

Cal walked over to the vent, opened it up, and out came a wax figure's head, surrounded by what could only be described as a black glow.

"Hey, hey! Let go of me, jerk!" Larry King's head cried.

Mabel blinked. "I guess I did miss one."

Cal shrugged, and the head went flying out the window with a shriek.

Dipper grinned. "Well, that was neat!"

(Porsaitha 3rd Person)

She watched the house, a feral grin on her muzzle. She couldn't wait until Sethagon came and ruined their lives.

At that moment, however, an object came flying out of the house, landing right in front of her.

"Curse those Pines kids!" the object said.

Porsaitha lowered her head to better see it. It appeared to be a human head made of wax. "You hate those people, two?" she asked.

The head looked at her with only hatred on its face. "Yeah, why you asking?"

She curled her lip, showing him her sharpened teeth. "I have something to settle with them as well."

The head rolled its eyes. "Well, unless you can get some proof on their relationship and show it to the townspeople, there isn't much you can do without killing them."

That peaked Porsaitha's interest. "Why would their relationship be an issue?"

"Because they are supposed to be twins."

Porsaitha's grin grew wide. This could be perfect sort of blackmail material. She could have power over them and, when he arrived, so would Sethagon.

She nodded. "That information will help me a lot. I guess a reward is necessary…"

Before it could utter a word, it was bathed in flames.

(Cal 3rd Person)

Cal noticed the sudden appearance of flame in the trees. Without a word, he stood and walked outside. No one followed, for which he was glad.

Once outside, he grabbed Porsaitha in his telekinetic grasp. Despite her squawking protests, he simple walked into the trees and glared at her. "What are you doing here?" he inquired.

She glared back. "You know how this will turn out in the end. Your brother will kill you and the humans for breaking our law. Unless you kill them now."

Cal growled and, without a second thought, changed to his normal form.

Now, towering above Porsaitha, he released her mentally, only to pin her beneath one set of his talons. "Now listen carefully. I know what my brother's actions will be. And I have chosen this path. You have no power over me, whereas I could end your life, right here, right now. Do not seek to test my patience, or I will do so."

Porsaitha writhed under his grip. "Your dragonkin and their humans will die! Even if I have to kill them myself!"

Cal laughed, not caring if the deep rumble would be heard in the Shack. "First, I doubt you could kill Dipper, and he would protect Mabel with his life. Second, Soos has done nothing wrong that I am not also to blame. Third, you could never kill Wendy until I myself am dead."

Porsaitha stopped moving, and her eyes narrowed to mere slits. "You disgust me. Choosing a human over any of your own kind!"

Cal brought his head right up to hers. "And who among 'my' kind have ever felt for me the way Wendy does?" he growled.

Porsaitha said nothing until he released her. As she took flight, however, she muttered, "I once did."

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