Evening came and the drive to Tony's home was comfortable and for the life of him Steve couldn't stop talking, about his friends, about what they might think of Tony, asking what Tony thought of them and going off on tangents about their lives and different humourous stories. It was a fantastic day for him, especially considering he'd gotten out of prison that morning.

Once the door to Tony's place had been unlocked Steve wasted no time in picking up his billionaire boyfriend and carrying him inside, capturing his lips in another passionate kiss, he couldn't get Tony out of his mind for the last few months and now there were no strings attached to anything they were doing, there was nothing stopping him and so he wouldn't stop. He believed that the warmth of Tony's body pressed against him would be more than enough on a cool night. The soft moans the genius muffled into their kiss was driving him a little wild, his hands squeezing lightly on whatever body part they happened to be supporting, trying to pull the smaller man closer though clothes and skin were in the way.

Steve slipped his shoes off, his grip firm and stable as he headed straight for Tony's bedroom, hearing no protest from his boyfriend. He dropped Tony into the sheets, falling over top of him, supporting himself above the heated body below. Finally breaking the kiss Steve's eyes sparkled while gazing down, something just seemed to glow all around him, reddened lips pulled into a smile. "You're beautiful."

Tony had a natural ego from his childhood and teenaged years but the last few since his father's death he'd been beaten down and a lot of his self-confidence destroyed along with everything else. He acted as though he were everything, like he was the most desired man in America, that didn't mean he believed it. "Steve…" he whispered softly, a hand reaching up to touch the broad expanse of Steve's chest, feeling the hardened muscle beneath, the same muscle that seemed so big in the past but clearly had nothing on what Steve was displaying in his older years. "I don't think you're allowed to call people beautiful."

Steve chuckled and kissed him again, "Adorable too."

Tony's breath hitched when he felt those strong hands gliding down his sides to the edge of his shirt, something felt entirely different about this touch than any touch he'd received in the past 8 or so years. Steve Rogers had been gorgeous in the past and also a straight-laced pain in the ass, but he'd been gentle, his touch always heated and fervent like he absolutely needed every little bit Tony had to offer him. Those soft little moans after Tony barely even grazed the tip of his arousal were torturous at the very least; Steve had been so sensitive and new to all of it. Tony wondered if Steve was any more used to it now than he had been, or if maybe he really had been scared off of the sexual scene.

Steve tentatively lifted Tony's shirt from his back, exposing skin that hadn't been shown to anyone but doctors and possibly Obadiah, but he really didn't want to consider that. The bruises were still there but faded, cuts and scrapes healed, the vaguest remnants of scars left over. He smiled and trailed his hand along the hot flesh, feeling the temperature rise even a little higher. Tony wasn't thinking about how he looked because he already knew Steve, he knew Steve would never judge or be disgusted or anything else, possibly the kindest man Tony had ever met and he finally appreciated what he had, appreciating that he had Steve to himself.

Gentle kisses and little bites trailing down Tony's neck and torso, Steve spent as much time as he wanted on exploring, getting to know the little things about his boyfriend's body and working him up slowly. It was like a line of fire wherever Steve's lips touched, Tony gasped lightly and shifted in the warming bedding, fingers finding their way to the blonde locks on his partner's head. They didn't need to discuss if they were ready anymore, they didn't need to figure out how much longer they should wait. They'd been dating for a few months now and after the nightmare with Stane it was about damn time they both got a little something out of it.

Control was entirely in Steve's hands this time, Tony let him set the pace though that didn't mean he planned to lay back and do nothing, he was just waiting for the blonde to be ready, waiting until he could start doing the dirty things he'd always imagined doing to that sweet church-going boy. He groaned softly when Steve reached his hip, bucking up a little only to have his hips caught by a strong grip and pushed back down. He could have fought it but listened obediently, rolling his head back, eyes closed as he enjoyed the slow appreciation of his body. Steve nimbly unfastened Tony's pants and started to slowly pull them down, his fingers hooked in the soft fabric the billionaire's briefs and tugged them right along as well. Tony could feel his face heating up and that familiar twitch below his belt. He hadn't been paying attention so much to his groin while Steve had been feeling him up, at some point he'd gotten fairly hard, possibly the anticipation of Steve lying with him or just the touching in general. Either way it was a nice little surprise.

Steve hummed quietly as the swollen appendage bobbed free from the clothing, blue eyes blackened with lust as they followed the motion eagerly. Tony looked down at the right moment apparently, because he couldn't remember the last time he'd wanted to take a person apart as much as he did right then. "You're a lot bigger than I remember," Steve muttered as he leaned closer, almost enough that his eyelashes could tickle the skin if he bat them quickly.

"Pfft, you're one to tal-! Ohhhh Steve…" Tony's words slurred right into a moan as his boyfriend's full lips wrapped around his cock, a strong wet tongue pressing against the shaft as Steve tried to memorize the taste.

Tony gasped and found himself arching into the simple, slow movements. He wasn't sure when he'd gotten so easy, or maybe Steve honestly turned him on this strongly. Whatever it was, he was really liking it. Fingers pulling on blonde hair, tangled in the mess and stroking through it eagerly as he whined and moaned for more, half the things that came out of his mouth were incoherent and mumbled but it didn't matter, what mattered was how he was saying it. Steve matched his pace with Tony's breathless pleas and learned to pay attention to how Tony's fingers worked their way through his hair, every little shift in his boyfriend's body language and voice were hints and if Steve was anything at all, he'd be considered a quick study.

All the while Steve's hands were massaging Tony's thighs or hips, one slipping down to fondle the parts of Tony he couldn't fit into his mouth. If he could pause ever few seconds to compliment Tony he would have but he didn't want to disrupt the flow of the action. Just hearing the brunette's increasingly intense outcries had Steve aching for a little touch of his own, his breath hitching slightly every few seconds; his hips had started to shift against the mattress to get a little friction against his swelling member.

Tony noticed the subtle sway of Steve's body and realized he was starting an attempt to pleasure himself, obviously still impatient with that kind of thing. He pulled Steve's head up by his hair and nearly regretted it, seeing those plump lips swollen and red from sucking and being stretched for a period of time. "Come here," Tony muttered breathily, tugging Steve up by the shirt, trying to yank it off.

Steve laughed and grabbed the bottom, pulling it up and over his head, revealing the expanse of pale skin and solid muscle that Tony hadn't realized he missed so much. "Better?"

Tony nodded in silent awe, "Fuck… Steve you are… just…"

Steve smiled at his boyfriend's lack of words, somehow that was more of a compliment than anything he could actually say. "Thank you," he decidedly cut Tony off and sealed the following silence by mashing their lips together again, that familiar desperation behind it. "So how did you want to do this?" he asked softly once he'd broken the kiss, a light blush on his cheeks that somehow still suited a full-grown man.

Tony smirked, "I had an idea actually, we both take top."


"Shh, I have it figured out." Tony pressed a finger to Steve's lips, taking a moment to appreciate the feel of them, running along the rim of them and watching the way he could subtly open Steve's mouth just a little further. "Like a porn star…" He murmured, loving the big-eyed expression he received for it.

"What?" Steve asked, a bit more than confused.

"Nothing, just take your pants off, I gotta grab something." Tony squirmed out from under Steve, grazing the persistent bulge in his pants on purpose and loving the gasping moan he'd earned for it.

Steve watched Tony rummage through a drawer as he stripped down the rest of the way, enjoying the sight of his boyfriend's package dangling free. He laid down and pulled the pants from his hips as he kept his eyes on Tony, finding himself even more turned on just by seeing him roaming about naked. "Just beautiful," he muttered as Tony sprung up with something in his hand.

"Got it!" Tony exclaimed, turning around to see the entirely naked form of Steve Rogers on his bed. That flat stomach stretched out, the curve of his body on the sheets, legs parted and cock standing tall at attention. Part of Tony's brain shut down and for a moment he was worried that all of the blood in his body would attempt to move into his loins. "Fuck…"

"What is it?"

"You're just seriously hot," Tony admitted immediately.

Steve laughed, "Not that, I mean that, what you're holding."

"Oh, it's a cock ring." Tony eagerly moved to Steve's side and put it around the base of his dick without even asking, "It'll keep you from coming."

Steve gasped when those warm hands touched him, a pathetic little whimper escaping him as he squirmed for more. "Wh-why?"

"Because I'm fucking you first." Tony took his position immediately, spreading Steve's legs and propping himself between them, enjoying the view.

Blue eyes gazed up lustfully, understanding finally reaching them. "Okay," he agreed after a moment of thought, his heart pounding like a jackhammer. He was finally going to do it and he'd remember it this time. Excitement rolled through him and he shifted anxiously, eager to get into it. "Do it."

"You going to ask first?" Tony smirked, wondering what he could get away with.

"Please?" It came so easily to Steve to say the word but somehow it had a much different meaning here than usual, his face darkening after the last syllable left his lips.

"Please what?"

Steve looked desperate then, eyes big and needy, yet demanding at the same time. "Please fuck me, Tony."

"That's it," Tony said breathily, loving that he could get Steve to curse for him. He grabbed the lube he'd also fished out of his drawer, coating his fingers liberally. He reached down and found the sensitive hole he knew he'd soon be pounding. But this time he refused to get over excited, last time he'd hurt his partner and he didn't want to be part of that kind of thing this time around. His slick finger started rimming around the entrance gently, slowly working at it, getting the muscles more accustomed to his presence there.

Steve moaned and tensed, his hand briefly stroking himself though Tony swiftly smacked it aside, "Patience, gorgeous." Steve replied with a soft whine but obeyed, instead clutching the sheets around him and holding on as he tried not to thrust against the oh so tormenting finger.

Tony smiled, it was almost too much watching his ex and now new boyfriend squirm under his touch, those pretty blue eyes squeezed shut anxiously, lips parted delicately as he tried to hold back the soft cries that threatened to escape him. There were only so many times he could call Steve beautiful before it got a little repetitive. After a few more seconds he actually pushed inside, savouring the extended moan it earned him. He remembered from last time, as much as he didn't want to remember it, that Steve loved penetration, it drove him wild and Tony wanted to see that again.

For Steve the process seemed new, the sensations were enough to set his body on fire and little shocks of pleasure to his brain. He pressed down on Tony's finger after he was more used to it, feeling it swish around inside him and barely graze past a bundle of nerves he wasn't quite aware of. Steve gasped and writhed on the bed while Tony gingerly inserted a second finger, stretching him further and forcing another wave of heat all the way up to his face and down to his toes. "Ohhh Tony…" he murmured, finding that the ring around base of his penis was really working, he wanted to come so badly already but it prevented his orgasm. He couldn't imagine how anyone could hold out but he figured that practice probably helped with that.

Tony listened carefully to the sounds coming from his boyfriend, Steve's head pinned down into the bed and his back arched, gasps and utterances quickly getting more intense, more desperate and needy. Tony smiled and scissored his fingers carefully, realizing just how impatient Steve was getting as the larger man started to push down on him. "Hey, patience-"

"No," Steve gasped, looking down at him in a way that was meant to be serious though the needy, blown-out look in his eyes said everything else. "I want it now."

Tony smiled and nodded, realizing now that Steve hadn't gotten a lot of practice in and he was tormenting the poor guy. "If you're sure."

"Please" Steve dropped his head back again, his chest heaving, sweat beading along his forehead and neck, "Fuck me, Tony."

The brunette quickly coated himself with the lubricant, not wanting to pass this up. He pressed his tip to Steve's entrance, slowly pushing forward, the tip already feeling fantastic past the ring of loosened muscle. He was taking it slow though Steve would have none of it, the blonde pushing down on him again and crying out ecstatically when he was suddenly filled up. Tony hunched forward with a gasp, "Shit you're tight," he moaned and adjusted his hips, feeling every clenching muscle Steve had, loving the feeling already and it had only been a few seconds.

"Tony," Steve drawled, his voice exasperated and strained. Blue eyes connected with brown and a sense of passion swelled within him, he'd always loved those pretty brown eyes, he'd always admired Tony to be an ingenuitive, hard-working guy (who was, admittedly, horrible in a group effort). He'd liked Tony, he'd almost fallen for Tony and then, after all those years, he did fall in love with the man. And now everything seemed perfect, Tony moving slowly inside him as they both got used to the new connection, their hearts beating rapidly and loudly enough that they both thought they could hear the others'. Steve smiled and relaxed back, legs spread wide for Tony, propped up against the other man's sides. Everything was perfect.

Tony picked up the pace then, shifting his hips and finding Steve's prostate after a few quick thrusts. The blonde nearly shrieked with pleasure at the sudden assault, his entire body twitching and reacting to Tony's movements, each time he struck home Steve made the same sound, each time Steve muttered something encouraging, something dirty, or just babbled as he frantically tried to touch himself. Tony refused to let him.

Luckily for Steve his pathetic whimpering and loud outbursts were hot enough that Tony couldn't hold out for much longer, shuddering as his orgasm hit him full force, tearing a stream of curses and groans from his throat. Steve clenched a little tighter to help him along which did enough to have Tony crying out louder, desperately thrusting into his lover with all his might to get that much needed release.

Tony was fairly spent after that, dropping onto Steve, not missing the very hard and throbbing cock that was clearly leaking already. "Steve," Tony whispered playfully, reaching down and trailing a finger up the shaft, "You're so turned on it looks painful."

Steve's shuddered gasp was the only reply at first, at least before the blonde reached around behind Tony and started to feel for his entrance with a lubed finger, finding that Tony had done part of it already while he had prepped Steve. "You're too good at multi-tasking," he huffed, already sticking two fingers inside.

Tony flinched and inhaled sharply, a moan rumbling in his throat as he dared lean back onto Steve's eager fingers. "I figured you'd be really close to the edge and waiting to prep me might be agitating for you."

"I'd take the time to do it, you know that." Steve said softly as he managed a third, knowing he'd need to prep Tony that far and possibly even further with a fourth, "Like I'm doing now."

Another light gasp followed by an excited mewl and several other happy noises escaped Tony as he started to move along with Steve's fingers. "I know," he leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lover's lips, knowing and impatiently anticipating the next few moments as the first time that Steve would take him, the first time that he'd feel all of that huge, engorged cock inside him. It was a moment to remember, at least until the next time. While Steve was busy prepping Tony, the genius coated his hands in lube and started applying it to Steve's dick, another slew of whimpers and pleas his prize. "Almost there, Steve." He promised with a smile.

Steve nodded and though his hips bucked up for more contact he tried to hold himself back, making sure to do a good job getting Tony ready. He was a big guy and fairly strong, he could really hurt his partner if he wasn't careful. "Are you good?" Steve asked after a few more moments, his eyes showing every little hope he held that the answer was yes.

Tony debated the idea of saying no, but decided against it, also deciding to leave the cock ring on his boyfriend. Steve was way past the point of coming immediately as soon as he was given the chance; Steve could still ejaculate with the ring on however it took a lot longer to get to that point and Tony knew that finally coming would be even more intense and couldn't wait to see it happen. "Good to go, Cap."

Steve smiled at the old nickname; it was nice to hear it after so long. He grabbed Tony's hips and lifted him up, positioning him with a little help from the brunette. Tony seemed pleased as he lowered himself down onto the eagerly awaiting erection. The heat and pressure from being inside someone was incredible and Steve couldn't believe he'd waited this long to try it. Of course, by then he was already overly sensitized and every little movement felt like it might topple him over the edge, though he still didn't. He was impressed by the ring, he hadn't realized it'd hold him off this long.

Of course Tony wouldn't let him ride this out without assistance, he'd pulled something else out of the drawer earlier that Steve hadn't noticed. He'd hidden it in the sheets for a little bit, anticipating this moment. As Steve adjusted himself inside Tony, the genius fished out a dildo and quickly lubricated it; noting Steve's confused face, "What are you-" His concerns were quickly cut short as Tony slipped it inside his lover. Steve thrust up very suddenly, getting a surprised moan from Tony, the smaller man starting to move, his finger slipping over a button on the dildo to turn on its vibrate function. That was enough incentive to have Steve's hips moving faster, Tony bounced on top of him, slamming himself down again to help Steve along, he could feel every little pulse in the blonde's stressed member, could feel and hear that Steve was close.

When Steve finally hit his climax the dildo inside him was vibrating against his prostate, Tony had wriggled it enough to position it properly, and Tony himself had figured out the rhythm in which it was best to clench and unclench his muscles. Steve cried out louder than he ever though he could, hands flailing and grabbing hold of whatever he could reach, often pressing into Tony's hips like a lifeline.

Tony smiled, he was already fairly tired but it was amazing to see Steve come undone, to watch those muscles tense and flex, a sheen of sweat all across that gorgeous body only adding to his appeal. Steve collapsed back into the bed, still whining loudly as he tried to wriggle free of the dildo's relentless vibrations. Tony mercifully removed it, though not before he pushed it in and out a few times to get the post orgasm whimpers out.

"You good?" Tony reached over and brushed the mess of blonde hair away from Steve's face, smiling at the exhaustion that lingered there.

"Oh yeah…" Steve gasped and lifted one eyelid half way to look up, his smile brightening as Tony slipped up and off of him, dropping down on top of him and nestling in quietly. Steve pulled Tony closer against him, sleep creeping in. From where they had been when they left off at the airport in senior year and where they finally were now, Steve saw it like night and day. Their intimacy had grown, they had grown; he wouldn't spend forever over-analyzing every little thing, he wouldn't over sensitize himself to every stupid thing, he wasn't a kid anymore. He could not only fight harder to keep their relationship alive, he could also take care of Tony now. It felt good to finally be at that stage in his life.

"I love you, Tony."

"I love you too, Steve." Tony's soft response was the last thing Steve heard before dozing off.

"You'll do fine," Tony assured Steve for the twentieth time that morning, while adjusting his partner's suit and tie. Tony slapped Steve's hand away when he moved to loosen the tie –again. "Would you just leave it alone already? I get that you're nervous, and you don't always wear a suit, but that doesn't mean that you can pick at it. Just stick to the script, and follow the lawyer's lead."

Steve nodded anxiously, "I know, I know. I just… I'm so nervous, Tony." He fidgeted a little but stopped in case Tony wanted to slap him again. But despite his nerves and fears he stepped forward as was expected of him. He was doing this for Tony, he just had to keep telling himself that and it'd go over just fine. People weren't seeing him as a murderous monster that killed in cold blood; he could live with himself regardless of the outcome. "I love you," he whispered with that anxious smile.

Tony smiled broadly, "I love you too." He reached up and took Steve's jaw in his hand, guiding him into a kiss. "Now get out there."

The proceedings continued flawlessly. Tony's legal team had put together a crack defense, a situation of duress in the face of a stronger opponent and a life-threatening scenario, while originally unarmed. Attention was brought to Steve's flawless criminal record, and outstanding dedication to the company, as well as having no prior communications or contacts with Obadiah. At worst, the crime was manslaughter, and not premeditated.

The evidence compiled by the prosecution was circumstantial at best, and since Tony was their only witness, who refused to comment in court, they had a weak platform from the start. The scene had been first attended to by Stark Industries' security team, who did more damage than good when it came to preserving evidence. And the security footage for the area was oddly missing.

The jury was so good, it almost seemed rigged, as several of the attending community faces were well aware of Steve's volunteer efforts, though a few were dismissed in the selection process that had actually known him through his efforts. In the end, the jury found the evidence weak, and could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Steve could possibly murder in cold blood.

Tony could've laughed at how pathetic it all was –how there was a man dead, but no conviction could be reached based on the technicalities of due process. It was good enough, because really Steve didn't kill anyone. He met Steve at the rear of the courtroom, before they had to face the blazing assault of the press just behind the doors.

"You did great, I hardly even recognized your stoic face," Tony smiled and kissed Steve quickly on the cheek.

Steve visibly relaxed and returned the kiss with an air of relief, "You have no idea how badly I want to sit down right now." He knew it sounded silly because he'd been sitting through most of the hearing but he'd been so tense he might as well have been doing a thousand squats as he sat there. "So… I'm free, right? Travel time?" He smirked widely, hand touching the doors in a way that allowed him to almost feel the tension beyond it, cameras ready like guns on a firing squad.

"I've made all the preparations," Tony replied happily, "We're good to go on Monday morning." Tony kissed Steve again. "There's nothing to worry about."

"Can't wait," Steve smiled down at him warmly, "Haven't travelled since high school."

With that, Steve slipped an arm around Tony's lower back and shoved the doors open, the area beyond lighting up brightly as cameras flashed and Steve realized then that he'd have to get used to the fast lane lifestyle. His hand tightened around Tony's waist, "Excited yet?"

"You have no idea."

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