Chapter One


Nine Years Later…

"Natsumi! Satomi! Stop running off!" an angry redhead yelled, watching his two seven year old girls run off into the forest. Gaara stopped, along with the two Suna shinobi that were assigned to protect the children, looking to the break in the trees where the girls had disappeared. A younger redhead stopped beside the Kazekage, almost a mirror image of him.

"Dad, I told you we shouldn't have brought them. All they're going to do is cause trouble." He said simply. He was only nine years old, but he was already so much like his father.

"Toshiro," Sakura scolded, crossing her arms tightly over her chest. "I told you that we were not leaving your sisters in Suna with your psychotic aunt and uncle." She gave him a hard poke to the head. He grumbled aloud, rubbing the spot. His eyes were almost exactly the color of Gaara's, only a bit darker, thanks to his mother.

"So what about Uncle Kiba and Aunt Ino?" he said defiantly.

Gaara laughed, "Yeah right, like I was gonna let Kiba watch my two angels." The two pink haired girls ran back out from the forest, stopping in front of their mother. They stared up at her with pale green eyes, and laughed identically.

"Alright Mommy!" they said together. "Which one is Satomi and which one is Natsumi?"

"It doesn't matter which one is which because we are all going to continue to Konoha. We are already late, and you know how Mommy gets when she's late." She said, grabbing a hold of both girls' hands as she resumed walking.

"But Mommy!" they cried together, trying to resist their mother's grasp. Of course it was nothing short of failure. "Daddy always gets it right!" they said in unison.

Toshiro rolled his eyes. This was something his little sisters always did, because his mother was the only one of the family that couldn't tell them apart. He didn't tell her it was because his father and he could sense the sand around Natsumi. Unlike him, his sisters only received one of their parent's abilities. Satomi, the eldest twin, seemed to attain unnatural strength. While Natsumi, younger by only two minutes, was gifted with the ability to control sand. Their powers were the only difference between them. Aside from the very sparse times when Satomi showed their father's traits and Natsumi acted more like their mother.

"Well Mommy isn't Daddy." Sakura said, annoyed now. "Now if you two don't knock it off, you won't get to do anything fun when we reach the village, because we won't have enough time. Mommy hasn't been there in years, and would like to get there as soon as possible. You want to meet Uncle Naruto and Aunt Hinata right?" She asked, knowing that the kids were eager to meet their parent's other childhood friends. "Besides," she continued, "Naruto and Hinata have a daughter that's your age. Don't you want to meet her?"

"A new friend?!" Natsumi exclaimed, twirling around at the thought. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Satomi watched her sister dance and huffed, "She's not going to be like a weirdo is she? If she's anything like what I've heard about Uncle Naruto, she's just going to be annoying."

Gaara sighed. This had been an extremely long trip. He wanted to get to Konoha quickly as well, no matter how dreadful the place was. "Hurry up girls," Gaara called behind him. They ran forward, twirling around. Finally they stopped and took a place in front of their father, walking backward.

"We'll hurry up." One said, a beautiful smile on her face.

"If you can tell us who's who." The other continued, matching her sister's smile exactly.

Gaara stopped once more and let out a deep sigh. He pointed to the one on his left, "Natsumi." And then he pointed to his right. "Satomi." Their jaws dropped, an adorable pout on their faces, since once again, their father had told them apart. They continued on silently after that, one on either side of their older brother.

It wasn't long until the family and their two escorts reached the gates of Konoha. There was a man waiting for them with the two guards that were always there. His silver hair spiked in its usual manner, and his face was covered by a tight mask, his forehead protector hanging over his left eye.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura yelled, running forward in a child-like manner and gripping her old teacher in a fierce hug. He returned the embrace. Then he pulled apart and glared at Gaara, who glared right back.

Suddenly the small people at his feet caught his attention. He looked to the boy, who was giving him a blank stare. "Ah, I see you take after your father." He said, talking to the mini-Gaara.

Toshiro stared at the man. So this was the person who was his mother's teacher when she was young and lived in Konoha. Only one thing came to mind. What a weirdo. "Yeah…" he answered, "My mom says I look just like him, and even my aunt says I look like he did when he was little. I got his sand abilities as well as my Mother's strength." He told the man, assuming that this teacher would love the son of his student.

"How unfortunate for you." He said, looking up at Gaara. "I still don't like you, or your son." Then he looked at the two pink haired girls. "But these two. These two are just adorable!" he said, holding his arms out to the girls. They ran into his embrace, immediately liking anyone who complimented them and not their brother.

"Daddy, we love Kakashi-sensei! He's not mean like you said he was at all!" Natsumi cried, hugging the silver haired jounin.

"Can he teach us like he did Mommy?" Satomi asked, both girls instantly giving their father puppy dog eyes.


Their eyes watered, and their lips puckered out. "Please Daddy!" they begged.

"I said no." he repeated, stepping towards Kakashi and plucking his twins from the silver haired man's arms. One in each of his now, he looked down at Toshiro and then glared back at Kakashi, "If he asks you if you want to go on a scavenger hunt, do not go."

Toshiro simply nodded, following his father as he walked through the gates of Konoha.

Sakura rolled her eyes. How typical. They walked to the Hokage Tower, and made their way up to the Hokage's office. Expecting to see her old master there, she was surprised when a different blonde was sitting in the chair.

"Naruto?" she asked, slightly confused.

Said blonde looked up from what he was doing. Seeing two of his best friends, he got out of the chair and ran over to them. "Sakura-chan!" he yelled, picking up the pink haired woman and swinging her around in a fierce hug.

When he broke away from the hug he held her at arm's length. Giving her a once over, he said, "You changed your outfit! I like it, it makes you look cooler!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"Thanks Naruto! But it's not really that different." She said, looking down at her clothes. Her shirt was tighter, and it had the Haruno symbol on the front instead of the back. Her skirt was a bit shorter in the front and longer in the back, and her arm bands went all the way down her arms, connecting to her gloves, so that she wouldn't have to take them on and off anymore.

Shrugging nonchalantly at her declaration, he turned to his stoic friend, arms wide open. "Come here buddy, you know you want to." He said with a goofy grin, gesturing for Gaara to hug him.

"No." was all he redhead said, glaring at his friend.

Naruto let out an exaggerated sigh. "Fine, I'll do it your way." He said holding out his hand to shake. When Gaara grasped the blonde's hand with his, he was suddenly jerked forward. Naruto wrapped an arm around Gaara, holding him in place with their clasped hands. "I missed you so much man! Seven years is just too long!"

The kids looked at their squirming father, shock and horror on their faces. Nobody but mommy was allowed to touch their dad. Nobody. "Mommy! The crazy man is hurting daddy!" Natsumi yelled, pointing at Naruto.

"Unwanted physical contact!" Satomi also yelled, mimicking her sister's actions. But then she ran for them, grabbing the blonde man's wrist and trying to release her father.

"What a freak." Toshiro said, earning him a smack on the back of his head from his mom.

In her effort to free her father, Satomi accidentally used too much strength. Hearing a snapping noise, she stopped pulling, Naruto stopped swinging Gaara around, and Gaara stopped struggling.

Letting go of the redhead, Naruto brought his wrist out of the shocked girl's grasp. Suddenly he screamed. "What the heck have you taught your children Gaara?! You're poisoning their young minds with your violent tendencies!" he yelled, shaking his broken wrist for emphasis.

"What?!" he yelled back at his agonized friend. "If anyone is violent here it's Sakura. Context clues moron…who's the one who gave her the strength."

"Don't blame it all on Sakura-chan! If you had just kept it in your pants, none of this would have ever happened!" Naruto yelled at his friend.

Before anything more could be said in front of the children, Sakura grabbed Naruto by the ear and yanked. "Naruto, there are children present." She said, glaring at him.

"Y-yes Sakura-chan." Holding up his injured wrist, he gave her a pleading look. "Will you fix this for me?"

She sighed, placing her hand on his wrist, and in two seconds flat it was fine. Shaking it in order to test it out, the blonde smiled. "Alright! Good as new!" It was then that he noticed the small redhead standing slightly behind Sakura. Leaning around her and looking at Toshiro, he asked, "And who might this strapping young man be?"

"This is Toshiro." Sakura said, placing a hand on her son's head. "And this is Natsumi, and Satomi." She continued, pointing to each twin as she said their name.

One of the girls shook her pink locks negatively. "Nuh uh Mommy, I'm Satomi."

"And I'm Natsumi." The other one said.

"Whatever, you two switch names so often I don't see why it matters." Sakura said, crossing her arms in a pout.

"Actually, you did get their names wrong Sweetheart." Gaara said, smirking at her.

"Who's side are you on anyways?!" she asked angrily. Then she turned back towards the desk, where Hinata had been standing silently watching the whole interaction. "Hey Hinata! How have you been doing?" she asked, instantly becoming happy.

"I've been well, thank you Sakura. And you?" the ebony haired woman asked politely.

Sakura shrugged. "As good as any pregnant mother with three kids I guess."

"Wait! You're knocked up again?! But, you already have so many kids!" Naruto exclaimed, slapping his forehead with his hand.

"What can I say? Gaara just can't keep his hands off me." The pink haired woman said with a cocky grin.

Gaara's gaze fixated on his wife, "Excuse me? Whatever, you're like a rapist."

She crossed her arms and raised a delicate brow. "It's not rape if you like it."

He opened his mouth to object, but then shut it. She had a point. "MOMMY!" Natsumi yelled, tugging on her mother's skirt. "Where's my new friend? I want to meet her!"

Sakura turned to Hinata. Before she could ask, Hinata walked forward and stopped next to her husband. Then, something small with ebony hair peeked around her mother's legs. Meeting the impassive dark jade eyes of Toshiro, she let out a small squeak, and ducked back behind her mother's legs once more.

Satomi and Natsumi leaned forward, trying to see the hiding girl. They ran forward and stopped on either side of Hinata, peeking around the beautiful Hyuuga's legs. "Hello!" they smiled together, their tone matching perfectly.

The young girl turned around quickly, placing her back against her mother's legs. She looked between the two girls, somewhat terrified. "H-hello." She said softly.

Hinata moved then, revealing a miniature version of herself, only with her short hair in a ponytail on the left side of her head, and her father's cerulean eyes. Naruto looked down at his daughter tenderly. "Everyone, this is my daughter, Minako." He said proudly.

"She's very beautiful," Gaara complimented the two. He let his gaze focus on the small girl, who seemed so afraid of his devious twins. The pink haired girls each grabbed one of Minako's hands and pulled her forward.

"Hi Minako!" they both said in unison.

Minako stared at them with wide eyes. They looked exactly the same. Both their hair was short, barely touching their shoulders, and they wore the same dress. A lighter pink than their hair, it cut straight across and had thick dark pink straps. "I'm Natsumi." The one on the right said happily. "I can control sand just like my daddy and my brother." She informed the girl that would soon become their best friend.

"And I'm Satomi. I'm strong like my mommy. Sorry about your daddy…I didn't mean to hurt him. I was just trying to help my daddy." The one on the left spoke up then.

Gaara looked down at his son, who seemed to be glued to his side, but his dark jade eyes never left the girl that had his sister's attention. "Naruto, Toshiro has brought a gift for Minako." The Kazekage spoke up, gesturing for Toshiro to step forward. But he did quite the opposite.

Sakura nudged her son forcefully. When he looked up at her defiantly, she narrowed her eyes. "Toshiro. Now." She said, her tone brooking for no argument.

Slowly, the younger redhead stepped forward and looked at the girl. He had heard a lot about Minako from his mother. The twins giggled and left the dark haired girl's side. Natsumi latched onto Gaara's leg and Satomi did the same to Sakura. A small blush began to creep up the boy's face. Why did he have to give the new Hokage's daughter a gift? Reluctantly, Toshiro reached into his pocket and pulled out a thin white gold necklace. The charm that dangled from the chain was an hourglass made from crystal, and it was filled with sand. "Here," he said softly, his eyes looking down, not bold enough to stare into her face as he offered the piece of jewelry to her.

Blue eyes widened in awe. Minako had never been given jewelry before, especially from such a cute boy. She stepped forward and carefully took the necklace from him, not wanting it to break. She put it around her neck, and then looked back over at the redhead, seeing that he was still looking at the ground. A goofy smile similar to her father's crept across her face then. She threw her arms around the boy, gripping him in a fierce hug. "Thank you! This is the best present I've ever gotten!" she yelled excitedly, startling the Sabakus.

"That's my girl." Naruto said, smiling in approval. Toshiro was wide eyed, and even the twins stiffened from the sudden physical expression. Sakura simply smiled. She thought it was adorable. The small redhead didn't move at first, but then let himself relax a bit. Slowly and awkwardly, he hugged her back.

Sakura nudged Gaara with her elbow excitedly, causing him to roll his eyes at her antics, while Naruto pulled his wife to his side and put his arm around her waist. But then the moment was ruined, by none other than Kakashi.

The silver haired jounin walked forward and grabbed Toshiro by the back of his shirt, yanking him out of Minako's embrace. Glaring into the startled boy's eyes, he said, "Oh no you don't. I will not lose another cute, innocent pupil to a Sabaku."

Sand wrapped threateningly around Kakashi, forcing him to drop his hold on Toshiro. Alarmed dark jade was quickly replaced with angry pale green. "Touch my son again Kakashi and you will seriously regret it." The sand tightened around the copy ninja.

"Daddy!" Natsumi ran forward, pulling on her father's red outfit. "Stop hurting Kakashi-sama! Satomi, tell daddy to stop!" the small girl cried out and looked to her twin. But this time Satomi's eyes were slanted into a familiar glare.

"Natsumi, no one hurts our family. I see why dad doesn't like Kakashi." She spat out, her face mirroring Gaara's.

"Kakashi-sensei stop being so mean!" Minako yelled. "You never let me make any friends!" she accused, sticking her lower lip out in an adorable pout.

Kakashi's visible eye widened. "But Minako! We don't know if he's nice or not! I'm just trying to protect you!" he said, obviously not worried about the sand surrounding him.

The ebony haired girl stomped her foot. "I don't need you to protect me Kakashi-sensei! If daddy trusts him, then why can't you?"

"Well your daddy doesn't always make the best decisions…" the silver haired man said.

"Well, mommy trusts them, and mommy is always right." Minako said, giving him a haughty look while crossing her arms.

"Uh….." Kakashi really didn't have anything to say to that. Because it was true. Hinata was always right. About everything.

"Daddy…please," tears started to stream down Natsumi's face. Gaara sighed and grudgingly released his hold on the older shinobi.

Clapping his hands together, Naruto smiled. "Okay! Now that that's over with, let's get down to business." He said, walking over to his desk.

"Hey Naruto, where's Shishou?" Sakura asked curiously. It was odd that Tsunade wasn't present, since Naruto wouldn't officially be Hokage for another few days.

"Oh Tsunade-baa-san is probably off in a drunken stupor. Once the date for me to become Hokage was set, she up and left, saying that this would be good practice." The blonde said good naturedly. Sakura smiled at this. It sounded so much like her shishou to skip out of her work early.

Gaara looked down at his three children, holding up a finger as if he were about to begin a lesson. "And see children, that is why you must never drink alcohol, unless you want to become a lazy psycho like grandma."

"But you must never become stiff like your father." Sakura said, mimicking her husband.

"I'm not stiff," Gaara said, looking offended.

"No, just structured. Strict. Every once in a while it is healthy to loosen up and be spontaneous." Sakura said, smiling at her husband.

"So basically, you kids should grow up to be like me!" Naruto yelled, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Good God no!" Gaara went wide eyed at the thought. He couldn't even imagine any of his children behaving like Naruto. "Stay just the way you are." He told them. Toshiro nodded, as did the twins.

"Don't worry Daddy," the girls smiled. "We like being devious."

"Naruto, it's getting late. We should head to dinner. I bet the children are hungry after such a long journey." Hinata said, smiling at the group.

The twins turned eagerly to their new aunt. "Yes we are Aunty Hinata!" they chimed together, running and hugging the woman.

Toshiro finally looked at Minako again, but only for a moment. He glanced back at his father. He was the perfect son after all, the prodigy of Suna. "I am kinda hungry dad."

"Let's eat ramen! Ramen is the most delicious thing in the whole world!" Minako announced excitedly.

"That's my girl! She knows what's best!" Naruto agreed. Before he could announce that they were going to eat, Sakura smacked him on the back of the head.

"We are not eating that! I will not submit my children to something so unhealthy!" Sakura announced. She turned to Hinata. "Is that restaurant near the Hyuuga District still around?" she asked.

"The one you announced your engagement in? Yes, it is." Hinata answered with a smile, already knowing what her friend was thinking.

"Good. Gaara, do you object to eating there?" Sakura asked, turning back to her husband.

He gave her a skeptical glance. "Does it matter?"

"No, but I thought I would respect your wishes, if you so chose to eat somewhere else." She replied.

"I don't care." He said simply, a very normal response from the redhead.

The twins cheered, attaching themselves to each of Minako's arms. "Dinner with Minako! Yeah, yeah, yeah!" they sang happily.

Minako gave Toshiro a pleading look. She wasn't used to having this much attention lavished on her. Mostly the kids at school treated her normally, except for the few that ignored her completely. And she was perfectly happy with that.

Gaara walked out of the room and Toshiro followed obediently without a word. Naruto left then, wanting to get in some guy talk with one of his best friends. The twins squealed and looked up at their mother, "Mommy! Minako is so pretty! How come we never got to meet her before?"

"Because dears, you were too young to travel all this way, and vice versa." Sakura said, smiling down at her daughters.

"Oh." They both blinked.

"Now come on girls, it's time to go eat." Sakura clapped her hands. The twins immediately released Minako and trailed after their mother, joining hands, as was their nature. Hinata gave Minako a gentle push.

"Come on sweetie. Let's not keep everyone waiting." Hinata said gently.

"Yes Mama." Minako said, following behind obediently.

A/N: These are some descriptions of the characters, just so you have a better idea as to what they look like.

Toshiro (Age 9): Gaara and Sakura's first son. He looks exactly like Gaara, but his eyes are a darker shade of jade. Just like his father, he suffers from insomnia, but not to the same extreme. He has both Gaara and Sakura's abilities, so he can manipulate sand and use monstrous strength, and he is learning how to heal from Sakura.

Satomi (Age 7): Gaara and Sakura's older identical twin daughter. She looks exactly like Sakura but has Gaara's eyes, with a bit of black rimming the bottom, a sign that she is a restless sleeper. She has Sakura's strength and medical prowess. Of the two, her characteristics favor Gaara.

Natsumi (Age 7): Gaara and Sakura's younger identical twin daughter. She looks exactly like Sakura but has Gaara's eyes, with a bit of black rimming the top, a sign of her inability to sleep the whole night without waking up. She can manipulate sand like Gaara, and has Sakura's medical prowess. Of the two, her characteristics favor Sakura.

Minako (Age 7): Naruto and Hinata's daughter. She is the spitting image of her mother, except for her eyes, which are like Naruto's. Because of the byakugan, she doesn't have pupils. She wears her hair in a sideways ponytail, and her bangs are more jagged, going off to the left instead of hanging straight down the way Hinata's do.