Chapter Thirteen


"Does everyone have everything?" Sakura asked her children mostly, looking at their bags. She walked away from them and into the rooms, making sure they had left nothing behind. When she returned she smiled and nodded. "Looks like that's everything." She said, hoisting her backpack on.

The girls mimicked her actions, as did Toshiro. "Well come on," Gaara said, leaving through the door and waiting for the rest of them to exit. He closed the double doors and locked them, giving the key to the manager as they left. "I'm so glad to be going home." He sighed.

"Me too," Satomi huffed, "I hate this place."

"I kinda like it, it's so green everywhere!" Natsumi laughed, a bright smile plastered on her face.

Toshiro rolled his eyes, "You just like it cause' Akito lives here."

Her blissful expression was replaced with red embarrassment. "I do not!"

"Do so."

"Do not!"

"Do so!"

"Do not!" Natsumi screamed, her sand lashing out at her brother, causing his to react in the same manner.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Gaara glared, grabbing the two by their collars before they could rip each other to shreds. Their sand had ceased due to his presence and the fact that he was suppressing it. "You both need to calm down."

Sakura watched the whole thing and gave Gaara a meaningful look. "They take after you." She said, walking past him to the door. Placing a hand on Satomi's back, the two began to walk towards the village gates.

The redhead glared after her, dragging the two behind him. "Only with their abilities they are like me, if you hadn't noticed they have your personality you psycho!" he yelled after her.

She halted and turned back to him slowly. "At least I can keep my psychotic tendencies under control. If you haven't noticed, you are causing a scene with your childish behavior." She replied, turning and continuing to walk away from him.

"Only because you left me to deal with your spawn." He retorted. "No wonder they see fit to pointlessly fight with one another. They take after you in more than one way."

"My spawn?!" she yelled, turning to face him again, and angry look on her face. "They are just as much your spawn as they are mine. That's why they continue their pointless arguments, because they take after you." She said, pointing at him accusingly.

Gaara released the two and walked up to his wife, who had her hands set on her hips. A clear sign of a challenge. "Is that so?" he arched what could be a brow, having to look down at her since he had the height advantage. "Maybe so. But you're the instigator." He smirked, flicking her nose.

Just before Sakura could lunge at her husband, they heard a high pitched yell. "Akito!" Natsumi yelled, running past everyone to greet her friend and his father, who were waiting at the gate with Naruto, Hinata, and Minako.

Both Sakura and Gaara looked away from one another, a light blush on their faces. "We'll settle this when we get back home." He informed her, a smirk playing across his face. He knew how their fights always ended.

Natsumi latched onto Akito in a fierce hug. "I'm going to miss you Akito!"

Said Uchiha blushed at her admission. He wrapped his arms around her and returned her embrace. "I'll miss you too squirt." He said, ruffling her hair.

Minako ran up to Toshiro and hugged him tightly. "Will you miss me Shiro-kun?" she asked, wide blue eyes looking into surprised green.

"Um, of course." He laughed a bit awkwardly. But he just wasn't used to this kind of physical contact from anyone besides his family. "But we'll see each other again, I'm sure." He nodded, patting her back in an awkward hug.

Akito broke out of Natsumi's embrace and looked at the ground in embarrassment. Before she could ask what was wrong he shoved a box in her face. "Here. I thought you might want to learn how to use these…in case you can't use your sand or something…" he trailed off, not sure how his gift would be received.

She blinked and opened the box slowly, going wide eyed. "Akito! I love them!" she shut it tightly and hugged him again. "Next time we meet I'll show you how much I've practiced okay?" she smiled.

"What is it?" Satomi asked.

Natsumi turned to her sister and opened the box to reveal a beautiful set of kunai with the kanji for her name engraved into every one.

"Alright, alight." Gaara rolled his eyes. "Let's go, I have lots of work to do." He gestured and started for the gate.

Hinata walked up to Sakura, a small smile on her face. "I hope you can come back soon Sakura." She said quietly. "Our newborns will need to meet."

Sakura gave Hinata a look of surprise and then placed her hand on her stomach. She gasped when she felt the faint chakra being emitted from her abdomen. "Hinata, you could sense it?" she asked, looking back up at her friend.

"Of course. Like I said, the Hyuuga are especially gifted with chakra detection and control. So, when are you going to tell him?" she asked, leaning closer to Sakura so that nobody would overhear their conversation.

"When we get home I suppose. I want it to be a surprise." Sakura whispered back, and then she put her hand to Hinata's stomach. "Do you want to know what it is?" Sakura asked, since the baby was developed enough for her to be able to tell.

The Hyuuga shook her head negatively. "I want it to be a surprise if you don't mind. Naruto-kun and I like not knowing until the baby is born.'

"I understand. Thank you Hinata, you don't know how happy you've made me." Sakura said, hugging her friend. Then she pulled away and walked over to Naruto.

"Promise you won't wait so long to visit us again Sakura-chan! Now that our children have met, we would only be denying them!" Naruto wailed, picking her up in a fierce hug.

"I promise Naruto! Geez!" she replied smiling. He let her down and she walked towards the gates.

"Bye everyone!" Sakura waved and followed her husband, with Satomi right after her. Toshiro gave Minako a quick hug and then pounded fists with Akito before following his family.

"See you next time man," he smiled and then ran off.

Natsumi hugged Minako and giggled, looking back over at Akito. She ran over and hesitated, "Thank you Akito, I really love them." She nodded and then leaned forward, kissing his cheek and running off right after. "Bye!" she waved to them all, her dark red blush visible even in the distance.

Akito stood there dumbly, placing his hand over the spot where she had kissed him. Girls were so weird sometimes. Minako just waved at her friends, completely oblivious.

Three days later the family arrived at their home. They weren't disturbed by the villagers, because Temari knew that they would want to be left alone for a while. After putting their exhausted children to bed, Sakura made her way to hers and Gaara's bedroom. He was saying goodnight to the kids, so she took a quick shower and put on her favorite black tank top and shorts.

Coming out of the bathroom drying her hair, she walked over to him and kissed him lightly. "I'm glad to be home." She said sincerely.

"Me too." He said, reaching up and stroking her cheek, a tender smile on his face. "I'm going to go get a shower." He told her, walking towards the bathroom and shutting the door.

While he was gone, Sakura discarded her wet towel and began to pace the room. How would she tell him? She could do it the ways that she had before, but this time it was special. She didn't expect to get pregnant ever again, let alone so soon. And it was a girl, she could tell by the chakra.

She placed her hand on her stomach and walked over to the window, looking out over her village. However she told him, it would be tonight. The bathroom door opened then, revealing a freshly cleaned Gaara in his sleeping trousers. He walked over to her and kissed her lightly.

"So…where were we before we left Konoha?" he asked, a playful smirk on his face.

Instead of going along with him, she stepped back out of his embrace. He looked at her in confusion. Keeping eye contact with him, she wordlessly grabbed his right hand and placed it over her abdomen. She gave him a soft smile. "It's a girl."

He went wide-eyed, a smile playing across his face. "So soon?" he looked up at her, a bit shocked.

"Yeah. I guess Naruto was right when he said that good things often come from bad ones." She said.

"Another girl though?" he sighed. "Satomi and Natsumi are already so much."

She chuckled. "Well maybe this one will be different."

"I seriously doubt we're going to get a well behaved, quiet, and respectful daughter." He said rolling his eyes. "You are her mother after all." He smirked evilly, kissing her neck then.

She punched him in the shoulder lightly. "Yeah, and with you as her father, there's no way she will respect other people, especially if she doesn't like them." She said with a smile, running her fingers through his hair and pressing against him.

"Well, I guess we will just have to find out." He snickered, dragging her to their bed as his sand pulled the curtains closed to both the balcony and the canopy.

"Naruto and Hinata are having a boy you know." She said, looking up at him as she lay down.

He let out a loud groan. She just kept killing the moment. "Sakura, come on another plan? Why can't you just let things play out?" he asked, rolling off her and laying on his back.

She sat up and looked down at him, a pout on her lips. "I will let things play out. But this is just meant to be. Trust me on this, I'm never wrong when it comes to these things." She said, tracing a pattern on his chest.

"Whatever," he rolled his eyes, letting her continue her antics. He was tired and slowly his eyes closed, her soft caress sending him off to sleep.

She huffed, seeing that she wasn't going to get to have her way with him if he was just going to go to sleep. She stopped what she was doing and settled herself next to him, "Fine, night meanie." She smiled, resting her head on his chest. He smirked and placed his arm around her waist, pressing her against him.

"Night my queen."

"Goodnight my king." She sighed, snuggling into his warmth. She didn't know what this new baby would bring, but there was one thing she was certain of. No matter what life threw their way, her family would stay as one, always.




The unsettling sequel to Quake. As the dust finally clears in their lives, Suna is hit with an aftershock full of confusion, betrayal, and love.