A/N Hey sorry for any spelling mistakes or punctuation I just sort of typed and posted. Anyways I really wanted to right an epilogue for the Paranormalcy series so yep here ya go.

Two months after the portal was closed I was home alone. Lend had a study group and David was on a date with Raquel….weird. It was a quiet night I was watching Easton Heights on the living room couch of David's house. (No way was I living above that diner anymore.) It was so exciting right as Chelsea and Derek where about to kiss the lights went out. I was completely calm…..ok maybe I was clutching Tasey for dear life but still. I slowly rose from the couch and walked around "David? Lend? …..Jack?" Now I was scared. I was about to turn and run to the safety of my room upstairs when I saw a small flickering coming from outside the front door. I decided to follow it. What could go wrong? Well everything could go wrong but lets face it I attract trouble. So I went out the front door just as the light was turning around the bend of the path that led to the pond. I raced to catch up with it. I thought I saw a flicker of ….Glamour? Those only made my heart race more. I sped up. When I arrived at the pond there was a candle one single birthday candle sitting on top of a log. I approached it scared it would become some new kind of paranormal that hadn't gotten a chance to leave. I bent down very timidly and picked up the small pink candle in my fingers. Could this get any weirder? Probably. Best to keep my eyes peeled. I stood back up just as beautiful music sounded from all around me In every direction I could hear Soft piano and soothing violins coaxing me into a sway. Finally when I was getting relaxed a burst of flame came out of the trees and started a chain reaction of candles of every shape and color….of pinks. The flames danced together creating beautiful wisps and circles of dancing embers swaying in the soft breeze. All of the flames started to come into a circle right near the ponds edge when I looked up from the flames I saw him. Lend was standing there in his black haired hotty glamour staring at me with a huge smile on his face. "Lend?" Ok I was grinning to. How had he gotten there without me noticing? "Lend!" I carefully skipped around all of the candles finally making it to him I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him so hard he stepped back a few steps. When he pulled away we were both breathless. He laughed that simple laugh that makes my knees buckle. "Don't faint that would put a damper on my plans and as for the kissing we will have plenty of time for that later. For now though I have to tell you something very important." Now I was worried but also a little curious. "Evelyn." Whoa he never ever said my full name. He must have noticed my shock. "I mean Evie. I have known you for about a year and a half and I love you with all that I am every… Droplet of water." This made me smile and blush. He brushed away the strand of hair that had fallen into my eyes. That were now watering. "You have no idea how a=truly amazing and individual you are. I am breathless whenever you smile or laugh and Its all I can do not to kiss you every waking minute of everyday...I can't imaging not being with you forever and I don't want to waist anytime apart. Evie I want to love you and care for you never leave your side. I want to have children with you and watch them grow old I….I am yours Evie. I… will…um..Will me and you…there with that, Sorry." He was so nervous "Yes." He looked thrown off. So I clarified. "Yes I will marry you Lend." He smiled so big I thought he was going to stick like that…Not that that would be a bad thing but still. He picked me up and spun me around so fast I was winded. "Lend!" I choked out while laughing He stopped and set me down. "I don't want our first moment of being engaged to be you not your true self. I want you as you right now." He smiled and dropped his glamour. "There you are." I said while brushing some of his glossy hair away from his eyes. I kissed him with such passion and heart I felt so warm and content right there. I have no idea how long we kissed before a throughty cough came from behind me. I spun around so fast we both almost went into the pond. It was Jack. "Hey- oh! Don't let me interrupt..Oh wait that's exactly why I coughed." He stepped forward and held out something in a silver box with a big pink bow on top. Lend gasped. "Oh man! I must've forgotten it on the kitchen counter!" Jack laughed with a huge cheeky smile on his face. "See, Evie look your marrying a forgetful fool! " I bent down and Picked up a rock and threw it at him which he dodged. "Ok,ok I get it I'm going!" as he was leaving he turned around one last time and smiled while Yelling in a whimsical voice..While skipping in a circle "Congrats!" Me and lend yelled at the same time "Leave!" When Jack had finally left I was turned around to find lend on one knee holding out the silver sparkly box now open with a beautiful silver band with a nice sized diamond in the middle and four small pink gems on either side . It was "Perfect. Lend! You're amazing!" I held my left hand out to him. He gently pulled my hand to his lips and kissed each of my knuckles individually until he got to my ring finger. He slid the ring onto that one then pulled me into him not realizing we were so close to the pond. We both flopped into the cold water with a splash. I came up in his arms. I first checked my hand to make sure the ring was still there and didn't fall into the pond. Then I grabbed his hands and pulled us up to shore. We jumped out super fast. Let's just say that the water was anything but warm. I looked around only to see we had dowsed all of the candles from our fall except the small pink birthday candle. "Lend I'm sorry all of your hard work Its ruined." He laughed "Evie I don't care. All I care about is that you're here and I'm here. Hey see that candle the birthday one?" I nodded. "Well let's just say me and my dad found a way to make it stay lit…forever." I jumped up and down not only was I super excited but also bleeping freezing. "I ….Your so wonderful! And hey lets go inside. Before we get hypothermia." He nodded so fast. I turned to leave with his hand in mine only to be pulled up into his arms bridal style. "Lend.." He shushed me "Ah…No I have to get practice for when we are married!"

I was getting married…I couldn't believe it! Me! Getting married to the most amazing person I had ever met! I already knew the color sceem….PINK!