"Evie! Get your skinny butt over here now! I found it!This is it." Carley was screaming so loud I was a little embarrassed but it was still very kind of her to get so excited over my dress. When I got to her she was surrounded by white. Not just regular whit but the kind that makes your head hurt. "Isn't it perfect?" She mused. My vision was pulled to what she had in her hand and I tried not to show my face….It was horrible! A big poufy ball gown that had way to much layering and it had these long sleeves that were hooded at the ends…EEW. "Oh Carley…its….um….really nice?" her face fell. "You hate it don't you? I knew it! I'm sorry..I got so over excited I just forgot what you told me." She put on her mock Evie face and attempted to impersonate me. "Carley here are the rules I don't want to be a birthday cake on my wedding day. It's the wrong day for that. Think…Simple!." She popped the P in that word. We both went into a fit of giggles. After we calmed down we went through the racks together. Looking through dresses. We finally had like four in our hands and headed for the dressing room in the back of the bridal salon. "Hey Evie while you're trying that on I'm going to go find some veils." She skipped off. I was so thankful to have Carley. My last girl in my life. It would have been nice to have Lish here and andria. At least I hadn't lost Carley and Raquel was on her way. She was at a meeting. I went into the changing room and slipped on the first dress it was a mermaid style white off the shoulder one. It wasn't to BA-BAM! So I was cool with trying it on for Carleys sake. When I emerged from the dressing room Carley hadn't come back yet. "Carley?...Carle…." Oh bleep! I had found it. My dress it was on a mannequin right in front of the changing room. Fate. Carley came around the corner with a handful of veils in her hands. "Evie I love that one!...Evie? what are you staring at?..." She followed my vision to the dress. "Holy crap! Evie! It's wonderful!...Miss? Miss?" An employee came around the corner "Could you take that dress down for us?" The woman begrudgingly obeyed. When it was handed to me I almost cried. I walked into the changing room again and gently pulled the dress from the gods onto my body. The zipper slid right up. It fit like a glove. I walked out of the room and Raquel had arrived and was in a deep conversation about cake with Carley. I coughed. They turned and their eyes lit up and flooded with tears "Evelyn! It's wonderful! So you!" Raquel cheered and Carley just stood there crying her eyes out. I hadn't even seen myself in it yet. I turned around to the mirror. I gasped. The dress was a blush pink made from satin that was form fitting and cascaded down my body like a water fall and landed in a pool of shimmer at the train. The shoulders were not off the shoulder but very close to the edge of my shoulders and had tight long sleeves that shimmered with small gems down the arms, The neckline was a scoop that was not to low-cut but had a hint of cleavage which I praised because I needed it. And my favorite part was the back it was a backless dress the fabric started back at my waist. My whole back was showing. Lend would go insane! I burst into tears. They crowded around me and we hugged for who knows how long before the manager came over (she was so a vampire.) with a soft smile on her face. "Darling, you look like heaven in that dress. Made for you! I thought you might want the veil that matches it." She handed Raquel a soft white lace veil that went down below my waist. Raquel came and clipped it in. This only made me cry more. We had found my dress.

A few hours later we were headed home dress in hand. The dress fit me perfectly so we didn't need a fitting. I was so scared lend would find the dress before our wedding day.

We were in full pre-wedding swing. The big day was tomorrow. The venue for the wedding was next to the ever popular pond and we had this beautiful canopy of light pink flowers strung in a beautiful swirl design around the sides. We are having a small wedding. About 20 people. Everything was so busy I hadn't seen lend all week. I was going crazy! I ran over to David, who was laying out the walkway to the altar. "Hey, David, have you seen lend?" He looked up all red faced "Uh…He went looking for you I think. Check the house." I didn't even wait until he had finished I ran back to the house. "Lend!" I kept searching. I finally decided he wasn't in the house I turned around and was immediately pulled into the room I was standing next to. "What the bleep!" I turned around and Lend was smiling wide staring at me trying to hide a laugh. "Lend! Why didn't you answer when I called you?" I was a little irritated. A look of regret crossed his face. "Sorry, I wanted to surprise you. I missed you and I haven't …I just I needed to do this before tomorrow." I was about to ask what he wanted to do but was interrupted by him kissing me. This wasn't a normal kiss it was a (I'm going to marry you tomorrow so I don't care if someone sees me kissing you like this.) Lend had a way of saying everything in his kisses the way Raquel does when she sighs. His lips danced across my lips and down my chin to my neck. I was overcome with feelings..good feelings. I had to stop him before we did something that was meant for tomorrow night. I pulled away "Lend, Not yet." He blushed "Sorry Evie I just can't wait to call you my wife." I hugged him so hard he struggled to breathe. He was laughing. I started laughing to. I couldn't wait to call him my husband either.

I jumped out of bed super early or so I thought. I went downstairs to make breakfast and was run down and dragged by Raquel and Carley plus a few women from David's side including lends Aunt Tonia.

I was pushed back into my room and into the bathroom. They Carley started taking my clothes off while Raquel turned on the shower. "Wait!" They all stopped and looked at me like I was crazy. "What are you doing?" Carley spoke up "We forgot to wake you up we have an hour." I was frozen. Then they kept going. Once I was shampooed conditioned and shaved I was pulled over to the counter were they had set up hair and makeup stuff. There was four women around me all doing different things. Carley was doing my hair Raquel was doing my makeup and Lends Aunt Tonya was doing my nails. Once they were finished with that I was stripped again. Starting to get weirded out. Raquel brought in my dress followed by Carley with my veil. They helped me slip into the smooth dress and buttoned me up. They all stood back and smiled widely Raquel was sobbing. 'What what is it?" I asked then turned around to face the floor length mirror. I would not cry not now with all my makeup freshly done. Carley had done my hair in soft curls pulled up into a messy (beautiful messy.) Bun with small braids around it. I had bits of hair framing my face which Raquel has a strange talent for soft natural makeup with light pink blush and creamy pink lip gloss. My nails were French tips. My dress had no wrinkles and fell to the floor like a water fall. I was missing one thing. I turned around to find Carley holding up my veil ready to clip it in. I bent down while she gently clipped it right above my bun. Raquel slipped on some cream/pinky flats. I was ready. " Where's my bouquet?" Raquel answered "David has it ready downstairs waiting for you." David was walking me down the aisle…..This was really happening. I was marrying the man of my dreams today! I was led down the hall. Aunt Tonya was holding my train while Carley and Raquel held my hands. We went down the stairs to find David, as promised waiting for me bouquet in hand. He turned and gasped. "Evie, You look very elegant." He was such a dad! I blushed. He handed me my bouquet. All the women headed down to get seated. We waited a few minutes before heading down. David spoke up "Evelyn, I am so happy and proud to have you in the family. You make my son happy. I just am so thankful to you being here." He had tears in his eyes. I stopped and hugged him. "Thank you David. You're a father to me." After another hug we finally approached the pond. We stopped near the trees so nobody would see us. After Carley, Raquel and a few other women went down the aisle it was our turn. My heart did a back flip. I must've been squeezing David's hand to tight because he grunted in pain. I lessened my grip "Sorry." I whispered. My music started playing. I chose my heart will go on from Celine Dion. We headed to the end o the walkway to start. I took a step forward. We were able to be seen now. I looked to the end of the aisle for Lend but couldn't find him. I panicked and nudged David. He whispered. "LOOK for lend." I understood I looked closer and there he was. Himself. No glamour. The tears started to fall. He was crying also he was smiling so big I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. When we arrived at the end of the aisle David kissed the top of my head and gave me to Lend. I took his hand and walked with him to the minister (Forest nymph) this made me giggle. Lend looked at me and I looked back at him. I zoned out the minister and just focused on lend. I soon herd a grunt which pulled my attention to the minister. "Do you Evelyn Green take Lend as your lawfully wedded husband?" I let out a choked sob "Forever." Was all I could asked the same to Lend. Lend didn't even look away he just smiled and nodded vigorously. This made everyone laugh. They had us put our rings on next I want expecting mine. It was a beautiful soft pink diamond on a plain silver band. I let out a gasp. Lend smiled. I slid lends silver band on his finger. What the minister said next pulled our attention away from each other for a moment. "I now pronounce you Husband and wife. Lend you may kiss your bride." He pulled me to him and kissed me so soft and sweet but passionate at the same time. When we pulled apart everyone was standing up cheering. We laughed and ran down the aisle holding our hands up in the air. We were finally married and I intend to do a lot of kissing very soon.