Sh*t Ash says to Gary!

"Hey, Gary! Can I play with you in your room? All your grandpa does is cook tofu"

"Misty has like noooo idea I'm gay!"

"Remember that one time we accidentally kissed in kindergarten? No? Huh, me either"

"GARYY! Let me play in your room! No! Your grandpa is making me eat it!"

"Why did Ritchie look like he was gonna cry when he found out we were dating?"

"Why is are all the towns named after colors? And only ours is Pallet? They can't be referring to a "palette" and the others are our colors, NOBODY KNOWS SHIT THIS PLACE!"

"This chick kissed me a couple of times, but she was a Latias, she must have noooo idea I'm gay!"

"I'm gonna be a Pokemon master! Believe it! , oh wrong anime"

"why does Paul keep on getting pissed when I mention you, or the fact that your my boyfriend? Wonder why..."

"Remember when you used to make fun of me all the time and I got super pissed all the time? You do? I don't wanna..."

"I mean, no one knows shit about this place! I mean! Only we live here!"

"Kanto stereotypes are so messed, Unova kids think were county hicks!"

"You think if told Erika I was interested in penis I wouldn't have to cross dress that one time?"

"It's kinda creepy when James flirts with me"

"No body wants come here since your Grandpa sucks at counting, he KNEW 4 kids were coming but only had 3 starters!"

"May has noooo idea I'm gay!"

"I love how in this game, this guy who looks like me beats the guy that looks like you every time!"

" Pikachu was a total bitch today"

"I think has Max has a crush on Brock. You noticed too? EXACTLY!"

" Cilan's brothers are really hot... Ow! What was that for Gary?!"

" Why didn't the writer of this franchise give me a dad or you parents? Now fans will make really weird theories and stuff..."

"Dawn has noooo idea I'm gay!"

"Did Misty hit you when you told her we were dating? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOUR BALLS HURT SO MUCH THAT WE CAN'T HAVE SEX?!"

"I hate passing by the the daycare, the Pokemon fuck and the kids have no idea..."

"FAN SPECULATION IS CRAZY! I mean, do they ever figure that our parents are, you know, at work?!"

"Your cheerleaders must have nooooo idea you have a boyfriend"

"what the heck is digimon?"

"We are, like the only characters with last names!"

"How many years have we been 10?"

"And Pikachu zapped me! Would you believe that?! He does that every day? Oh yea..."

"I'm wearing this maid outfit since I gotta help out at the Milktank cafe...Gary, your nose is bleeding"

" Who the heck thought Drew wasn't gay? I mean, look at him!"

"Gary! Ritchie's crying again!" *hugs Gary* "No! He's crying even harder!"

"I swear, Harley needs to quit luring in Max with Ice cream, poor boy is gonna get his cherry popped, oh, Brock did it? Oh that poor boy is gonna get raped by some one who isn't his boyfriend"

"Iris knows I'm gay"

"Gary! Get Paul out of the arceus forsaken emo corner! Geeze. He's only like that when your around" *hugs Gary* "No! Don't sulk deeper!"

"we need an abridged series"

"what the heck is duel monsters?"

"I swear, Zoey has a thing for Dawn"

"Bakugan Brawl! Oh what? Wrong anime..."

"Hey Gary, I love you"

"Love you too Ashy-Boy" Gary says to ash.