Chapter 2 - Secrets

As he ran up to the tape line, a policeman pushed him back" This is a crime scene kid, not your place" he said

" That's my house" Mercury yelled exasperatedly, eyes wide, " What's going on?"
" You…better come with me, son" The cop said hesitantly

Minutes later, Mercury's mother and father were carted off in an ambulance leaving Mercury sat in the back off a police car, staring directly ahead, though not really seeing anything.

His mum and dad were dead. No, not dead. Murdered. Mercury let that thought sink in. Murdered in cold blood, what for? He didn't know but was sure as hell going to find out.

A young male officer with large aviator style sunglasses drove him to a nearby children's home. He didn't even bother to make conversation on the way. Mercury was thankful; he must know how Mercury was feeling.

He walked slowly away from the car with the young officer in tow, carrying a small hold all with some personal items mercury had chosen from his bedroom.

He laughed inwardly, he found the name ironic as it really now held all his belongings. Mercury sighed sadly as he stepped into the half derelict building he would now on be living in. Until they shipped him out to some stupid foster home, that is.

"Hi Mercury" A smiley man with blonde hair said, " I know this must be hard on you but believe me, I know what your feeling" he finished, " I'm James", he continued, " James Adams"

" Well, James Adams, if you know so well how I'm feeling, then maybe you should leave me the hell alone." Mercury said with ice in his voice and tears in his eyes "Please can you just show me my room" he said defeatedly

Once he found his room, Mercury fell down on the bed face first and just lay there, contemplating life without his parents, until a boy with spiky black hair rushed through the door

" Erm…. Hello" he said, apparently confused by Mercury's presence in his room.
" I'm Mercury" he said dully, " and I've been put in this craphole cause my parents died. Any questions?" he finished sarcastically
" Don't start on me, man. I've been there. Why the hell, do you think I'm here?" The boy replied" I'm Josh by the way"

Josh held out his hand, and as Mercury shook it, he noticed a small tattoo on the inside of his wrist." What's that? " Mercury questioned. Josh hastily shook his sleeve over his wrist, covering it up, as he did so he said" Ahhhh…. Its. ..Its nothing" abruptly changing the subject, he said" So, d'you wanna play XBOX?"