Chapter 2:

I stood there in disbelief. I couldn't believe it. The news that me and my friends had just heard was a mix of confusion and happiness. My aunt Selene was coming to visit us from England. Of course I was excited my favorite aunt was coming to visit, but why did it have to be now?

That's why only moments earlier Ryan had come to get me and my friends Sadie and Heavan. (Technically, Heavan is my cousin but close enough!) Anyway, back to the story. I was full of questions though I stayed silent. Why is she coming now? What did she want? My thoughts were interupeted by the soud of my phone vibrating. I slipped my phone out of my pocket and looked at the caller ID. The name was a familiar one, it was AUNT SELENE. I answered the phone with a sing-song voice.

"Heya, Selene!" I chirped. I was met by the brittish accent I missed so much!

"Hello, darling." She replied in a flat voice," I'm sure your father has already told you I'm coming for a visit?"

"yeah he has. Was it supposed to be a surprise? Cuz if it was I didn't know until just now and-"

"No it wasn't a surprise and I just needed to tell you I am coming and it will be ok. I will be there soon. Goodbye darling." And with that she hung up the phone.

Why was she so friggin mysterious sometimes!? I mean really? Come on I NEED details not suspense.

"It will be ok darling." I said in my British mimicking voice. I do that when I'm jealous of my aunt's voice or I'm irritated with her. Like I said before, WHY SO SUSPISOUS?! Uggggg…..oh well.

So yeah, this ought to be fun. I grabbed my friends and ran upstairs and told them everything that had just happened.

"OMG! Do you think she's psychic? Like she can read your mind or something?" Heaven said. She has a tendency to believe anything she sees on the internet. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know honestly. I mean I doubt it but I mean we have always had this connection like if I needed something she knew and if she was in pain I could feel it. It's like we those twins but we aren't cuz that would just be weird!" I said this thinking to myself.

I asked myself could she be more than just my aunt from Britain? Could we have more than just a small connection? I said this to myself and thought, and I thought Bella Swan had it bad….