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Chapter 2:

The next morning, Kaia opened her eyes to a loud silence. She blinked back the tears that immediately came to her eyes. It used to be, that every morning, Buckshot would whinny real loudly from the pasture connected to the barn, and wake her up. And only her. She was the lightest sleeper out of her and her father, and the stable hands all lived in the barn. But they all slept like rocks from the work they did all day with the horses, and the ranch. Kaia sighed. It seemed to her everything was just to quiet since Buckshot... left. All the ranch hands wouldn't talk to her, for a reason she didn't understand, and all the other horses weren't as loud as Buckshot had been. She stood, going over to her closet and slowly got dressed in her usual t-shirt, jeans, and western boots. She picked her hat up off of the hook by the door, opening it with her other hand and walking out. She knew nobody else was yet awake, for it was only 5:30, according to the wall clock right outside her room. She headed downstairs, pulling the orange juice and some other supplies out of the refrigerator and starting breakfast up, as she did every morning. Kaia smiled and looked up when her little beagle puppy, Bailey, walked in.
"Hey boy!" she said, reaching down and patting his head. Bailey barked happily, and nudged her leg with his nose. "Shhhhh" Kaia whispered. "You'll wake everyone up!" She dropped the eggs she'd been making onto a platter, and set the breakfast on the table. She'd been making meals for the ranch hands and her father ever since her mom had left. They're probably thoroughly tired of eggs and pancakes by now, Kaia thought, heading into the living room. She smiled at the picture of her, and Buckshot as a foal on the wall, feeling tears prick the backs of her eyes. Shaking her head, Kaia turned determinedly away from the picture.
"Pancakes and Eggs again?"
Kaia jumped and turned to see the youngest farm hand, Jackson, standing at the door, behind him, Horace and Trace, the other two farm hands, moaned. Kaia put her hands on her hips.
"Well," she replied. "When you give me an order for a meal that isn't eggs and pancakes, I'll make it. At you're own risk. Remember last time? You know I'm not a good cook."
Horace made a face. "Well, isn't there a cooking class at that public school of yours? Take that."
Kaia rolled her eyes. "I am. So far, all I'm learning is how to make pancakes." All three of them moaned, and the floorboards above their heads creaked.
"Boss is awake," Trace said. "Better get to work."
"Better eat your food," Kaia said. "Now sit down, all of you." Horace muttered something about her being just like her mother, and him, Jackson, and Trace sat down at the table, serving themselves some food.
"Now, Kaia, you can go down to the barn and take care of that foal of yours." Kaia turned, a scowl placing itself on her face.
"My foal? Not so much my foal as a horse you've placed on me so I'll stop remembering Buckshot. But guess what Daddy? I will NEVER forget him! Never!" she turned and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind her.
"Don't worry Boss, she'll come 'round. I saw that little filly myself this morn', and boy she's a cute one. Firey to, just like her grandmother." Trace said, taking a bite of pancake.
"I sure hope so," Clint replied, taking his seat at the table.