Samantha "Sam or Sammy" Oliver Series!

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder!


"Where you knocked on the head or something?" Kira asked.

The Blue ranger turned to her.

"What?" he asked, "last time I did that it worked!" A sudden crash like Thunder echoed loudly in the quarry clearing before a green light flashed and Trent and Mercer literally fell out of the sky and landed right in front of them making Ethan grin. "See."

All of them ran over to them looking relieved.

"You guys are alright," Kira said with a smile.

"What about Mesogog?" Tommy asked.

"I don't think he made it," Trent answered with a shake of his head, "but just in case."

Sam smiled as Trent opened the case in his hands to reveal the Dino Gems making Tommy to nod.

"Tommy, I don't know where to start," Anton spoke as he looked at the Black Ranger

Tommy patted Anton on his shoulder.

"We'll talk later," Tommy told him, "right now we better get back to the Lab. We still have Zeltrax to deal with."

They all nodded back getting back into the 18 wheeler that Hayley had reprogrammed to take them back to the Dino Lab.

QS-Dino Lab!

"What happened?" Kira asked as she was the first to walk in with the others right behind her into the mess.

"It's trashed," Ethan stated.

"Uncle Justin!"


They all heard a beeping sound making them all to turn to where it was coming from.

"What is this?" Conner asked as he picked it up.

"It's a black box that I keep a security camera in," Hayley answered as she took it form him.

They all watched as Zeltrax destroyed the Dino Lab making Sam let out a sigh.

"This is all my fault," Anton said with a sigh as he watched the tape, "I should have stopped him."

"Don't blame yourself for what you did when you were him," Trent told his father

"Trent is right, Anton," Tommy said as he clapped his friend on the shoulder, "this is about me and Smitty. It had nothing to do with you."

"But if there were no Mesogog..." Anton started.

"We can't go back and change what happened," Tommy interrupted, "Mesogog is gone. We should be thankful for that."

"So what now?" Connor questioned, "I guess we don't hang up our morphers just yet."

"And what about Uncle Justin?" Sam asked with worried tone.

"She has a point Tommy," Hayley said as she looked up at the Black Ranger, "this doesn't show us what happened to Justin."

The other Rangers all looked at each other worried when they heard a groan coming from the side. They all rushed over to find the Former Blue Turbo Ranger laying on the ground with bruises so Sam, Tommy, and Anton quickly helped him up before setting him in a chair.

"Uncle Justin," Sam said, "are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Justin answered with a smile.

They all stood around the place thinking of a way to stop Zeltrax when Ethan called them.

"Dr. O, I found Zeltrax. And I don't think he's here for the double feature."

"Ranger up," Tommy told him, "we'll meet you there."

Tommy looked at the others and they all nodded before falling into line.



"Dino Thunder! Power Up! Ha!"

"White Ranger! Dino Power!"

"Crimson Ranger! Dino Power!"

Battle field!

It wasn't long till they meet up with Ethan to look up at the new Zord that Zeltrax created.

"Why must the bad guys find away to make a Zord of their own?" Sam asked with a groan, "first Zurgane and now Zeltrax. When well it end?"

"Power Rangers surrounded or my most precision cargo well be destroyed," Zeltrax ordered.

"I bet that he's got Elsa in there," Conner pointed out.

"Nuh, really?" Rita asked with sarcasm, "we never would have guessed."

"You are correct," Zeltrax confirmed ignoring Rita, "I wanted her to see your demised. Triptods!"

The Rangers all called forth their weapons and started to fight the Triptods, but they ended up on the ground when Zeltrax fired at them.

"This gone far enough," Tommy said as he stood up, "Trent, Sam, can you two handle the Triptods?"

"Not a problem," they agreed.

Trent and Sam both ran at the footsoilders attacking with out mercy while others took their Zords while Tommy went in to find Elsa. Sam looked up at the Zord before looking back at Trent.

"I'm going to go help my Dad," she told him before Ninja Streak up into Zeltrax's Zord.


"Dad!" Sam called out once she landed inside. It didn't Sam long to find Tommy about to be attacked by Zeltrax, but she blocked it with Saba before Zeltrax went into fight them. Both Tommy and Sam tagged teamed Zeltrax, but he just ended up sending them to the ground. "Dad!"


"Maxim power! You and me, Tommy."

"Get Elsa," Tommy told Sam.

Sam did as he said and blasted the vine like robes that where holding her before moving to catch her.

"I got chya," Sam told her before looking up just in time to Tommy get sent to the ground. "Hey freak!" Zeltrax turned to face her before he started to move to attack, but Sam beat him to the punch by using her Saber-Tooth Bow and blasted him. "Guys, I've got her. We're going coming out."

"Your not going anywhere."

Zeltrax moved to attack them when he was sent to the ground.

"What?" Sam asked before she noticed the Thundersaurus MegaZord outside.

"You guys!"

"Let's go," Sam said as she grabbed Elsa before they jumped out of the Zord and landed on the ground. "Your safe now."

"You made it," Trent said when he noticed them.

The two girls ran over to Trent with smiles it wasn't long till Tommy joined them on the ground.


"You alright?" Sam growled when Zeltrax joined them on the ground.

"You didn't think I'll let you go that easy did you?" Zeltrax asked as he walked towards them.

"Elsa come with me," Trent told her before they moved away.

"Your going down Tommy," Zeltrax told the Black Ranger.

"You with me Sam?" Tommy asked looking her.

"Oh, yeah."

Working together as one Sam and Tommy managed to destroy Zeltrax once and for all before they where joined with Trent and Elsa.

"Conner, your going to need all the Zords," Tommy said into his morpher.

"Right," Conner agreed just as all the Zords appeared next to the three Zords, "Dino Zords! Full Power!"

Just when they thought that they had destroyed the Zord it came back again like some had hit rewind on the VCR.

"You've got to sacrifice the Zords," Tommy told them.

"We can't!"

"No, Dr Oliver!"

"You've got, too," Tommy told them, "it's the only way."

"Alright," Conner finally agreed, "engage auto-destruct!"

They others all ran forward a bit.

"Get out of there," Tommy mumbled.

They all watched as the three Zords blew up destroying the enemy Zord for good this time not knowing if the others got out of time. After the three Rangers demorphed they all ran over to where they wreck was looking for them.

"Where are they?" Sam asked before she noticed the 6 of them all of which had demorphed, "Ethan? Conner, Rita, Reina, Yukie, Kira!" The four of them ran over to where the others where looking relieved. "That was impressive."

"But the Zords," Ethan said with a frown, "their destroyed."

"You guys what you had to do," Tommy told them.

"That's true," Trent agreed, "or else nothing would have stopped it."

"So, that's it?" Conner asked, "it can't just be over."

"Of course it's not over!" something growled behind them making all the rangers and Elsa to turn around to see it was Mesogog.

"Why do they always come back for more?" Tommy and Sam asked.

"You destroyed my plans for creating a perfect world," Mesogog hissed at them, "however, I was able to absorb enough energy; to complete my transfiguration. Witness the face of your finally battle."

They all watched as Mesogog turned into an even creepier monster then before.

"Elsa get somewhere safe," Sam told her.

Elsa nodded before running off to find somewhere to hid.

"You guys ready for one last battle?" Tommy asked.

All of them nodded.

"Ready?" Conner asked, determination etched into his features








The others responded bringing up their wrists as their Morphers appeared

"Dino Thunder! Power Up! Ha!"

"White Ranger! Dino Power!"

"Crimson Ranger! Dino Power!"

After morphing all of them went into Super Dino Mode.

"Tyranno Power!"

"Tricera Power!"

"Ptera Power!"

"Centro Power!"

"Toro Power!"

"Styroco Power!"

"Brachio Power!"

"Drago Power!"

"Saber-Tooth Tiger Power!"

"Dino Rangers!"

"This is it," Conner told them before they all charged into fight.

Mesogog fired lasers from his mouth at them as they hit out of the six rangers 4 of them jumped up and over the blasts as 5 shielded themselves using their weapons, but it didn't slow them down or stop them in their race forward tog get to Mesogog. The three Primary rangers were the first to the beast jumping into the air and slashing downwards when they got close enough, Ethan twisted around in the air and as he landed behind the Mesogog was thrown backwards. The Yellow ranger had been slammed into from the side by Mesogog's arm. Looking up at a battle cry Mesogog saw Trent, Sam, and Tommy jump down at him when they landed the White and Black ranger's twisted around as Sam jumped up into the air aiming her bow at him at the same time as Trent and Tommy's weapons connected with him. No sparks flew from the connection or the arrows hitting him and Mesogog wasn't phased. He threw out his hands and sent the three Rangers hurling through the air and onto the hard ground below. When the three of them hit the ground Rita, Reina, and Yukie jumped in and attacked together as a team, but like the others they where sent to the ground as well. Back to his feet Conner jumped through the air and landed on Mesogog's back; as he held on tightly to his shirt.

"I got him!" he stated as Mesogog thrashed around trying to dislodge the Red ranger from behind him.

Not being able to hang on any longer Conner flipped over and off the back of the Mesogog landing in a crouch as Mesogog turned towards him, however, before having a full chance to turn towards Conner, Trent, Sam, and Tommy were back up and ready to fight. Mesogog growled as the White, Crimson, and Black Rangers attacked once more slashing at him with their weapons that seemed to be doing no good what so ever. Getting back to his feet Ethan raced forward and sweeped at Mesogog's feet with Rita: the Green and Blue Rangers then twisted in the air as they landed and grabbed Mesogog's arms to hold at his side as one of the others took a hit. What they didn't expect was for Mesogog to turn the tables and throw them away from him. Rita and Ethan skidded to a halt side-by-side, and turned back to Mesogog as they were blasted with series of laser blast making the ground beneath their feet exploded and they were blown into the air. Tommy groaned as he was rammed against the side of an abandoned car; he pushed Mesogog away, but the thing turned the tables one again and attacked the Black Ranger with close personal lasers that looked like they stung when they made impact with Tommy. He groaned as before falling to his knees and later down onto his stomach.

"Dad!" Sam yelled.

"Hey!" Kira yelled as she got ready to attack, "back off!"

Mesogog looked up at the Ptera ranger and pushed the car that he had just slammed Tommy against towards her. Kira jumped up and run over the top of the car, jumping off into the air as her leathery wings appeared and she flew towards Mesogog. The monster fired lasers as usual and the blast hit Kira causing her to drop to the ground below before she even got close.

"My turn!" Conner commanded as he appeared behind Mesogog.

Mesogog turned on the Red ranger and opened his jaws as an elongated tongue shot out at Connor. The Red Ranger in question flipped over numerous times to avoid getting caught, but it managed to catch him at one point.

"Hover craft cycle!" Ethan's voice echoed throughout the building site as he rode in on his bike.

Mesogog fired lasers at him and the Blue ranger swerved to avoid them. Getting back up onto his feet Conner flipped side-ways over the white car that Sabrina was using as support and landed behind Mesogog.

"Over here, Mesomess!" Conner teased, "Triassic Ranger!" The energy filled him as his suit glowed and changed into the Triassic Ranger. The shield of Triumph had been destroyed but he didnt need it or the energy of his friends to phase now. He had all the strength he needed, just knowing his friends lives, the protection of Reefside and the whole world was counting on him. "Battlize Mode!"

The Battlizer appeared as well as the cannons before Conner jumped into the air and fired two high voltage energy blasts at Mesogog who flew backwards from the blast and crashing it boxes, metal bins, and bricks behind him making ripples of blue energy ricocheted through him as he sparked.

"You did it Conner," Kira said as they all regrouped.

However, Sam noticed that something wasn't right.

"Unbelievable," Tommy said when they noticed Mesogog get up not at all damaged.

The girls let out a gasp when Mesogog turned into two.

"He's replicating!" Conner stated.

And before long hundreds upon hundreds of Mesogog stood before the Rangers making the 4 out fo 5 girls groan.

"One was bad enough," Ethan complained, "how do we fight them all?"

Tommy turned to his students, the Chan Sisters, Yukie, and his daughter.

"Guys we have to use all of our powers! It's the only way."

"Right!" Conner agreed with a nod.

They all fall into formation the rangers twirled their arms through the air and brought them to a halt emphasizing the Dino Thunder emblem on their suits

"Power Rangers!" they commanded together.

"I summon the Power of the Gem!" Conner commanded.

"Dino Gems!" all 9 of them shouted, "unite!"

The Energy form the Dino Gems combined together forming a flaming version of a huge T-Rex who lunged forward and chomped its jaws down on the Mesogog in the front of the line. The rangers turned as a deafening energy blast rebounded off the site and as the flames died down. Mesogog had gone for good this time. Once they were demorphed all the Rangers meet in a circle holding their Gems.

"Everyone okay?" Tommy asked as he looked around at the teens

"I feel different..."

"Yeah," Trent agreed, "like normal again."

"Me too!" the girls agreed.

"ts gone," Ethan proclaimed while looking at his Dino Gem, "the power's gone."

"It took everything that Gems had to destroy Mesogog," Tommy told them.

"So this are just..."

"Ancient artifacts," Tommy stated, "that would look great in a museum." They all looked over to see Cassidy, Devin, and Elsa walk up to them.

"Hello Rangers," Cassidy greeted.

"So you knew?" Conner asked.

"Well, I kinda already knew," Devin answered, "but I had to show Cassidy in person."

"This is like the greatest thing ever," Cassidy said before hugging Devin, "and we've got it all on tape." Sam's eyes widen as she broke away from Devin and turned back to the team. "You know a reporter could make a whole career out of this."

"Cassidy, do you realize what our lives will be like if that tape gets out?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, I do," Cassidy admitted, "that's why I'm giving this to you."

Sam took the tap that Cassidy handed over to them looking at her like she had grown another head.

"Wait, Cassidy passing up a scoop of a lifetime?" Kira asked, "why?"

Cassidy looked around at them all with a smile.

"Because you're my friends," she answered them, "it wouldnt be right to ruin your lives just to make mine better. Not after everything you've done for us."

"I always knew that there was a heart deep down inside of there somewhere," Ethan said.

"Yeah," Cassidy agreed, "I just needed someone to help me find it." Cassidy grinned at Devin "Now if you'll excuse us..."

"Yeah, we're off to the Prom," Devin agreed before they walked off with Elsa right behind them.

"Finally," Kira and Sam said at the same time.

"I thought that those two were never going to get together," Kira said as she looked at them.

"And just like that," Conner said with a grin,"life goes back to normal"

"Our lives may be normal," Tommy told them, "but trust me; it will never be the same."

"Got that right," Sam agreed.

The others laughed before they all head home though Kira went with Tommy and Sam to their place to help Sam get ready.

City hall!

Sam and Hunter where standing together watching the others having fun though Sam got a kick out the Ethan had finally asked Yukie to the prom with him.

"I was wondering if I had to get Tori's help to get those two together," Sam told Hunter who cackled.

"I know for a fact that she would have been happy to help," Hunter stated making the former Crimson and White Ranger nod.

"Hey guys, I just want to say we've had an interesting year," Tommy spoke into the microphone as the senior class of Reefside High 2004 fell silent, "we've been through a lot, more than any school should have to go through. But we've made it, and we're okay. That's what's important; so let's have fun tonight, and to help us do that; here she is-Kira Ford."

Everyone cheered as Kira appeared on stage, but only Yukie and Sam cheered the loudest.


You gave me something more

More than I've ever felt before

We could be falling in love

Oh baby

I can picture you and me

More than coming closer

Just a little more time and

Just a little less thinking

Just a little more time is all that I need

Just a little less believing

Just a little more breathing

Let's give it time


...My Line...

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