A Flaw In the Plan

Summary: Light and L are kidnapped, and all their captors want is L's true name. But when they refuse to give it up, Light is put in harm's way. Set while Light has no memory of the Death Note (based on anime series)

This is a piece of silly fanfiction that I had an idea for in the middle of the night. Sorry if I switch tenses randomly or misspell a name or something. :P And my characterization isn't all that great in this chapter, but hopefully L and Light will be more like themselves in the next chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note. Nor do I own a Death Note. Or anything like that.

Chapter 1

Light sat in the headquarters, Ryuzaki next to him. The rest of the team had already left for the day; it was nearly midnight, the moonlight streaking into the room and shining on Light's face. His eyes were attempting to close, as both he and Ryuzaki had only a few hours of the sleep the night before. Ryuzaki's eyesight was also wavering.

"Perhaps it would be best if we took a rest." Ryuzaki suggested. "We're both tired, and we can't keep working like this."

Light shook his head. "No," he murmured. "You can go, but I'll stay for a bit longer."

Ryuzaki gazed over at him for a moment. His eyes were glued to the computer screen in front of him, looking over the list of criminals killed that day. His shirt was wrinkled and dirty, and his hair was messy. He had bags underneath his eyes. He was almost eighteen, and was still growing. He needed to sleep.

Before Ryuzaki could protest, Light stood up, looking furiously away from him.

"What is it?" Ryuzaki asked, but Light shushed him hurriedly. He stared at the shadows, and then murmured, "Ryuzaki. Get out of here."

Ryuzaki raised his eyebrows, and questioned Light. "Why? What's…"

Ryuzaki followed the line of Light's eyesight, and stopped his sentence as he saw what Light saw.

A man.

The man jumped forward, and Light ran back before he could grab him. "Get out of here! Run!" Light cried to Ryuzaki, but he didn't move.

"I said run!" Light screamed again, and Ryuzaki shook his head, his whole body numb. What was happening?

The man lunged at Light again and again, always missing. He kept getting dangerously close to him, but Light managed to evade him.

Ryuzaki snapped out of his trance, and started sorting through the drawers, throwing things out of the drawers, looking and looking for a singular item. A gun.

"Looking for this, pretty boy?" The man asked in his baritone voice. He held up a small hand gun, the same handgun that was usually held in the same drawer Ryuzaki was currently searching through.

But it wasn't the fact that he had the gun he was searching for.

It wasn't the fact that Ryuzaki had nothing to defend himself with.

It was the fact that he held Light in his arms against his struggles, the gun against his head.

The gun.

Ryuzaki shook his head. "No…no, no, no! Let him go!" he cried.

The man laughed and pushed the gun harder against Light's head. He cringed slightly, but then screamed, "Run! Ryuzaki, get out of here! Get-"

His voice was cut off by a hand being put roughly over his mouth. He screamed, and at first Ryuzaki thought it was because he was scared for himself.

Only when he felt the barrel of a gun behind his back did he realize that Light was scared for him.

"Should've listened to your little friend, here, L." the man laughed. Ryuzaki cringed. The fact that these men knew that he was L made this situation all the more worse for them.

Light bit the man's hand, and he recoiled slightly, enough for Light to wriggle free. He ran to the spare drawer, where they kept yet another gun. But before he could open it, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head, and he fell to the floor.

"Light!" Ryuzaki cried, and tried to run to him, but the man behind him grasped his arms and held him tightly. "No!"

The other man, who had hit Light in the back of the head with his gun, picked the unconscious Light up and held him in his arms. Ryuzaki bit his lip to stop himself from crying out again. No one was coming to help them. Screaming wouldn't get them anywhere. He had to think his way out of this.

A puzzle. Great. Like he needed another one.

The men walked Ryuzaki and a still unconscious Light outside to a truck. They tossed them in the trunk, and Ryuzaki cringed when he heard the thud of Light's head hitting the floor. They closed the trunk and left them in the dark.

Ryuzaki felt the car start up, and they began moving. He moved Light precariously, checking his head to discover that he had a bump on the back, probably from the whack he had gotten from the gun. He probably had a concussion.

Ryuzaki held Light's head on his lap, the boy still unconscious. Suddenly, he had an idea. It was stupid that he hadn't thought of it before, as every second counted. He grabbed Light's cellphone out of his jacket and pressed speed dial number one. Soichiro Yagami. Light's father.

"Light?" a groggy voice answered on the other end of the line. "What is it? Are you and Ryuzaki almost done at headquarters?"

"Mr. Yagami," Ryuzaki spoke quickly and quiet, lest the men in the front hear him. "We've run into a bit of trouble. A man somehow got into headquarters, and kidnapped both Light and I."

"What?" Mr. Yagami cried, confused. "What are you talking about, Ryuzaki?"

"We're currently in the back of their van." He whispered. "Light was knocked unconscious, I think he may have a concussion. But besides that, we're both unharmed."

"The problem is…" Ryuzaki continued. "They know that I am L. That means only bad things. Whoever wants to kidnap L and Light Yagami can only bring trouble. He probably wants some sort of information out of us, and is going to use your son as leverage. Otherwise, he would have waited for Light to leave before trying to take me. Light was the one who noticed him first, but he still could have left him behind before he saw his face."

"I…I don't know what to say, Ryuzaki. Do you have any idea where they're taking you?" Mr. Yagami asked.

"No idea. Report the case to the police. I'll call you again when we arrive at our destination and Light and I are alone. Hopefully, your son should be awake by then. Otherwise, he may have sustained more damage than I thought." Ryuzaki finished.

He hung up the phone before Mr. Yagami could respond. He couldn't handle an angry parent.

He had dragged Light into this. He knew that already.

But he was going to get them both out.