Chapter 2

" How much longer Billy?" Jason asked

"Not much longer Jase, these rocks are very unusual… to say the least" Billy stated

"Huh?" Zack and Kimberly said in unison

"What is so special about these rocks?" Trini asked

"These rocks seem to hold a great amount of power… they also seem to give their owner a special gift."

"A Gift?" the others asked

"Yes.. The crimson has ability to give it's owner extreme strength, navy has the ability to give it's owner some sort of energy force field, purple has extreme energy to the point the owner won't easily tire, orange has the ability to send electric pulses through his palms to stun attackers, and the pink can give it's owner the ability of foresight."

"So who are these so called 'owners' Bill?" Jason asked while using air qoutes around the word owners

"Ummm… we are the owners, I think we just have just been summoned to be power rangers again." Billy said

~~The next day~~

The next day at the layer the kids watched Hayley and Dr. Oliver searched California for gems, but so far there was no luck finding the pin point location of the energy

"I don't understand finding our dino gems and dino eggs weren't this hard." Ethan said

"It could be possible Ethan that one of these gems has a power that is preventing me from getting pin - point location of the source of there energy." Hayley said without even taking here eyes of the screen

" Hayley do you think you can get us a general idea were to look?" Tommy asked

"Let me try …" Hayley said

Moments that seemed to drag on forever as Hayley typed away at the computer.

"HA! Got it …. It's somewhere around here." Hayley said pointing to the area inside a medium red circle on the screen

"Were is that ?" Trent asked

"Angel Grove" Tommy said

"Wasn't that were you grew up and first became a power ranger?" Kira asked

" Yeah" Tommy told Kira

"So now lets go look for them." Conner said

"Not so fast Conner," Tommy said

"Angel Grove is not that small as it seems … but what is very unusual is the whole town is under a sea of energy. For all we know now it could be an aftereffect of the destruction of the power chamber over 5 years ago … it may not be gems after all." Tommy explained

"Great so your saying there is a possibility it is nothing" Conner said

"Yes, Conner I am afraid so, but we have a field trip to make sure, but don't get your hopes up." He warned

"WOO! Field trip !" Conner and Ethan said with an high five

At that moment the alarms went off and the kids groaned

"Looks like tat field trip will have to wait." Tommy told the kids

"Ready" Conner said

"Ready" the others said

"Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

"White Ranger, Dino Power"

And the five headed into Uptown Reefside


At Billy's Lab in Angel Grove

"So how do go about making morphers?" Kim asked

Jason, Zack, and Kim turned and looked at Billy and Trini

"Why are you guys staring at us?" Trini asked

"Well … Sweetheart" Jason began to explain to his wife

"What Jay is trying to say is since you to are the brainiacs so you guys should be the ones to make the morphers." Zack said

" Just because were intelligent doesn't mean we are capable to make morphers." Trini stated

"Affirmative." Billy said

"So who can make them?" Kimberly asked

There was a longs pause. Then suddenly,

"I just though of something…" Billy said

He walked to the corner of the garage were a giant while cloak covered a large object and Billy pulled of the cloack and a white buggie was revealed.

"The Rad-Bug?" they questioned

"It's the fastest way to get to where we need to go." Billy told

"But lets vote now that Zack doesn't drive at all." Kim said

"Agreed" Jason, Trini and Billy said

"What, that was one time .." Zack argued

"Yeah, one time to many." Kim said to Zack

The gang got in the car and Billy got in the driver's side

"Next stop .. Storage"


Zeltrax and Elsa were in Uptown Reefside with Tyrannodrones along with several monsters. They interrupted from destroying the town when they notice that the rangers had arrived.

"Who invited the party crashers?" Elsa asked sarcastically

"We invited are selves .. I see you have been digging up my past." Tommy said as he stared down the three familiar monster of the past.

"Yes we have." Elsa said

"I hope you know that I destroyed them once I can do it again." Tommy said

"Dr. Oliver I can handle Zeltrax and Elsa .. You're the only one who can help the others to destroy the monsters." Trent said

"Alright , Trent" he agreed

" Primator, Dramole, Nimrod… attack" Zeltrax commanded

"Come on Monkey bring it on !" Conner said taunting Primator

The monkey charged Conner and the two went flying over the rail onto concert below.

"Woah!" Ethan said as they looked over the railing there two Red Rangers battling

"Which one is which ?" Kira asked

"Primator must see his reflection, force to the pier and have them look at their reflection in the water and make sure you fight together it's the only way you will defeat him." Tommy told Ethan

Ethan jumped over the side of the railing and called upon his Tricera Sheild and used it to ram the two red rangers to the water.

"Kira do you think you can handle Dramole?" Tommy asked Kira

"Yeah, I think so .." She said

"Don't breathe in the fumes he creates, it put you under his spell." He told her

"Alright Dr. O" she said as she ran up to fight Dramole

"I guess just you and me Nimrod." he said as he pulled out his Brachio Staff.

"Well long time no see…. I see you changed colors" Nimrod as she ran over to him with her staff about to strike the black ranger when he met her half way colliding swords.

"I destroyed you before Nimrod, I can do it again." He told as he caught her off guard and pushed her backwards with a kick.

**Meanwhile with Trent **

Trent was getting up from the ground recovering from the last kick

"Your outnumbered kid why don't you just give up." Zeltrax' said taunting the White Dino Ranger

Trent stood up an drew out his Drago Sword

"I guess it's time to bring out the heavy artillery … Super Dino Mode !"

Trent's regained his engery and his black diamonds turned into sharp spikes. He took his Drago sword and fired laser arrows and the Tyrannodrones fell to the floor and disappeared. Zeltrax and Elsa then stood back up

"Now it is an even fight." Trent said as he charged at full force

** Meanwhile with Ethan and Conner **

"Ouch Ethan what the hell was that for ?" Both red rangers said in unison

" To end this monkeying around once and for all!"

Ethan said as he forcefully grabbed both rangers and held there helmets inches above the water. Soon the reflection of the ranger on the left changed from the red ranger to Primator. Ethan took Primator spun him around and jabbed his knee in his chest and Primator went flying backwards

"Thanks Ethan" Conner turned to his friend

"Dr. O said we have to take him together in order to defeat him." Ethan said

Conner and Ethan reached for there holster and grabbed their blasters

"Thundermax Saber Mode!" The both yelled and their blasters turned in to sabers

Both rangers charged the monster together and swiped there sabers at the monster. When the two knocked Primator to the ground Conner turned to Ethan

"Lets finish this poser, Ready?"

"You bet" Ethan replied

"Thundermax Blaster mode" they commanded as their sabers returned to blaster mode.

"Fire" Conner yelled

The two shot Primator and sparks flashed when the laser made contact with it's body. Several shots later Primator fell to it's knees and exploded and all what was left was fire were Primator once stood. The two rangers put their blasters in their holsters and high- fived

"Now lets get back to the others." Ethan said

** Meanwhile with Kira**

Kira fell to the ground once again as Dramole knocked her off her feet a it traveled under ground.

"That's it you have made me very angry," Kira said in frustration "Super Dino Mode" and her white diamonds turned into spikes and she was now able to go airborne and Dramole tried to knock her off feet again Kira leaped into air and when Dramole surfaced she landed behind him. Dramole searched for the ranger but she was no where in sight suddenly Dramole felt a small tap on it's shoulder and when he turned around his face was met with the yellow ranger's foot and Dramole fell to the ground

"Need some help?" Conner asked

" You bet I could" she responded to her fellow teammates

"Super Dino Mode !" Conner and Ethan yelled and their white diamonds turned to spikes

After the three charged the monster the sent several swift kicks and punches when Dramole was weakened the rangers took out there Thundermax blaster fired simultaneously at the monster and Dramole too exploded

** Meanwhile with Tommy **

Nimrod finally got the upper hand and knocked the black ranger on his back

"Surrender yet you stupid stubborn ranger?" Nimrod taunted Tommy

"I am very offended Nimrod I thought by now you know I not the type too give up that easily .." Tommy said as he got back on his feet.

He raised his staff in the air "Brachio Staff Energy Orb Full Power." and the energy orb stunned Nimrod

"Let's finish off" Conner said

The four formed the z-rex blaster and destroyed Nimrod

**Meanwhile with Trent **

Zeltrax and Elsa noticed all the monster were destroyed and backed away from the white ranger

"we love to stay and chat, but we have bigger and better matters to take care off" Elsa said and the two disappeared into a invisa- portal

"Great" Trent muttered to himself he suddenly felt a small comforting hand in his shoulder

" Are you alright?" Kira asked

" Yeah, they got away .. " Trent said

Tommy lifted his communicator to his helmet " Hayley do you think you can send us a ride?"

"All ready on it" she responded as the raptor riders and the two ATVs made there way around the corner.

"Let's head back to the layer and tomorrow we'll head to Angel Grove." Tommy told the others

They got on their vehicles and headed back to layer.