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I am in pain. I can barely feel my arms and legs, and my shut eyelids conceal from me the destruction I can hear being caused all around. I try to creak them open, groaning lightly while letting some air through my nostrils to confirm that my lungs can still function. A violent cough soon follows the likes of which this body of mine had never felt before, and it is then that I realize how hard it is for me to breathe. Even with my oxygen intake diminished, I work hard to force my eyelids open, hoping to catch a glimpse of the atmosphere and determine just why I am on my back. But my vision has become blurred, and all I can see is a large, black creature roaring in front of me, its wings being the most prevalent part of its behemoth body.

With its violent screech comes an eruption of the sky, the ensuing cascade of thunderbolts splitting apart the surface of a planet below. I twist my head to the left, an amber-bladed sword laying cracked in half by my side with the flames having died out not very long ago. My vision becomes somewhat clearer by this point, and I unconsciously turn to the beast, staring into its bleak, dark red dragon-like eyes as it opens its mouth up wide and bears its three rows of fanged teeth at me, acid saliva dripping from its prehensile tongue as the beast's appetite grows ever-stronger.

I blink once, the scene changing immediately to a black void. I am now laying on a jagged, rectangular scale that is set on top of a golden statue of a goddess of indescribable beauty. There are two other scales on both sides of my lying figure, one filled with hardened light while the other starts to overflow with darkness and threatening to overtake the weight brought on by the light. The right scale is pulled downward, and as it lowers the scale I am on begins to sink into the statue, which cracks from the pressure brought on from the unbalanced weight on both sides.

I can hear each crack being formed, the sounds growing louder as they crawl towards the top of the statue. I try to keep my eyelids open, but my weakened spirit and body prevents my effort from being fulfilled. With my heart slowing its beat, I am taken entirely off-guard when the statue shatters into pieces and gravity drags both me and all of the scale's attachments towards the endless abyss below. The pace of my heartbeat quickens, my limbs rising into the air as I plummet even further into the darkness. At this point I can't breathe, and I can feel my soul departing from my fleshy shell as one last heartbeat pounds against my chest with the force of a bomb's detonation…

And like that, the nightmare I had ends, my body waking up in a cold sweat as I raise the upper part up off the soft comfort of my bed and very nearly smash the back of my head against the board behind me. My eyes are widened as I find that the edge of my thin, ivory sheet has not only been clenched tightly in my right hand, but has also found itself pressed against the center of my bare chest. My eyes try to provide some vision in the darkness of my open room, but without moonlight poking through the creaked open blinds this proves to be rather difficult at first. I end up gazing at the clock on the book shelves in front of me, the glowing-red numbers saying to me that the time was now "4:58 AM".

After taking a few moments to stop my unsteady breathing I let go of the sheet in my hand and spread the fingers apart, placing them along with the palm against my chest to see and wait for my rapid heartbeat to die down. Each breath I take helps in this endeavor, and in the span of a minute I am finally able to relax with a sigh of relief as my heart has gone back to normal. I close my eyelids, bring my arms out to the side so that they will drape off the edges of the mattress as I fall back head-first onto the dark-red pillows that are sprawled out below.

I look up towards my pearl white ceiling, the quiet chirping of crickets outside filling my ears as I recall the events of my nightmare. I have been witnessing them once every three days now over the last month, and for the life of me I cannot even begin to comprehend the meaning behind their existence. But there had to be some significance to the nightmare, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing it so often as I slumber. However, once again my mind was not ready to start contemplating the details and discern a meaning from them, and I began to shut my eyelids to fall back to sleep in hopes that when I wake up, the day will prove itself willing to provide an answer to my disconcerting thoughts…

Clash of the Elements Part 3: Reality's Game

Chapter 1: Gateway to a New Adventure

After I inevitably fell back to sleep, I was never again plagued by the nightmare that had thrust me out of my slumber. I managed to make it through the remaining hours of my scheduled rest with the occasional, peaceful snore emerging from my face, and when the programmed time came the alarm went over. The sudden buzz ringing through my eardrums was enough to jolt my eyelids open, and though my body ached somewhat I knew that I would swiftly be able to adjust as I moved about the house. My body, which had been turned on its side with my arms laying adjacent to my face, flips on its backside before I lift my upper portion straight up and raise my arms up high and let out a zealous yawn.

With a quiet crack coming from my elbow bones, I stretch my right arm out and use the opposite hand on my elbow to straighten the limb out, applying a bit of pressure to get the blood flowing at a somewhat faster pace. I then perform the same actions to my left arm, looking over to my clock as it continues to ring. As I was still performing my wake-up routine, I pointed my right pointer finger at the clock and shot a harmless bolt of electricity at it to shut it off. After relishing in the silence that had been brought on by my well-timed action, I took in some of the serene air through my nostrils and lifted my head up high before letting out a relaxed breath and smacking my dehydrated lips and realizing just how thirsty I truly was.

Oh yeah, you are probably wondering why I can use electricity, right? Well you see, I am what is known as an Elemental Overlord, a mighty being who has gained the ability to use the elements of Grass, Water, Sky, Electricity, Earth, Ice and Fire in harmony with one another. I know from the words "mighty being" you are probably already imagining a man with an Olympian-like build with a pearly smile and an overwhelming amount of charisma…Well I hate to burst your bubble, but one of those things I most certainly do not have. My name is Mewmaster, and I know what you are probably thinking, "Oh wait a second, you have the same name as the author who wrote this story, so you are probably a Creator's Pet, Mary Sue, or some other self-insert term that you'd find on TvTropes." But honestly, I just want to get it out of the way right now that this is the first chapter that I've been introduced, and that my personality has not really been set in stone yet. So just keep reading for now, and if for some reason you keep having your doubts about me, then that is perfectly fine. Anyways, no need to keep derailing the story with this blatant breaking of the fourth wall, so let me pull the train back on track so we can continue on.

So as I was saying, I may have a pearly smile and an overwhelming amount of charisma, but my physique really isn't much to look at as of now. As a thirteen year old boy, I surprisingly don't have any fat built up in my stomach region thanks to my consistent workouts, but at the same time I haven't gotten to the point in my life where I can claim to have rock-hard abs. For now, I am perfectly fine though with the firm muscles I do have near my gut. As I flex my right arm my bicep bulges outward, and a quick poke with one of my left fingers causes the skin to budge a tiny bit. My lips curl into a frown, and a sigh emerges through my lips as I let my arm sink down against the side of my body.

It is not that I am trying to get stronger through basic workouts, as the Elemental Overlord such things as sit-ups and mountain climbing isn't going to affect my power level, but for someone who can lift about forty tons I would rather my body reflect the level of strength of which my body can exert. Anyways, with my check-up finished I turn my legs so they emerge from the sheet, leaping energetically off the bed and keeping my strength lowered so I don't crack the floor when I land on the cotton, aquamarine rug. I take another look at my body, the only clothes on me being a pair of black socks and some underwear with a grey stripe around the waist.

It had become a habit of mine recently to go to bed with such limited amount of clothing. Not like it really mattered, since I was all alone in this household, my parents having perished in a car accident many years ago. Ever since then I've had to learn to fend for myself, from teaching myself how to cook to bringing myself to read history novels and other forms of literature. Though this doesn't mean I'm alone in my life. I have a few friends out there who are strong enough to keep up with me and thus help me further my skills as an Elemental Overlord. A couple of them, Sly and Kai, met me a year or so back as I was laying out in the yard to get some rays and instead ended up dozing off for hours on end.

As of recent days I've been anticipating a picnic we will be having a couple of weeks from now, but at the same time I have refused to let this time of peace on Earth keep me from slipping into a period of absolute laziness, hence why I devised a schedule to keep the blood flowing day by day. First things first, I had to get dressed. I moved towards the oakwood dresser drawers that stood close to the arched doorway, opening the second to last one from the top to reveal a cache of different colored shirts buried within its hollow confinement. I was feeling in a rather hot-blooded mood today, so I quickly plucked out a black t-shirt from below the first row of shirts and shut the drawer lightly.

Hanging the bottom of the shirt above my head, I pushed my arms against the sides to spread it apart as I moved them to the sleeves. Once my hands slipped out I started to poke my hair through the collar. The hairstyle I have is kind of weird. If I could briefly describe it, I would say it looked as though parts of it have been combed forward and kept in place with hair gel to form three curves in front of my right eye, and a single, larger curl right above my nose. None of these changes to my light-brown hair affected my field of vision, and surprisingly enough not matter how hard I try my hair style stays the same. Not that I hate the look mind you, it is just rather weird at times to have my hair compared to that of a character from an anime, that's all.

Either way, once I had gotten my shirt on I proceeded towards the drawer where my jeans were at, which rested at the very bottom of this five-tiered structure. I had to kneel down to pull the drawer back, and upon doing so I saw my ten pairs of navy-blue colored pants waiting for me to put one of them on. Since all of them were the same size and shape, my decision was swift and I picked the top-most one to put on. After shutting the drawer with one hand I stand back up, lifting my left leg up and slipping it into the pant leg of the jeans. My right one followed not far behind after my foot touched the ground, and as I snapped the waist portion against the skin above my underwear I noticed something odd about the bottom of the jeans in comparison to my leg.

The distance between the pant leg and the top of my sock had increased by a couple centimeters since the last time I noticed, and as I scratched the back of my head with the pointer and middle fingers of my right hand I sighed as I came to a revelation that it'll only be a matter of time before I'll have to go shopping for bigger sized clothes. As of now I was currently 5'4", having grown a total of two inches within the last five months. Though this was something to be expected, since at my age I was starting to go through the effects of puberty.

Still, the thought of growing ever-taller was a pleasing concept to me, for as I held my hands together below my chin I looked up towards the ceiling and started daydreaming about a day in the future where I had become really tall and well-built, with a swarm of curvy, lustful women rubbing their fingers against my pecs and biceps. Of course, I quickly snapped out of that vision when I came to realize that I was getting way too ahead of myself, and shook my head rapidly to disperse those thoughts from my mind. Hey, you really can't blame me here though, you can only imagine the amount of hormones flowing through my pubescent body at this very moment…

Either way, as I turned to the mirror to check out my ensemble, I pointed towards the flame insignia on the chest portion of my shirt and with my sapphire eyes gleaming at the reflective surface I curl my lips into a brimming smile and chuckle innocently to myself, saying to as I turn towards the door and begin to walk out, "Hey, at least puberty won't be too bad for me. If I get any warts or blemishes, I can just use my powers to freeze them right off!" As pleasant, non-perverted thoughts appeared continuously in my mind, I walked slowly through the hallway towards the door that would lead me to the kitchen, where I would make my balanced, yet rather clichéd breakfast to start my day off.

Before I entered, I casually glanced towards the twenty-inch screen T.V. that stood in front of a green leather love seat and brandished my left pointer finger out to the side to turn it on with a jolt of electricity. To be honest, I had lost the remote to the T.V. quite some time ago, but really, when you have a convenient alternative like I do, who really cares about looking? Making my way towards the fridge, I began to hear the morning news echoing in the background. "Tragedy struck in the southern United States today as the Class 2 Hurricane Éclair struck overnight, most citizens were evacuated thanks to precautions implemented by the President, but-" As I pulled the carton of eggs out of the fridge, I hung my head low and slanted my eyelids in disappointment as I heard the news continue to speak of the tragedy.

When I haven't been training to better myself or working out to build up my physique, I've sometimes used my powers to sense when natural disasters are about to occur and then travel to the locations and prevent them from happening. In the world we live in today, the death toll has been lessened immensely from things such as earthquakes and tornadoes, but the world is still a long ways off from preventing property and structural damage. Though 99.8% of the population survived the hurricane, it would takes weeks, even months for the survivors to rebuild the homes that they had lost, and even then many of their possessions will be found either damaged to gone, and the memories contained within them will never be replaced.

As I started to warm the oven up to cook, I started to think about this household that I had inherited upon my parent's death, relating its existence to the tragedy that I was thinking about just a moment ago. After all, this place is pretty much one gigantic memento for me, and if anything were to ever happen to it I could easily imagine how I would react to it all. Maybe that's why I go out and defy the natural order of things, because even though I have not lost this precious possession of mine, the fact that I have thought about the possibility of something happening has given me the ability empathize with the people and thus drives me to prevent those tragedies from ever unfolding.

As the cracked eggs splattered onto the pan's surface, I considered it extremely unfortunate that I was unable to do anything about the Hurricane because I was asleep at the time, but shook my head as I reminded myself, "I can't blame myself for this. After all, I've already come to realize that in life you can't stop everything bad from happening…Some things are going to slip through the protection you try to provide for the innocent, and looming on it isn't going to make things any better." After that brief moment of reassurance I continued to cook my breakfast, whistling a jolly melody to myself as I began to swirl the egg whites and yolk together.

It takes a good seven minutes in total, but after inserting some spices my eggs are fully cooked and I set them on the plate behind me with the help of an iron spatula. Next up is the toast, which I created by taking two slices of bread and using a bit of heat protruding from my hands to bake them until they are a crispy light-brown color on both sides. The two somewhat smoking pieces are laid flat beside the eggs, and as I pick up the plate I once again move towards the fridge. Along the way I murmur to myself, "What should I drink today…Apple or Orange…" I was bringing a question to mind as to what juice I should take out for breakfast.

You see, to save money and time on buying frozen pulp and bottled juices from the store, I've used my nature based powers to grow the necessary fruit trees in the backyard, supplying them with a steady supply of water until I can pluck them and use them to make the juice and store them in consumer bottles. As I pause before the door I rest the bottom of my plate against the palm of my left hand and use the adjacent limb to pull open the door, edging my body around as it opens in order to avoid getting hit. Once it is done I look at both rows of bottles on the top shelf, and decide after heavy consideration to take the orange juice. As I pull it out with my free hand, I keep my food plate balanced, and once I am standing up straight I swing my hip out to the side in order to push the door closed, the slam echoing in my eardrums as I leave the room.

I head out towards the love seat, staring at the T.V. as the commercials are going at the moment. After curving around the arm of the furniture I extend my arms out and set my plate and bottle down, laying my bottom on the crack between both cushions as an advertisement about life insurance plays for about the seventh time in the last twenty-four hours. Sighing at how annoying and repetitive this commercial was, I chose to bear through it until the weather report came on, and I picked up the toast in front of me only to realize that something was missing with my set ensemble.

With an embarrassed flush of the cheeks I quickly ran back into the kitchen and grabbed a fork for my eggs, vaulting over the back of the love seat on my return trip and slamming my butt down just in time for the weather report to come on. I began to chew my toast, the grain infused crust brushing against my tongue so my saliva can soften it and thus make it easier to digest. As I heard the forecaster speak in her work-casual, feminine tone of voice, I was pleased to notice that it would be sunny in the afternoon once the fog had passed. With those conditions, today would be a perfect time for me to go climb the mountains without worrying about my vision becoming obscured.

The first piece of toast is downed in a couple of minutes, the pleasurable flavors of the toasted wheat center being swiftly drowned out by a gush of orange juice that goes through my throat with a light swallow. After that I looked at the eggs, hesitantly grabbing my fork and poking through a small portion of it with the prongs before I lift it gently towards my lips. I had decided to try something different today, and added a pinch of Cheyenne to the eggs to give it a little bite. However, the last time I tried this my mouth was in pain and my eyes became waterfalls for nearly an hour.

Blaming that incident my as-of-then underdeveloped taste buds, I figured that with my possibly matured taste buds I should be perfectly fine with taking this plunge. So I opened my lips up wide, saying to myself "Well…Bottoms up", and moved the fork into my mouth. At first nothing happened as I pulled the utensil out and let the eggs fall onto my tongue. The mushy combination of yolk and whites is chewed by my upper and lower teeth, pieces of it moving and getting stuck between the teeth much to my annoyance. But even with that, the eggs tasted good. In fact, if I could compare them to something, I would say that it was like making liquid gold edible and putting it into you mouth. As I continued to chew the eggs' flavor became more prominent, my eyes glazing over as I quietly went "Mmmm…" and pulled my head back.

At that point I seriously began to wonder just why I was putting so much effort into narrating a description of a single bite of eggs, but by then what I had wished wouldn't come…Well, did come. My eyelids are thrust open, my eyes starting to water as my facial expression freezes and I can the temperature in my head rising as the eggs are unconsciously swallowed down my throat. Looking down at the reflective surface of the table as I curled my lips back into my mouth, I can see the redness in my cheeks becoming ever darker as the heat also continues to rise inside of me. With my body undergoing a severe amount of pain, I decided to calmly react to this situation in the most mature manner possible. "HOLY FU-"

Needless to say, after an hour of using the rest of my Orange Juice, downing a gallon of water, brushing my teeth, using mouthwash, and stuffing a protein bar into my mouth and consuming it after dumping the rest of the eggs into the trash I swore to myself to never, EVER again touch spicy powders, condiments, or food. My face was a sweaty mess after those events unfolded, and a swipe of the hand across the forehead only served to stall the drops as I made my way to the front door of the house. My plan was to go outside and take in some of the cold, mountain air while I still could in order to get my temperature down to a more normal level. "You know…You would think that being the Elemental Overlord would give me an immunity to high temperatures both external AND internal."

After making a joke to lighten my rather panicked mood, I let out an innocent giggle and wrap my fingers around the doorknob, twisting it to the left in order to pull the lock back and thus allowing me to swing it open to give myself freedom from my constricted environment. Peering outside I saw a thin layer of fog was still set in the area. As I exited the house and shut the door behind me I lifted my head up and saw a glowing circle hanging precariously past the fog. It was easy to see that it was the sun, and its presence signified that it wouldn't be long before that which conceals would be no more.

To the right of me was the face of a large cliff side, and as I tried to look up to see the top a memory from the past makes its way to the surface of my mind. I remembered the day where my life changed forever, when a wild billy goat knocked me off a mountain top and caused me to land on the most unexpected person. You might call me crazy for saying this, but on that day I met the legendary hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario. You can only imagine the surprise I felt after I realized that the once-thought to be fictional character was in my presence, and the embarrassment I expressed as I helped him get back on his feet.

"Yep, it was right about here that we met…" I mutter nostalgically to myself as I turn my head to look at the patch of grass where he once laid, my nostrils sniffing in the fresh air as a smile continues to be present on my face. "Good times, good times…" When it came down to it though I realized that I missed his presence. After the journey that resulted in me becoming the Elemental Overlord, I decided to come back to Earth so anyone who wished to challenge me wouldn't end up involving the citizens of Plit during out battles. It was a sad departure on both sides, and one that I have sometimes wished I could take back just to see their smiling faces again.

"I wonder how they are doing as of now?" I thought to myself as I began to walk towards the spot where the portal that took me to their planet once stood. I slanted my eyelids upward, grinning as a light "Heh" emerges from my mouth. "I bet Bowser has kidnapped Peach for the twentieth time by now." In the midst of my remembrance I had completely forgotten about my previous dilemma. Not like it mattered anyways, since the cool breeze dipping down the mountainside had cured me of my high temperature. With all my thoughts focused on my friends, I thought about changing my workout schedule just for this day. "You know, perhaps I'll go see if Kai is busy…We could spar, go out to lunch, check on Sly's condition and-"

As I turned around and started talking to myself without end, I was suddenly interrupted by a flash of light filling the sky, a medium breeze blowing leaves off of the nearby trees and sending them into my field of vision. Having now been alerted of some sort of phenomena occurring behind me, I twisted my body around and widened my eyes in utter surprise as I saw what floated before me. It was a swirling, multicolored portal, one that instantly clicked in sync with my recent recollection of the past and in turn changing my surprised expression to one of happiness as I continued to look at it. "Well how about that?"

My legs began to move on their own towards the portal, my memories guiding me to it in hopes that the place I wish to see was on the other side. However, I forced myself to a halt as something quickly came to mind. "Wait a second…" I said in a sharp tone of voice. It was too much of a coincidence for this portal, especially THIS one, to have appeared after I thought about it. Who is to say it led to Plit? "Perhaps it is a trap set by a hostile group of aliens that have a grudge against the Elemental Overlord for unknown reasons…" After presenting a theory to this solution I closed my eyelids, turned my head to the side, and waved my right hand downward after extending my arm and said, "Naaaaah".

After returning my face to its normal position I remarked on my theory in a joking manner by saying with a chuckle following after it, "Besides, I think it is too soon in my life for me to be combating an alien race." Once I was done dabbling in a bit of light humor, I took something else into consideration about the portal's existence. Perhaps this wasn't a trap, maybe someone was listening to my wishes and created this portal to satisfy my desire. Maybe, just maybe, this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see my friends again and check up on how they are doing. For me to pass this opportunity up in spite of the possible risks would be a rather foolish move on my end, and that last thought was all it took for me to make my final decision.

I stepped into the portal, never once averting my gaze away from it as I left the Earth behind me and entered the cross-dimensional tunnel that would lead me to Plit. Along the way I saw various scenes unfolding in the spiraling rift. Each picture portrayed a different event in the Mario universe's existence, and with how short my journey ended up being I had no time to describe every one of them. In a matter of seconds a pure white hole filled with light showed me the exit way, and my body was pulled towards it without my influence to guide it. In a nanosecond I was consumed, my vision fading for a moment as I crossed through to the other side.

As certain as I was of my arrival, I was taken completely off-guard when my feet failed to land on a solid platform and my body instead fell forward onto the ground with a mighty thud. Needless to say, the meeting between my face and the solid metal floor was painful, and my head was ringing for an extended period of time before I was finally able to regain control of my hands and push myself up. As I kneeled against the cold steel I laid my palms down, which sent a chill up my spine as I looked around to get a better grasp on my current environment. The eight-sided gateway shut down behind me, cutting off most of the light in the room and making it difficult for me to see.

All I was able to make out was a couple of barren, hard-steel tables, and a series of scientific equipment laid out on a lone shelf on the right side of the room. I turned my head around, confirming the existence of a gigantic, dark-blue computer screen and the advanced looking keyboard resting below it. There was no chair in front of it, in fact there wasn't really any furniture in sight. This puzzled me, and for a brief moment I believed that something had happened to the planet when there were no noises entering through my ears during the time I spent on the ground.

But as I lifted my body up straight and stood on both feet I looked towards the staircase at the opposite end of the room and saw a hint of sunlight peering through from the top. "Thank heavens…If the planet had been devastated, then the skies would probably have become heavy with ash clouds caused by the fires of destruction." Of course, that didn't necessarily mean anything. The being in question might not have damaged the planet itself and instead wiped out the populace without touching anything else. As I started to walk towards the stairs to find some confirmation that I was wrong, I folded my arms behind my head and kept my ears focused.

It was once I reached the bottom that I started to hear something. There was a commotion going on outside, and a bunch of beings with familiar, high-pitched voices were communicating to one another. It was with those noises that I knew that the planet was still safe, and as I grinned from ear to ear I began to climb up the stairs, lowering and swinging my arms back and forth as I edged closer to the top. I was excited to see what awaited me in Toad Town, the place where I had originally started my greatest journey, and as I neared the sunlight-filled doorway I relished in the thought of perhaps another great journey starting here today. With my lips sealed together into a smile I raised my head up high and said in an innocent, overzealous tone, "It really feels good to be back…"

Next Time: A Stranger appears? I do believe I should take back what I said about the aliens