Okay so I know this isn't long, but it's my first story. I will be adding a new chapter once a week, and I will try to make it no less than 5,000 words each.

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Chapter 1

Kurt was walking down the halls trying to avoid the chaos surrounding him in the hallways.

It was the third week of school and he was tired already. He slams into the locker with a sickening crack, sliding down upwards the floor.

"Watch where you're going fairy princess!", shouts Azimio as he strolls down the hall.

Karofsky high-fives him as he passes his locker. Kurt slowly gathers his books and papers, glaring at anyone who looks in his direction.

"They all watch, and never do anything! God dammit!", mumbles Kurt as someone steps on his English essay.

"Why did it have to rain today?", Kurt mourns his mud stained papers as he gets up to his feet.

Kurt walks into Glee Club dabbing his shirt with a damp paper towel. Right before lunch those stupid Neanderthals slushied Kurt and he had to clean himself up. Everyone ignored the pale boy as he sat down.

Mr. Shue clapped his hand as he walked into the room, "Alright guys, this weeks assignment is... Wait for it! Duets!"

Shuester writes the latter word on the board, "I'm putting you in pairs, here's the list!"

He scribbles down, " Rachel x Finn
Tina x Mike
Santana x Brittany
Mercedes x Sam
Quinn x Puck
Artie x Mr. Shue"

Kurt looks at the board in utter shock, "He forgot me! How can he forget me?!" Kurt fumes.

"So partner up and brainstorm! The winners this week will get to sing at Sectionals!" Mr. Shue walks over to Arties side and everyone starts discussing what songs they can sing to win this weeks assignment.

Kurt sits in utter shock. "How can he forget about me? He has ignored me since the first day of school, everyone has. Even Finn, and I live with him. Does nobody really care?", Kurt thinks.

He stands up and hoists his bag over his shoulder. Boots clanging loudly as he walks towards the door. No one stops him.

Kurt runs to his car holding back tears. He speeds towards his house, not caring about breaking laws. He races to his room and locks the door, and falls sobbing to his bed. After 10 minutes there's a pain in his chest, all those bruises from being shoved into lockers and walls have taken a toll on Kurt. They litter his back and arms, from colors to green, blue, yellow, purple, even red.

He has a few broken ribs and a sprained wrist from the past week. Everyday he sports a new bruise to Glee and no one notices. All that crap about being a family isn't true. His only real friends are Brittany, Santana, and Puck.

He knew if Puck hadn't skipped today he would've spoken up about Kurts absence on the list. Same went for Brittany and Santana, except Sue had them practicing a new routine.
The tears slowly stop and Kurt falls into a deep uneasy sleep.

Screaming was echoed throughout the house.

Kurt sat upright, panting. Sweat dripping down his back. Every hit he's taken, every fall, trip, and word, stabbing him in the chest.

His nightmares have been increasing by the numbers in the past years. Karofsky and the football team plague his dreams every night. A new beating every night. Every morning adrenaline pumped in him, fear spreading through his body.

Kurt lies in bed, trying to calm himself down and keeping his tears at bay.

"Maybe today won't be so bad." Kurt lies to himself.