I run. I run because it is the only thing I know, the only thing I understand. I haven't stopped running since we set foot on this sodden planet and I've almost gotten used to it. Almost.

I take deep, deep breaths as I run at a full sprint, just hoping that Stia runs behind me. My sprtinging is a lot faster than a humans, though the Mog seems to be keeping pace farely well. Perhaps they have the same super speed I do. I hear him trip behind me with a grunt, and I do not hear him get up. I just keep running, keep running at felt speed till I reach it.

The lake.

It's frozen over, and thick with ice, but I know it could snap with our combined weight upon it. I have no idea how many Mogs are following me, but I dread to think. There must be at least 3. All four of us couldn't get across safely, can we?

Hesitantly at first, I step on top of the ice. It seems as thick as I expected, and hearing several grunts and heavy footsteps behind me, I begin to walk quickly, skidding slightly as I go. I break into a small, tight jog that stops my feet from slipping, and hear the Mogs hit the ice. I turn just as one of the falls through into the icey water below, growling as he tries to pull himself up, but finds himself unable. The other two Mogs haven't reached me yet, so I continue running. Another falls through the ice, about half way across just as I am reaching the edge. The other must still be following me, and I hit the hard, frozen ground running.

I hear him catching up to me, and then I feel his breath on the back of my neck. He grabs me round the neck, and I do the only thing I can think of doing: using my legacies. I hear him shriek as I engulf myself in fire, letting dance along every pore of my skin, and I pin him to the ground, pulling out the dagger and slamming it into his chest. He crumbles into ash, and I am left gasping on the floor, before getting up and continuing to run.

I wake in the back of the car, sitting up and smacking my head off of the roof. I curse. I rarely sleep without nightmares or flashbacks now. It's starting to get dark - I've slept way too long. I decide I might as well move off now. Dark is not the best time to go, of course, but I don't have a choice. I have to keep moving till I find him.

I climb through the gap in the seats and into the driver's seat of the Impala. Switching on the engine, I drive out of the old abandoned warehouse carpark I've parked in to spend the day. I always manage to find places like this to sleep in during the night, and apparently, during the day too - then again, I didn't pull up till early morning. Stia would proud, I think.

The road's not too busy as I gun my way down, deeper and deeper into the heart of America.

I need to find John Smith.