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Chapter 7:  Victory

"Teela, we should leave, and get out of He-Man's way." Randor stated picking up and cradling the Sorceress in his arms.

"No. I'm not going to leave him." Teela stated firmly watching He-Man and Keldor slash at one another.

He-Man and Keldor slashed and stabbed at each other with everything they had, every time their blades hit, it would jar the very foundation of Castle Grayskull.

"You can't win, Skeletor." He-Man growled as he swung his sword at the demonic warrior's head.

"Is that a fact, He-Man?" Skeletor asked parrying the attack.

He-Man slashed and knocked Keldor's sword from his hand, and reared back and punched him in the face knocking him back and off the platform, falling to the very base of the castle. He-Man replaced his sword in its sheath and walked over to the edge of the crystal platform and peered of the side.

"He-Man?" Randor asked as he and Teela walked over and looked down into the pit, "Is he gone?"

"No." He-Man stated, "I can still feel his power, he's down there. And I have to go down and finish this once and for all."

"No!" Teela yelled stepping in front of He-Man placing her hands on his chest, "if you go, I'm going with you."

"No, Teela you and Father are going to take the Sorceress out of here." He-Man ordered looking down into her determined eyes.

 "I'm coming with you." Teela stated glaring at him.

He-Man then placed his hands on her shoulders, and gave her a gentle squeeze, "Please, Teela, I don't want you to put yourself into anymore danger because of me. Please go."

"I don't care about putting myself in danger, Adam, I'm want to stay by your side." Teela begged tears forming in her eyes.

"Teela." He-Man sighed, "I promise I will come back to you, but I have to fight Skeletor by myself. Please understand."

"Adam," Teela whispered fighting off sobs, "He almost took you from me once already. I don't want to lose you again."

"You won't." He-Man said his voice softening more like Adam, "No matter what happens down there, I will come back to you."

Teela looked down sadly. "Promise?" she whispered barely hearable.

"I promise." He-Man said softly as he brushed a stray hair from her face.

"Adam." Teela whispered looking up at him.

"Hmm?" He-Man asked looking down as Teela rose up on her toes and pressed her lips to his in a kiss.

He-Man wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up to him, and kissed her back passionately.

They finally broke the kiss but still held each other. He-Man finally remembered where he was and what he had to do and looked down sadly at her. "Teela, I have to go now."

 "I know." She said sadly looking away before stepping back reluctantly, "remember, you promised to come back." She ordered stepping toward Randor, who was trying to pretend not to be watching the couple, and the still out Sorceress.

"Adam." She said catching his attention before he started to climb down the pillar.

"Yeah, Teela?" He-Man asked looking up.

"Adam… I love you." She said forcing a smile.

"Go on, Teela." He-Man said smiling, "I'll be right behind you, and Teela, I love you too."

"Please be careful." She said as he climbed down after his archenemy.  

As the three made their way up the stairs out of the castle Teela looked back one last time. 'He loves me too.' She thought as joy filled her mind and body, "YES!" She yelled raising her fist happily.

"Umm, you ok, Teela?" Randor asked blinking confused at the blushing Defender.

"Uh, nothing, don't worry about it. Lets do like Adam said and get out of here." She said pushing the king to hide her embarrassment.

 Meanwhile He-Man made his way to the very base of Castle Grayskull and what he seen was amazing. It was a temple in itself. It was made of a large main structure and four large pillars surrounded it, forming the base of Castle Grayskull.

"It's been a long fight, Prince Adam." Keldor stated from a shadow.

"Yes." He-Man replied pulling his sword, "Lets end it, Skeletor."

"You've been a excellent rival, Adam." Keldor stated, "It pains me to have to see you die a second time."

"You couldn't finish the job the first time," He-Man said looking for his enemy, "and you won't even come that close this time."

"We'll see!" Keldor yelled slashing at He-Man cutting his chest and breaking a strap of his chest plate.

He-Man replied by slashing at Skeletor with the Crystal Sword, slicing his blade in half. "It's over, Skeletor, I don't want to kill you if I don't have to."

"Funny." Keldor chuckled, "Your father said the same thing." He laughed loudly for a moment, before his Havoc Staff appeared in his hands, "And, like your father, you do not have the power to finish me."

"Maybe." He-Man said as the Crystal Sword and Keldor's Staff met. And in flash the Crystal Sword split the staff in half and sunk deep into Keldor's chest passing through his armor as if it was made of silk. "Maybe not." He-Man whispered looking into Keldor's shocked face.  

He-Man jerked the sword from Keldor's body and glared down at him, "I'm sorry it came to this."

"No…" Keldor growled as he went to his knees, "I…won't let… end… this way…"

"It's over, Skeletor…Keldor…May the gods have mercy on your pitiful soul." He-Man said placing his sword back in its sheath.

Keldor let out several painful gasps, and jerked off the helmet letting his long blue hair fall out in waves. "I…hate you, He-Man…" He coughed breathing shallower and shallower, but not allowing himself to fall all the way down, "If…I am to die…I'm…going to…take you…and the accursed castle…above us…with me…" he then used the last of his strength to fire a magic energy blast at the closest pillar destroying it.

"NO!" He-Man gasped watching the pillar fall.

"See you…on…the…other side…" Keldor sighed as he fell and stopped his breathing.

He-Man then quickly jumped to dodge the falling rubble, apparently three pillars was not enough to support the Castle and it was painfully obvious: Castle Grayskull was falling.

"There's no way." He-Man looked at the good eight of a mile climb, it took him almost thirty minutes to climb down, there was no way he could make it back up in time. "I'm sorry, Teela." He-Man sighed as he leaned against the wall.

"Need a lift?" a voice came from above him. He looked and Cringer easily jumped down to his side.

"Thanks, partner!" He-Man said pulling his sword.

Meanwhile out side the Defenders and remaining members of Skeletor's crew ran from the falling castle

"ADAM!!!" Teela yelled being held back by Ramman, "ADAM!! NOO!!!" she yelled as the castle that stood for hundreds of years trembled violently and the left front tower finally gave out and collapsed.  "LET ME GO! ADAM'S STILL IN THERE!!! LET ME GOOOOO!!!" She screamed fighting against Ramman's firm hold.

"Don't give up on him, Teela." Sorceress said leaning against Randor, "Believe in him." Sorceress sighed watching for any sign of him, but even she was starting to fear for him, as the right front tower broke and fell taking half of the castle's 'Skull' with it.

"Please hurry, Adam…" Teela begged as the two back towers fell into the main structure causing most of it to collapse as well. ADAM…NOOOOO!!!!" Teela screamed dropping to her knees as the main castle and the large tower-like foundation finally fell in on itself. But just as the castle collapsed, a green and red object blasted through the broken rubble and jumped across to solid ground. 

"Battle Cat?" Teela asked hopefully and smiling bright when she seen He-Man, battered and beaten, but alive dismount his partner.

"Adam!" Teela yelled happily, "You're alright."

He-Man smiled at her tiredly and then looked at the others. "It's…finally over…" he then raised the Crystal Sword over his head. "LET THE POWER RETURN!!!"

In a flash of light He-Man and Battle-Cat were replaced by Cringer and Adam. Adam sighed weakly, dropped the sword, and fell forward exhausted.

"Adam!" Teela gasped and dashed forward colliding with him, and slowing his fall.

"Adam?" Randor asked walking toward the couple.

"He's ok." Teela whispered, gently playing with the hair on the back of his head as she held him to her, "He's just asleep."

 "It's…finally over." Teela sighed as she rested her chin on the top of his head, "It's finally over."

One Week Later…

In the Graveyard just outside Eternos, a woman stood before a grave, her long red cloak that wrapped her body blew lightly in the wind, as did her extremely long graying red hair.

"Sorceress?" a voice came from behind her. She slowly turned and smiled at Prince Adam.

"Hello, Adam." She said with a faint smile.

"I had a feeling I'd find you here." Adam said walking over next to her and looking down on Duncan's grave. "So…" the Prince started, "What are you going to do now?" Adam asked looking toward her.

"Well, Adam." The Sorceress said looking up toward the sky, "Since there isn't a Grayskull around anymore to need a sorceress, I believe I will remain here, and get to know my daughter a little better. What of you… and what of He-Man?" she asked looking at him inquisitively.

"Not sure." Adam sighed, "I really don't ever think of life without the secret, and without it, it's a little weird."  He then set a rose down on the grave, "I think He-Man will stay around too. I think Eternia might still have need of him."

Sorceress nodded, "if that is how you feel, but remember to keep control of the power, and not let the power control you. Ok, Adam?" she asked worriedly.

"You miss him, huh?" Adam asked changing the subject. 

"More then you can imagine." Sorceress stated, "But…I finally have my daughter." She then gave Adam a sly look, "And hopefully soon grandchildren."

"Umm…" Adam gulped back stepping from the Sorceress, "I…think Father needed to talk to me. See you later, Sorceress."

"Adam?" Sorceress said to stop him.

"Yes, Sorceress?" Adam asked turning back to face her.

"Call me Teelina." 

"Come on, Sorc… Teelina." Adam said with a smile and outreached hand, "Lets go see what Teela's up to."

Teelina nodded and pulled her hood over her head and walked to his side, and the two walked back toward the city gates, enjoying the new time of calm and carefree peace, but is this time of joy and happiness meant to last?


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