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Chapter 1: The Curse

'At last, I have found him.' Sesshomaru thought, Naraku's scent was not far.

Sesshomaru approached the demon.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I knew you would follow my scent so quickly." Naraku turned to Sesshomaru.

"Your time has come Naraku. You will no longer be able to walk the earth of this world." Sesshomaru said, grabbing one of his swords.

"Is that so?" Naraku smirked at Sesshomaru, he was already being hunted down by InuYasha, getting Sesshomaru out of the way would make things a lot easier.

Sesshomaru hated that look in his eyes, and immediately lunged foward.

"I shall make you live up to your words!" Naraku said, he had a bottle in his hand, and threw it to the oncoming dog demon.

Sesshomaru sliced his blade through the glass of the bottle, and instead of the liquid inside dripping to the ground, it spread around his sword, and around Sesshomaru.

The pink substance began to glow around him, he shielded his eyes, and some of the liquid even went into his mouth.

Feeling very tired and dizzy, Sesshomaru was dropped limp to the ground, falling into a deep sleep.

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