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Chapter 23:


The next morning, when I was barely awake, I tiredly looked over at Sesshomaru, who was in a deep sleep, he looked so peaceful, and I wondered what he was dreaming about.

I remembered that he must have been up almost all night, returning his scent on me, so I didn't smell like Disuke, who was now someone could bare to smell the scent of.

I had learned everything I needed to know, Sesshomaru had told me what COULD happen if another male tried to mate me, the truth was, if Sesshomaru gave into his inner demon easily, then I would have been re-claimed last night, but he told me he wouldn't go that far.

THe brief explanation was that, in his demon's point of view, it'd want to claim me again to make sure that I was 100% his, to ward off any sign of the intruder's scent...

I sighed, and curled against Sesshomaru, trying to let sleep take over me again.

Minutes passed and I laid there wide awake, just listening to Sesshomaru's calm breathing.


As he began gaining consciousness, he first looked down at his Rin, she was curled against him, her eyes barely opened.

"Are you ok Rin?" He asked, and she jumped a little, and looked up at him.

"Oh, you're awake." She said, calming herself down.

He was glad that her scent was back to normal, there was not a single trace of Disuke's scent on her.

Sesshomaru didn't understand why Disuke would do something so foolish, he was a dog demon, so he knew that any other species, about the females' mark, he should have known the consequences.

"Sesshomaru?" Rin pulled him out of his thoughts.

He looked down at her, and sighed as he put his arm around her.

"Have you been awake long?" He asked, nuzzling her neck.

"No, not really. I've tried to go back to sleep, but I guess I am awake." She said.


He nuzzled my neck, kissing it ever now and then.

It seems he wasn't done yet with his task he started last night.

I didn't mind that he was literally showering my body with kisses, in fact, I loved it. What he did to me, brought me farther and farther away from all my troubles.

He spent a lot of his time, looking over my stomach, which seemed to enlarge everyday, but I still looked like a normal teen.

"I am relieved he did not harm our pup." Sesshomaru said, as he worked his way back up, leaning over me ever so lightly tracing my features with his nails.

"I am too... Let's forget about it. Please." I said, as I sat up, hugging him in the process.

After a few minutes, I got up and got dressed, feeling a very huge appetite coming on.

Sesshomaru walked me to the dining halls.

After what happened yesterday, I doubt he would go anywhere without me.

Perimeter check? He'd probably ask another guard to do it.

Hunting? He'd probably take me with him.

Any type of walk? He'd be with me.

When I sat down at the tables, Aria came in, "Oh Rin! I am so sorry!"

My 'sister' enveloped me in a bear hug.

"Aria. Can't. Breathe." I gasped out.

"Sorry." She said, and released me, letting me sit down, and catch my breathe.

"Go easy on her Aria." Sesshomaru warned her.

"Sorry, I'm sorry for both of you, I should have stayed with Rin." Aria said.

"It's ok Aria. I have long forgotten about it." I said, giving her a reassuring smile.

"I still feel guilty, I should have never left you alone. I thought we trusted him." Aria said, sitting down with me.

"Trusted who?" I asked, faking my confusement.

Aria looked at me for a second, then smiled, "HaHa!" She said sarcastically, but let everything else drop.

"I want a fruit salad." I blurted out.

"A what?" Aria asked.

"Fruit salad, it's a bowl with assorted fruits. Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, grapes, and any other kinds of berries." I explained.

Aria blinked, "um, ok."

She got up and told the male servants what I had wanted, they nodded, and fixed it without question.

"I've never heard you order something like that." Aria said.

Sesshomaru tapped Aria's shoulder, and glanced at me, then back at her.

"Ohhhhhhh." Aria said, then laughed.

"Your little girl is hungry for something healthy, huh?" She asked.

I nodded.

Once the bowl of assorted fruits were served, I began eating.

Every fruit was fresh and cold, delicious.

Now just to hope it stayed in my stomache.


For most of the day, I just wandered the castles, I didn't feel like getting out today.

Aria, Lika, and Sesshomaru were with me, I was under close supervision, I guess this was a prep for what it would be like in the next to months.

When dinner came, I had felt like eating a normal meal, a meat, vegetable, and a drink.

One of the dog demon guards had gone out to go hunting, and had brought back dinner, it was not a demon, thankfully.

Once everything was served, we all ate, Sesshomaru, and Aria were closest to me.

I didn't argue, in fact, I felt safe, knowing that every dog demon was focused on me, keeping watch.

After dinner, Sesshomaru and I went to bed, I was tired, and my stomach wasn't really setting well.

In the middle of the night, my good dreams were interrupted by my stomach jolting me awake, telling me it did not like dinner.

Jumping out of Sesshomaru's arms, I moved into the bathroom, almost barely making it to the sinks.

The toilet had been farther, so the sink was the best option, I could forgive Sesshomaru later.

My stomach cramped up as I continued to reject my food.

Sesshomaru came in right as I released my last bit of puke, and I was gasping for air, the air catching in my throat many times, and I thought I was going to start all over again, but, my stomach calmed, minute by minute.

"Rin, are you ok?" He asked, standing beside me, tilting up my chin as if he knew I was done.

Knowing there was a little drool down my chin, I moved out of his little hold, leaning back over the sink. "I'm fine, I'll be back to bed in a minute." I said, and for the final time, the last of my dinner was let out.

Once I was finally sure I was finished, I still stood there, gasping for air, "You don't have to stand here." I said, not wanting him to force himself to stay by me.

"I'm not leaving you while you're sick." He said, and grabbed a wash cloth from the cabinets underneath the sink, and wet it, cleaning my face up.

I took a deep breath of relief once he was done. "Thanks."

"Anytime. Now, let's get back to sleep." He said, and guided me into the bedroom.

His arm wound around me as I let my sleep come over me instantly.

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