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Chapter 26: She grows up so fast!

Two years had passed, and Mizuki had grown, she was still tiny, but, he and his mate had found out that Mizuki could transform as well.

Although, on new moon nights, she DID have the little gift of staying human.

The clan had found her strange, but Sesshomaru didn't care, he would protect his daughter if they were to object.

Even InuKimi was really protective of her grand-daughter.

One day, Sesshomaru and Rin had taken Mizuki out to the field of flowers, letting her explore the lands in her pup form.

Her fur was long, white, with a vanilla color to it.

Rin stood along side Sesshomaru, smiling at their daughter.

A familiar scent hit Sesshomaru's nose, and not long after, the presence revealed itself, coming out to the trees.

He appeared so suddenly, that Mizuke yelped and wobbled over to Sesshomaru's side.

He looked up at the surprised visitor, "InuYasha."

Mizuki stepped out from behind Sesshomaru, still in her pup form, coming up to the strange dog demon that smelled like her.

InuYasha didn't even notice her, not until Mizuki began nibbling Inuyasha's leg.

He jumped, looking down at the pup.

Sesshomaru smirked at what he saw, but it soon changed to death glare, when InuYasha picked up HIS daughter by the nape of the neck.

"What the heck is this thing?" InuYasha asked, having Mizuki up to his face, holding her by the nape of the neck.

Sesshomaru's eyes glew red, and he transformed, growling at InuYasha.

He shakily, slowly, set down Mizuki.

Rin picked up her daughter, holding her correctly.

Mizuki stared at InuYasha, as Sesshomaru put himself in front of them.

Mizuki observed how her father obviously did not like this dog demon.

She jumped out of her mother's arms, wanting to protect her.

Mizuki ran in front of her father, at his side, growling at InuYasha as well.

He blinked, confused at her not so aggressive growl.

Sesshomaru knew what Mizuki was trying to do, and to give her some credit, he moved behind her, but gave a lower growl at Inuyasha.

He flinched, and was out of the western lands in a blink of an eye.

Mizuki relaxed, and turned to her father, changing to her human form.

"Did you see that Daddy? I scares him off!" Mizuki said, hugging him when he changed back to normal.

"You did great Mizuki. He will never look down to you again." Sesshomaru said.

"Let's get you back in the castle Mizuki." Rin said.

"Ok Momma." Mizuki said, and she took Sesshomaru's hand, guiding him through the fields, as the three walked off.

Mizuki almost felt like her father. Soon, she would be as big as him, and scare even more enemies off.

Many years passed, and Mizuki had many run-ins with InuYasha.

Now, he was no longer a threat, he just came to look for trouble, and of course Mizuki continued to chase him off, but each time, they would play together.

Aria was a big part of Mizuki's life too, now instead of being Rin's sister, she was Mizuki's big sister.

Mizuki would never be alone, she had a whole clan for a family, she had even met some humans, some she had met were dangerous, but her father was always there to save her, he told her they were called, "Demon Slayers"

Mizuki had met three humans, Kagome, Miroku and Sango.

Since Miroku and Sango were pretty much married, he no longer had any interest in any other females.

Kagome was a little much for Mizuki, she always cuddled her.

Now, when Mizuki was older, she would be a great leader, just like her father.

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