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A little boy was running on a dirt road from ninja's from Kanoha. His dark-sapphire hair going down to his back is flowing through the air. His dark blue eyes widen as he gets frozen in place. 'What just happened?' He thought.

"Now we've got you kid," a man said with his lavender eyes focused on him with his pupils looking blank and veins popping out of his temples.

"Shikaku when I tell you, release your shadow possession," the man said.

"Yes sir," Skikaku said. 'Man this is so troublesome.' the man thought. The one in front of him jumped in the air "NOW!" He yelled. The boy felt free but was to scared to move.

"Gentle fist!" He yelled while aiming his palm at the boys heart causing him to cough up blood. He stared into the eyes of his killer and fell causing his vision to go black.

Four years later

A blonde boy was running from the angry villagers of Kanoha. His cerulean blue eyes have tears running through the wind.

"Help me! Someone please!" The blonde boy said and tripped. He fell with a small thud and got up to realize he was surrounded by the villagers.

"Please what did I do?" He asked.

"You lived." One of the villagers said.

"What?" The boy asked. The villagers ran towards him as he screamed in pain, agony, and fear. After what seemed like forever to him they all left him to die in the dirt. He saw everyone leave while his vision faded all to black.

Later that day

The little boy slowly open his eyes to see the Hokage.

"Oh hey Jiji. What happened?" The young boy asked in the hospital bed.

"Naruto you had me worried. After that beating you took I thought I lost you!" The Hokage said hugging Naruto.

"You know I'm stronger than that!" Naruto yelled returning his hug.

"You still had me worried," the Hokage said. He looked into the young boys eyes filled with great strength.

"Umm... Jiji, may I asked you something?" Naruto said.

"You already have but go ahead."

"I-I want to become a shinobi!" Naruto yelled. The Hokage smiled and nodded.

"Sure you just need to buy the required things" He said then noticed Naruto's saddened expression. "Did I say something wrong?" Naruto shook his head. "Then what's wrong?"

"The village shops always sell me thing at a higher price than anyone else they would sell to," Naruto said looking down.

"Well they won't anymore. I'll go with you."

"Really?" Naruto asked with happiness in his eyes.

"Yes Naruto-kun I will."

"Yay!" Naruto yelled. "Can we go tomorrow?"

"Sure I'll send someone to pick you up and take you to my office."

"Thanks Jiji!" Naruto said as the door opened.

"Hokage-sama, Naruto is ready to go," a woman said while looking at Naruto with the intent of killing him.

"Very well you may go." The Hokage said to her noticing her look.

"Well see you tomorrow Jiji!" Naruto said as he walked home. 'This is so cool! I finally get to be a shinobi!'

Next day

"Okay so I have an escort to go to the Hokage mansion...nothing would happened to me right?" Naruto wondered out loud. He took a quick shower and got dressed. A few minuets later he heard a knock on the door.

"I'm coming!" Naruto yelled. He opened the door to see Inoichi Yamanaka at the door.

"You're Naruto Uzumaki right?" Inoichi asked.

"Yes I am. Are you my escort?" Naruto asked.

"Umm...no. Hokage-sama has a meeting he must attend to. He sent me to get you so I can also buy stuff for my daughter Ino." Inoichi said, "Umm...do you have enough money to get what you need?"

"Yes I have a lot. Can we go?" Naruto said.

"Yes but we have to stop by my wife's flower shop to get Ino on the way." Inoichi said to Naruto while walking away. Naruto ran a bit before catching up to Inoichi.

"What are we getting?" Naruto asked.

"Well you need some new clothes, some kunai and shuriken, and some scrolls about chakra, and jutsu control." Inoichi said wondering if he should get Ino some new clothes as well.

"Okay. So umm...just wondering. Is your daughter easy to get along with?" Naruto asked wondering if he could get a friend.

"Well generally if you get along with her, she'll get along with you." Inoichi said.

"Oh," Naruto said while trying to ignore the stares coming from the villagers.

"So this kid is the problem for all those riots? Man they must really hate the Kyubi then. I should inform Hokage-sama about this." Inoichi thought. They walked for a few more minuets and entered the Yamanaka Flower Shop.

"Ino, I'm here!" Inoichi yelled to alert his daughter of their leaving. A few moments after a small girl around Naruto's age came down the stairs. Her platinum blonde hair complemented her sky blue eyes. Her light orange shirt went well with her white shorts.

"Hi daddy! Whose this?" Ino asked the boy in front of her.

"Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki nice to meet you." Naruto said holding his hand out for Ino to shake.

"Hi, I'm Ino Yamanaka nice to meet you" Ino said shaking Naruto's hand.

"So shall we go?" Inoichi said looking at the two. They nodded and went to the first shop where they would get Naruto's new clothes.

"Daddy why are they looking at Naruto like that? Did he do something wrong?" Ino asked her dad while looking at the faces the villagers gave Naruto.

"Just ignore it Ino it'll go away. I hope." Inoichi said keeping the last part to himself. They walked in the building and the man at the counter saw Naruto but failed to see the man behind him.

"Hey kid I thought I told you to never come in here!" The man yelled at Naruto.

"S-sorry mister I'll leave-"

"He's here on the name of the Hokage. If you don't like it then I will inform him immediately and you will be no longer allowed to sell things" Inoichi said cutting off Naruto.

"I-Inoichi, it's good to see you," the man said looking worried. Naruto looked at Inoichi who nodded and Naruto went into the shop to find a few new clothes. He picked out a Black shirt with a red swirl on it and some black pants to go with it, along with some black shinobi shoes.

"I heard about your unfair prices to this little boy so I want to hear how much it is." Inoichi said looking after Naruto.

"Umm...yes sir. It'll be 4074.70 yen," the man said looking at Inoichi who nodded. Naruto paid the money and got his clothes.

"Thanks Inoichi-san." Naruto said.

"No worries. Now let's go get some kunai and shuriken." Inoichi said. Ino and Naruto jumped for joy. They got some practice kunai and shuriken packs. After that they went to get some scrolls but along the way Naruto noticed a sword in a shop window and stopped dead in his tracks to look at it. Inoichi looked behind him to see naruto looking at the sword.

"You could get one if you want." Inoichi said looking at Naruto.

"Really?" Naruto wondered. He imagined how cool he would look with a sword on his back.

"Yay! I get to have my own sword dattebayo!" Naruto yelled in excitement. "Hey Ino you wanna get a sword too? We could train together!"

"Sure! Can I daddy please?" Ino asked her dad who looked at them both.

"As long as you guys watch where you swing your swords." Inoichi said as they agreed and ran into the shop with Inoichi looking at them and smiled at the kids reaction to all the swords they could choose from.

"Wow this is a lot of swords!" Naruto exclaimed.

"It sure is." Ino said as they went to a rack and carefully picked up one sword each.

"You two have really good eyes if you want those swords. They complement each other with speed, strength, and accuracy." The shop owner said to them both. "Especially if you train together." Naruto and Ino turn to each other and smile.

"That means we could be strong!" Naruto yell in happiness.

"Just imagine both of us being that strong." Ino agreed. Naruto and Ino took their swords to the counter and the man smiled. Inoichi couldn't help but look at them with happiness in his eyes.

"That'll be 32597.60 yen for both." the man said. Ino looked to her dad who was gonna pay for it.

"It's okay Inoichi-san. I can pay for Ino's" Naruto said with a smile and handed the man the money but looked at Naruto and Ino.

"You know what kid. I'll give you a deal. If you buy two more swords from me in the future and the third one you buy will be free. What's your name?" the man asked.

"It's Naruto Uzumaki. And thanks mister!" Naruto said. They left to get some scrolls as Naruto and Ino strapped their swords to their back.

"We're gonna be so cool when we get older!" Ino said.

"I know just imagine all the people looking at us." Naruto agreed. Naruto felt what it was like to finally have a friend. And he felt good about it.

"Say Naruto who are your parents?" Ino asked. Naruto looked down.

"I don't have any. I'm an orphan." Naruto said saddened.

"Oh. I'm sorry I didn't know." Ino said then looked at her dad and stopped. "Daddy can he come live with us? It's not fun being alone. He doesn't have any parents and I don't have any siblings. Can he please daddy please?" Ino pleaded. Inoichi looked at Naruto who had a surprised looked on his face.

"Yes but he has to stay in his house for tonight. I have to ask Hokage-sama if this is okay." Inoichi said.

"Yay! Naruto did you hear that? Now we can train all day and all night!" Ino said. Naruto smiled at his life.

"Yeah I heard it's so cool dattebayo!" Naruto said. They dropped off Naruto at his apartment. He unlocked the door and turned around.

"Bye Ino, Bye Inoichi-san" Naruto said. Then Ino ran at him and gave Naruto a tight hug. Naruto was surprised but recovered not a second after and returned the hug.

"I'll visit you tomorrow so we can begin our sword training!" Ino said as she let go. Naruto smiled and nodded. He watched them go and went into his house for a good nights sleep.

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