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A man with grey spikey hair and small glasses resting on the bridge of his nose with a small bottle of sake in his hand.

"What the fuck am I hearing about kid ninja protecting me from bandits. I asked for real ninja not kids playing with knives!" He yelled. "Don't you know who I am?! I'm Tazuna! The Great Bridge Builder!"

"Tazuna please. Calm down before Naruto-kun kills you." Iruka said.

"Naruto? Please, what kid is that? The girl, the blue haired one, or the one with the glasses." Tazuna said back

"Me." Was all Naruto said before dropping down in front of Tazuna. Tazuna fell back with a little scream.

"Jiji do we HAVE to get the tipsy one... I want a different one." Naruto said.

"No Naruto you can't." Sarutobi said.

"But why?!"


"Fine..." Naruto said.

"Team, meet at 8am sharp at the front gate. We'll move from there, don't show up, you arn't going on the next two missions am I clear." Ryuzaki said.

"Hai Ryu-sensei!" Answered the three teens in unison. They all left in a puff of smoke as Tazuna looked at the Hokage like he was crazy.

"That kid might kill me." He said.

"Only if you piss him off." Replied the Hokage.

"Right..." He said and left probably to find more sake.

Next morning

Naruto woke up and looked at the clock. 7:30 am. Only half an hour. He went into the shower letting the warm water run down his body and got dressed in a black shirt with a fox design and red ambu pants. He put his team cloak on so they were more concealed and harder to aim at. He put his swords on his back in an 'X' shape and packed some clothes and instant ramen. With 5 minutes to get to the front gate Naruto jumps onto the roof tops and is met with Ino and Shino along the way. They got to the gate a minute early and waited for Ryuzaki and Tazuna. Right at 8 O'clock a puff of smoke popped right in front of the three genin and Tazuna fell from the smoke coughing.

"Don't ever do that again!" Tazuna yelled.

"And let us be late? I think not!" Ryu said.

"Umm... Ryu-sensei?" Ino started.


"Where is your backpack?"

"Good question. All I need is in these five scrolls." Ryu said as he showed the five scrolls on his side of his leg. "These are sealing scrolls. We'll get into those later. Right now we got a mission to do." Ryu said. They all nodded and headed out the gate.

"Hey dobe!" they heard someone yell. They all turned around to see Sasuke Uchiha there.

"Where the hell you think you're goin'?" The duck haired boy said.

"Well Uchi-whore, I'm on a C-rank mission right now so shut it, go away, and go with your team." Naruto said.

"Like I'd believe the Hokage would give you a C-rank Mission and not me. Heh I'm the best of the best."

"Actually Sasuke, Naruto's right. He was able to get a C-rank mission." Kakashi said as he appeared from nowhere.

"Ryu-san, sorry for the interruption. Please continue on with the mission." Kakashi said as he pulled Sasuke away from the group. Team seven started walking again.

Few minutes later

"Are we there yet?" Naruto asked.

"Not yet Naruto." Ryuzaki said. They passed two water puddles that Ino thought look suspicious. She looked at Ryuzaki and he nodded. Ino sniffed and then sneezed giving Naruto and Shino the signal to get ready. Naruto reached for the kunai pouch but outside his cloak it looks as if he is still walking normally. Tazuna felt the tension in the air. About a minute passed and chains came from a tree and ripped Ryuzaki into shreads.

Two figures came from the trees with gas masks and large metal gauntlets. Both had black hair and wild eyes.

"So... Gozu and Meizu. Demon brothers from Kirigakure. Chunin level missing nin." Shino said. "They're not very smart either." He continued pissing off Meizu.

"What'd you say?!" Meizu yelled.

"I said. Look up." Both brothers looked up to see Ino there smiling with her sword out. Meizu was about to send his chain after Ino but was hit hard in the stomach by something. Naruto charged while Ino was in the air. Hitting Meizu sending towards a tree. Ino slashed at Gozu but to no avail did she hit him. Shino started with the hand signs and put up earth walls infront to the sides and in back of him and Tazuna. Ino was dancing around Gozu as he slashed his gauntlet. Naruto was toying with Meizu hitting him with little slashes. Shino sent out little by little some of his bugs to slow down the Demon Brothers. The three fared a good while. Naruto looked at Ino and nodded slightly. Then at Shino and again nodded slightly. That was the signal to end this.

All three genin started doing handsigns when both demon brothers fell unconscious. Naruto looked at his teamates who both looked confuzed.

"You three did good." Ryuzaki said coming out of the forest. "But were not killing them."

"So what do we do with them?" Ino asked.

"Interrogate them. Ino since you have mind jutsu's do you have one that takes information?"

Ino nodded and placed her hand on Gozu's head. Gathering info and finishes with a major headache.

"I got it all." Ryuzaki nodded and told her to write it on a scroll he had given her.

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