Ryu: Alright you guys are probably dying to see Naruto kick Sasuke's ass.. I'm sadly to say... I can't spoil anything. Although I'm wondering if i should reveal who the blue haired OC is when Naruto's a genin or when he comes back from three years of training... I'm not sure but I have a special scene for that :) Anyway not wanting you guys to wait any longer here's the story. Enjoy!

Naruto and Sasuke square each other off. Iruka looked at both of them, raised his hand and yelled "Begin!" and he brought it down. Since this was a taijutsu fight. They had to do close combat so that ment no jutsu's for either of them. Sasuke made the first move as he charged at Naruto, who in reaction evaded the attack and tripped the Uchiha. Sasuke got up and smiled then went for a round-house kick to Naruto's side. Naruto caught his leg and pivoted his foot to kick the Uchiha in the face sending him to the floor.

"You got good power I'll admit that. But, even that won't beat me," the Uchiha said.

"Haven't you heard of a warm up?" Naruto asked to which Sasuke flinched.

'This dobe's been playing with me? No way he's just bluffing' Sasuke thought then charged again at Naruto aiming a jab for his face. Naruto reacted quickly and threw Sasuke off the mats making himself win.

"Winner: Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka said while checking if Sasuke was okay. Everyone was silent then a burst of cheers came from most of the girls. Naruto smile and winked at them and they all fainted.

"Thanks Naruto they were becoming annoying." Ino said with a smile. Naruto smiled and put his sword on his back taking a seat right next to her.

"Alright next Kiba against Shino." Iruka said. All the fights went and gone as they all went back outside to practice with kunai and shuriken. Everyone waited for Iruka to call their names to get throw them at their best.

"Uchiha Sasuke," Iruka said as the boy stood up he got a loud 'Kyaa!' from all the girls again. He hit all the targets in the middle except the last one that was just a little to the left.

"Damn it! I couldn't focus sensei can I try again?" Sasuke asked and Iruka nodded. Sasuke tried again and again but he always missed the middle of the last target.

"Sasuke thats enough." Iruka said.

"No! I can't focus I know I ca-" Sasuke started but was cut off by Iruka.

"I said that's enough! You get a 9 out of 10." Iruka said.

"Iruka-sensei Sasuke said he can do it so let him!" A pink banshee yelled.

"Sakura be quiet before I send you detention!" Iruka yelled.

"I'm sorry," Sakura said saddened.

"Uzumaki Naruto you're up." Iruka said. Naruto got up and went over to the targets.

"Good luck Naruto!" Ino yelled. Naruto looked at her and and nodded. He threw and hit every target on spot. Everyone was amazed.

"How the hell does that idiot have better aim than me?!" Sasuke yelled at Naruto's achievement.

"Because I'm not sucked up in my own pride." Naruto said.

"Shut up idiot." Sasuke said and walked away as soon as the bell rang to go home.

"Naruto wanna come over my house today?" Ino asked.

"Sure but I wanna get some Ichiraku Ramen first." Naruto replied.

"I wonder why you even like that place." Ino wondered out loud.

"Are you kidding me?! The place has the best ramen in the whole WORLD!" Naruto told Ino.

"Is it okay if I come?" Ino said planning to see why Naruto likes the place.

"Sure!" Naruto said as both of then walked over to the little stand.

"Hey Ayame-chan, Teuchi-ojisan. This is Ino, she doesn't know how good the food is here so I brought her." Naruto said.

"Oh hello Naruto-kun, how was the academy?" The old man said.

"It was good. I really liked it." Naruto said with Ino nodding in agreement.

"Well then order what ever you like. It's on the house for both of you." The girl said.

"Yay! I'll have four miso ramen and 1 bbq ramen." Naruto said.

"I'll have a shrimp ramen please." Ino said.

"What? Only one? C'mon Ino try two. Just to make sure you're full." Naruto said while looking at Ino like she was crazy. Ayame and Ino giggle then agreed she would have two. When they got their bowls they gave thanks then dug in. Naruto was slurping his noodles like their was no tomorrow. Ino took one bite and her eyes widened and started to slurp like Naruto. Ino ordered two more shrimp ramen while Naruto was finishing his last bowl of miso ramen. When they were done Naruto and Ino left to her house.

"So Ino how'd you like the ramen." Naruto asked.

"I LOVED it!" Ino said," I'll try to get daddy to bring me there again."

Naruto smiled at her and went inside her house.

"Hello Ino, hello Naruto," Inoichi said.

"Hi daddy/Inoichi-san." Naruto and Ino said walking to the back to train. Naruto set up the dummies and they began to slice at the dummies. Inoichi watching them with a smile and couldn't help but wonder how the Kenjutsu Siblings would be when they were older. Then it hit him. He could call them Konoha's Kenjutsu Siblings. Unless they would go out which changes to Konoha's Kenjutsu Lovers. Inoichi erased the tought of having his daughter dating Naruto. It would feel weird for Inoichi. He never really knew why he even thought of that.

A few hours passed as Naruto went back to his apartment and got a good nights rest... For now...

Ryu: Okay theirs chapter four I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please let me know weather I should reveal the blue haired OC when Naruto's a genin or after the three year training trip. Other than that Thanks for reading and I can't believe after three chapters my story got into a community! Alright well I gotta go till next time so I'll see you guys later. Bye!