Ryu: Okay I want to say I'm gonna reveal my blue haired OC when their genins. It makes it easier for me. Oh and thank you Darkryus for complementing my nickname for Naruto and Ino. And to your request I'll add them to the Bingo book :). Oh by the way In the time skip Naruto's age is now nine. For a reason you guys don't know. Enjoy the story!

Three years later

Naruto and Ino were walking towards the Hokage Mansion with Inoichi on the request of the Hokage.

"So what do you think he want's with us?" Naruto asked.

"I'm not sure. But I bet its about the academy." Inoichi said looking at Naruto.

"Then why is Ino here?" Naruto asked.

"Maybe it's about the accident with the Uchiha," Inoichi said looking at Ino and Naruto with a serious face.


Naruto and Ino were walking down the halls and run into Sasuke Uchiha.

"Hey dobe give me the sword." He said.

"No. Unless you wanna fight for it." Naruto said with a smile.

"You're on!" Sasuke said as they went over to the mats. Naruo gave his sword to Ino again and faced the Uchiha. Sasuke smirked then ran at Naruto planning to end this quickly. Naruto ducked Sasuke's punch and Kicked his side.

End Flashback

Inoichi, Naruto, and Ino went up to the Hokage's office door and knocked.

"Come in." They heard and opened the door.

"Hey Jiji, what did you call us for?"

"Naruto! Please excuse Naruto Hokage-sama." Inoichi said.

"No, no its fine. To be honest I see Naruto like a grandchild anyway." Sarutobi said. At that time another knock on the door. "Come in."

"Hokage-sama, the council room is set." The woman said.

"Okay thank you. You three come with me." Sarutobi said as they all followed. Inoichi took his seat as did Sarutobi.

"What did you call us for?" A man with pineapple hair said.

"Shikaku please be respectful." Another man said with glasses and a coat covering most of his mouth.

"Shibi, Shikaku enough. We are here in the respect of these two." Sarutobi said. The shinobi and civilian council looked at Naruto and Ino.

"Umm... Jiji what are we here for?" Naruto asked and a blonde haired women stood up.

"Don't call the Hokage that you brat!"

"Ms. Haruno please, don't talk out of line. I allow Naruto to call me his Jiji and I expect you to call him by his name. He's not a brat he's Naruto Uzumaki." Sarutobi said in the defence of Naruto. The women sighed and sat back down.

"Naruto we are here in respect that we tell you one of your parents name. Your mother to be exact." A man with lavender eyes said. He already knew the man as Hiashi Hyuuga.

"You knew my kaa-san?! Who was it?!" Naruto shouted with a gleam in his eyes.

"It was Kushina Uzumaki. Also known as the Red Blur of Death. She was a Fuinjutsu and Kenjutsu master. And sadly the last Uzumaki other than you." Sarutobi said. Naruto looked saddened but his frown soon turned into a smile as he looked at Sarutobi with promise in his eyes.

"Then I'll follow into her foot steps and be better at her than both those things!" Naruto said with a thumbs up.

"Haha you think you can be as good as Kushina? You got guts kid. Kushina was the best of the best. She looked at death in the eyes and survived. But I gotta admit. I've seen you train with that sword of yours. Your good." A women with red paint on her cheeks said.

"Don't be ridiculous! This kid can very well kill us! He must be stripped of the academy and not be able to become a shinobi!" A merchant said.

"I don't care what you say. Naruto is becoming a shinobi no matter what! Not only is his god mother not here but his god father as well. And to top it off he lives by himself. I have been taking care of him and I trust Naruto." Inoichi said to Naruto's defense.

"Th-thank you Inoichi-san." Naruto said bowing.

"Well then whose his god mother and father?" Ino asked. "Shouldn't they take care of him?"

"They are away on important businesses. They can not take care of Naruto because it is far to dangerous." Sarutobi said.

"What about Ry-" Inoichi started but got interupted by Hiashi.

"He was killed when Naruto was two. The Sarutobi-sama told us he was a threat so Shikaku and I killed him. We asked why but he told us it was classified information to only the Hokage. So we let it be"

"That is correct. He was a threat to Konoha and I didn't the village to be in any danger." Sarutobi said. Everyone argued for a while until they were at an agreement.

"I propose Naruto stay with someone." Hiashi said. Sarutobi pondered the thought.

"Who would take him?" Sarutobi asked. To his surprise most of the Shinobi council raised their hands and no one from the civilian council did.

"So.. Most of you would take Naruto. Since this is your decision who do you want to live with?" Sarutobi asked. Naruto looked at his choices and nonetheless he trusted them all. He would choose the person he trusts the most. Which was Inoichi and Hiashi. He pondered a bit.

"If I live with someong does that mean I get adopted by them?" Naruto asked. Sarutobi nodded. He thought it over and nodded. "I want to be adopted by Tsume Inuzuka.I don't trust her more than Inoichi-san and Hiashi-san but that just means I get to see how she gets. I would like to know Kiba better so that would give me the opportunity." Naruto said. Sarutobi looked at Taume who nodded in agreement.

"I only ask to know when his birthday is." Tsume asked.

"It's in three days. October 10. Please Tsume.. Take care of him." Sarutobi said.

"Hai, Hokage-sama." Tsume said.

"Then this meeting is adjourned Naruto pack your things and go over to the Inuzuka compound. Even though they are your family you get to choose weather you want the surname or not." Sarutobi said. Naruto shook his head and said he would like to be an Uzumaki for the rest of his life. Sarutobi smiled and nodded. After the meeting Naruto took Tsume to his apartment building. She noticed it was worn down and followed Naruto up the squeaky stairs. Naruto went over to his apartment door and unlocked it. Tsume was surprised it was a clean apartment despite all the kunai markings. Naruto packed his things which wasn't a lot and went over to the Inuzuka complex.

"Kiba I'm back with a guest!" Tsume yelled. Kiba went down to greet his mother when he saw Naruto with his things.

"Hey Naruto whats wrong?" Kiba asked.

"Naruto will be living with us for the time being. The Hokage-sama asked who he wanted to stay with and he chose here because he wants to get to know you better." Tsume explained. Kiba looked at Naruto who nodded and Kiba smiled.

"Alright You can sleep in my room after we set up a mini-bed so you won't have to crash on he couch." Kiba said and Naruto smiled.

"Hey do you have a training ground?" Naruto asked. Kiba nodded and went to the back. He noticed it was at least ten times bigger than the one Ino had. Naruto then took out his training weights and put them on.

"What are those for?" Kiba asked.

"They're training weights. They help me improve me speed and stamina. Don't you train with these?" Naruto asked.

"No my kaa-san never said anything about those." Kiba said. Naruto pondered on that thought and handed Kiba some extra weights he had.

"Here. It's heavy so don't do to much at one time." Naruto said with a smile then started doing laps. Kiba wore some of the weights and started the laps along with Naruto. They looked at each other and smiled then kept going. Tsume went outside to see Kiba and Naruto panting on the ground with weights on them. She smiled as she knew where Kiba got the weights.

"Take off the weights boys it's time for dinner." Tsume said then walked back inside. They both took off the weights and walked inside sore. They went to the table and Naruto saw a girl at the table reading a book.

"Oh you must be Naruto. I'm Hana nice to meet you." Hana said looking up from her book.

"Hello Hana. What book are you reading?" Naruto asked.

"It's about elemental manipulation." Hana said. Tsume had the food on the table which made Naruto's mouth drool. Roast beef with white rice and chop suey with extra shrimp. Naruto told them about his life which made all three of them angry. After dinner they went to their rooms and Kiba helped Naruto set up his bed and they slept the night away. He felt safe but their was something coming. He didn't know what. But it might come soon.

Three days later

Naruto woke up since the academy didn't open for the festival. Today was not only the day the Yondaime kill the Kyuubi. But Naruto's birthday as well. He went down stares to see Hana and Kiba training with their dogs.

"Happy birthday Naruto." Tsume said with a smile.

"Thank you." Naruto replied with the same smile. He went outside and got a happy birthday from Hana and Kiba. He took out his sword and practiced some kata's he learned from Mizuki.

A few hours passed and the four went into town.

"Where are we going kaa-san?" Kiba asked.

"Oh we're going to get Naruto's favorite ramen stand." Tsume said. Naruto's eyes widened at the thought of Ichiraki and started to run but got grabbed by the collar.

"Don't worry Naruto we're almost there." Tsume said while Kiba and Hana held their sides from laughing. Naruto pouted and nodded. Not even five minuets later they came up on the little stand and went inside.

"Hey Naruto happy birthday! Have what ever you want it's on the house." Teuchi said. Naruto smiled and ordered three bbq ramen and 2 shrimp ramen. Kiba ordered two bbq ramen, Hana got one vegetable ramen, while Tsume got one miso ramen. They ate and realized why Naruo loved the place so much. They went home and talked. Half an hour later they heard a knock on the door as Tsume opened it she saw the Hokage in front of her.

"Is Naruto here?" Sarutobi asked.

"Why yes he is Hokage-sama. Please come inside." Tsume said and Sarutobi nodded and went inside.

"Hi Jiji! Why are you here?" Naruto asked.

"Well I wouldn't miss giving you your birthday present now would I?" Sarutobi said smiling. He handed Naruto a small box.

"Thanks Jiji. But you didn't have too." Naruto said.

"Oh, but I wanted too." Sarutobi said. Naruto nodded and opened the scroll.

"What is it?" Naruto asked.

"It's a scroll containing jutsu from D to A rank your mother created. I thought since you know her now why not learn it?" Sarutobi asked which got a big hug from Naruto.

"Thanks Jiji I love it!" Naruto said opening the scroll. Kiba and Hana gave them his presents and got a kunai from Kiba and a scroll explaining Fuinjutsu from Hana. Tsume gave Naruto a new sword as he took the sword out he noticed the design of the dragon on the scabbard. The end og the handle had a dragon head with the mouth wide open and the sword was sharp and slim. The grey metal and a line down the middle and had a gem in the handle. Naruto smiled and thanked Tsume. After a long talk and a long day Sarutobi left and all four went to sleep.

Somewhere in the middle of no where

A boy with blue hair and dark sapphire eyes was walking down the road.

"Nekrix... How long do you think till Naruto is a genin?" The boy asked. A figure came out of his shadow with a blue mask on with fangs coming our of it with a hole onto for eyes and a mouth.

"Maybe another three years Ryuzaki-sama. Although he might not pass." The figure said.

"Oh Nekrix we both know that Naruto will pass. If he's anything like Kushina and me he'll pass no doubt." Ryuzaki said.

"Very well master. But I suggest we wait three years before going back to Konoha. They think your dead so it won't be a problem." Nekrix said.

"Oh and Nekrix... We're being spied on." Ryuzaki said.

"I know." Nekrix replied. As if on cue a body fell out of a tree onto the ground dead.

"Hmm... Oto nin... Well I am in their bingo book haha." Ryuzaki said.

"It's not something to be proud of Ryu-sama." Nekri said.

"Oh but I love it." Ryu said as they continued walking to the next town.

Ryu: So there you have it! Ryuzaki was my blue haired OC which I thought would be better off showing now but this is all I'm revealing for him. Also sorry for all the awkward time skips next chapter will be the last time skip for a LONG time just soo you know :) This chapter is a little longer just for you entertainment :D So as always have a nice day... BYE!