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Three YearsLater

Naruto and Kiba were on their way to the academy for the graduation exams.

"So you think we'll pass?" Kiba asked. Naruto nodded with a bright smile and saw Ino coming out of her house.

"Hey Ino!" Naruto shouted. Ino looked at them and smiled. She waved at them as they caught up.

"Hey guys. Let's go?" Ino asked and got a nod from both the boys. They went into the academy and took their seats. A few minuets later Iruka came in and looked at his class with a smile.

"Alright class today we will be doing the Genin exams!" Iruka shouted. Everyone cheered. Iruka went down the list name by name grading people on the henge, bushin, and substitution jutsu's. "Naruto Uzumaki!" He shouted. Naruto stood up and went over to the from of the class.

"Okay henge." He said. Naruto built up chakra and turned into Inoichi then turned back.

"Okay bushin." He said. Naruto crossed his index and middle fingers and yelled, "Kage Bushin no jutsu." About 10 Naruto's appeared in he class.

"Okay substitution." Iruka said as Naruto smiled. He focused his chakra and switched places with Ino then switched back.

"Alright good A+. Everyone have lunch and then we'll do the sparing exam." Iruka said as everyone left class. Naruto was congratulated by everyone but Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto, Ino, and Kiba went outside for lunch and sat down on a bench. Naruto laid back and looked a the skies and slowly fell asleep not before seeing a blue blur in the sky.

Few minuets before, At main gates of Konoha

A blue haired boy around 14 was walking towards Konoha. He wore a dark blue shirt with black pants and black shinobi sandals. He had two swords on his back in an X shape and one going horizontal(like the one that Sai had on his back) and two more swords on each one of his hips. He had a dagger on his shoulder and a big hunting knife across his upper chest. His dark blue sapphire eyes looked at Konoha and wondered how a certain blonde was doing.

"Hey you! Who are you and what's your buisness!" A chunin asked. He looked at him and kept walking. The chunin ran after him but lost sight of him. The chunin ran back to his post and talked to his team mate.

"I'll go warn the hokage. You keep watch here." The chunin said.

"Hai." Replied the other one. He shunshined to the front door of the Hokage's office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." He heard Sarutobi say and he rushed in.

"Hokage-sama someones here with a suspicious face. He had blue hair and dark sapphire eyes with about 5 swords and two daggers. I don't know who he is he just went inside with out a word. I tried tracking him but I lost him." The chunin said with a worried look in his eyes. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes and looked out the window. 'Is it possible you're already back?' Sarutobi wondered. Another knock on the door and he sighed.

"Come in." Sarutobi said keeping his eyes on the door. The blue haired boy stepped him at looked at the chunin.

"That's him Hokage-sama!" The chunin said. An Ambu came out of the shadows and pointed a sword at his throat.

"Sarutobi-sama. Is this how you train your Ambu? It's very bad." He said. Another man with a blue mask with fangs coming out of the mouth hole with other holes for his eyes. He took out a kunai and pointed it at the Ambu's throat. Another Ambu came out and pointed a kunai at his spine. After that a bunch of people with masks just like the blue one fell down from the roof. Sarutobi looked in awe at the clones with wide eyes. He never thought he would ever see the day his Ambu's got beaten.

"Release him." Sarutobi said. The Ambu retracted his sword and the man with the mask disappeared into the shadows again. All of the clones dispelled in a puff of smoke.

"Sarutobi-sama it's nice to see you again." The boy said with a smile. Sarutobi nodded.

"Ryuzaki it's nice to see you after so many years. You've really grown. And you hae a companion." Sarutobi said wih a smile and relaxed. "Go back to your post your done here." He told the chunin who nodded.

"So where's Naruto?" Ryuzaki asked.

"He's doing the graduation exam." Sarutobi said to him. He nodded.

"If I may... I'd like to make a request." Ryuzaki said. Sarutobi nodded. "I'd like to-"

Meanwhile at the Academy

Naruto walked into the dojo with the rest of the class.

"Alright class this is the sparing part of the exam. Naruto, Sasuke please stay here. Everyone else take a seat. The rules is only using D-rank jutsu's. The Sharingan is okay Sasuke. Got it?" Iruka instructed. Both boys nodded and looked at each other.

"Begin!" Iruka shouted. Sasuke activated his Sharingan and smiled. Naruto smiled and took out his sword. Sasuke started making hand signs that ended with the tiger hand sign. Iruka warned everyone to get back. "Katon: Fire Ball jutsu!" Sasuke yelled. The fireball engulfed Naruto making him in he middle. Sasuke smiled at what he did and Sakura cheered loudly. Sasuke was walking back to sit when he heard a voice.

"Where you going Sasgay?" Naruto asked with his shirt burned. He ripped it off showing his abs and got a loud 'Kyyyaaaaaa!' from his fan girl base. Naruto held his sword and channeled a bit of chakra into it. "Red blur technique: Great slash of Speed!" Naruto yelled and slashed the air at Sasuke. He got knocked back with a cut across his chest and was knocked out. Sakura was yelled at Naruto for hurting her 'Sasuke-kun' Iruka asked Mizuki to take Sasuke to the hospital and he continued with the fights. Everyone fought and went back to the academy.

"Alright every one passed. Congratulations to everyone. Our Rookie of the Year is Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka said as he smiled. "Everyone please collect your head bands." All the girls were still staring at the shirtless Naruto and got their head bands and went home. Kiba and Naruto dropped off Ino and went home.

"Kaa-san we're home! And Naruto got Rookie of the Year!" Kiba yelled out. Tsume came out of the kitchen to see a burned shirtless Naruto and a still clothed Kiba and smiled.

"Congratulations Naruto. Are you happy?" Tsume asked.

"Yup. I couldn't do it without my Kaa-san's scrolls though." Naruto said smiling.

"Put on a shirt we're going to Ichiraku for a celebration!" Tsume yelled. Everyone heard foot steps and something falling and a scream. Hana fell down the stares and fell on her face and stood back up.

"We're going to Ichiraku?!" Hana said with a gleam in her eyes. Naruto and Kiba held their sides laughing while Tsume sweat-dropped. Naruto went to his room and put on a shirt on and they all left to Ichiraku's.

A few minuets of walking they all made it to Ichiraku's. "Hey Naruto-kun. You graduate?" Ayame said looking at his headband.

"Yup made Rookie of the Year." Naruto said while smiling.

"Well then it's on the house! have whatever you want!" Teuchi said. Naruto smiled and ordered 3 BBQ ramen and 2 pork ramen. Everyone ate and went home with full bellies.

"You ready for Team placement Kiba?" Naruto asked. Kiba nodded and they went to their rooms and fell asleep.

Next Morning, Ninja Academy

Naruto and Kiba walked into class and sat at both sides of Ino at their usual table. A few minuets later Iruka walked in.

"Okay everyone here are the teams. Team 1 (Skips till team 7. They arn't IMPORTANT! I REFUSE TO SHOW THEM!). Team 7, Naruto Uzumaki, Ino Yamanaka, and Shina Aburame(thought he should get some screen time). Your sensei is actually a new one. He is Ryuzazki Namagishi. Team 8, Hinata Hyuga, Sakura Haruno, and Shikamaru Nara. Your sensei is Kurinai Yuhi. Team 9 is still in circulation so Team 10 is Chouji A.(For got his last name _), Kiba Inuzuka, and Sasuke Uchiha. Your sensei is Kakashi Hayate. Well your sensei's will be here in a few minuets so please wait." Iruka said and left. A few minuets later A blue haired man and a red eyed woman came inside.

"Team 8?" The red eyed lady said. They stood and left.

"Team 7?" The blue haired boy asked. They stood and left for the roof tops.

"Hey wait. You're just a kid how are you our sensei?" Ino asked.

"Kakashi Hayate was a jounin since he was 12. Why can't I be one when I'm 14?" Ryuzaki asked. "So I want to know your Name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams. I'll go first. I'm Ryuzaki Namagishi. I like dragons, family and friends. I dislike perverts, people who don't train hard, and lies. My hobbies are training hard and walking. I don't really have a dream. Okay so that's how it's done so you with the whiskers. Go."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I like ramen, training hard, and talking with friends. My dislikes are the wait for instant ramen. Seriously if its instant then why wait? Anyway my hobbies are training hard and hanging out with friends. My dream is to be the best shinobi in the world." Naruto said. Ryuzaki nodded and turned to Ino.

"Okay blue eyes go." Ryuzaki said.

"I'm Ino Yamanaka. I like ramen, training with Naruto, and friends and family. My dislikes are the same with you Ryu-sensei. My hobbies are training with Naruto. My dream is to be a good clan heiress and clan head." Ino said. Ryu nodded again.

"Alright what about you Mr. I'm to cool for you guys to see my eyes." He said to Shino.

"My name is Shino Aburame. I like bugs. I dislike insectivorous plants and animals. My hobbies are training with bugs. My dream is to be a good clan head." Shino said.

"Okay then meet me by training ground 7 in half an hour." Ryuzaki said and left in a shunshin. Naruto turned to Ino and Shino.

"You guys want to get something to eat?" He asked. They both nodded and went to Ichiraku Ramen.

"Hey Ayame-chan, Teuchi-ojisan." Naruto and Ino said as they walked in. They both turned to the three kids in front of them.

"Hey are you all teammates?" Ayame asked. Naruto nodded.

"My name is Shino Aburame." Shino said sticking his hand out for both of them to shake.

Thirty minuets later, Training ground 7

Naruto, Ino, and Shino walked into the middle of the training ground to see Ryuzaki in the lotus position(sitting down cross legged).

"Good you guys are early." Ryuzaki said. "You're gonna fight me for one hour. You have 10 minuets to discuss a plan. Ready? Go." Ryuzaki said and went back to meditating. Naruto turned back to the two and they discussed a plan.

Ten minuets later Ryuzaki stood up. "Are you guys ready?" He asked. "Remember if you don't pass then you will never be a ninja and go back to the academy again."

"Wait I thought we already graduated?" Ino asked.

"That's true. But us Jounin have the last say weather you pass or not... The fight starts... Now!" He said as he threw a kunai at Shino who dodged. Naruto and Ino took out their swords and charged at him.

"You'll know why we're called Konoha's Kenjutsu Siblings!" Ino and Naruto shouted. Ryuzaki smiled and took out the swords off his back. He parried their slashes and cut Naruto's arm and Ino's cheek. Shino released his bugs and sent them around Ryuzaki draining his chakra. The bugs went away and Ryuzaki dispersed in a puff of smoke.

"What just happened?" Shino asked.

"It was a clone." Naruto said.

"That's right. And you guys fail." Ryuzaki said. All three of them stood with wide eyes.


"If you let me finish... You guys failed to show you could over power each other. Shino acted as back up if you two got hurt. That shows you trust Shino with your life and he won't let you down." Ryuzaki said. "You start your first mission tomorrow. But Naruto I want you to stay here for a while." Ryuzaki told him. He nodded and told Ino and Shino good bye.

"What is it sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Well... It's about your mother."

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