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"What about her?" Naruto asked narowing his eyes.

"Well she had a sister. Her sister had a son." Ryuzaki said.

"So I have a cousin I didn't even know about?" Naruto asked. Ryuzaki closed his eyes a nodded.

"Yes. And it's me." Ryuzaki said. Naruto widened his eyes. He had a cousin all his life he didn't know about. He's happy that he finally had family, but it still pissed him off that he wasn't there.

"Then why show up now." Naruto said with his hair covering his eyes.

"Well its because-"

Later that day, In the council room

The civilian and shinobi council were sitting in their respective chairs to see there was one extra chair on the shinobi side.

"Why do you think there's one extra chair?" Inoichi asked.

"I'm not sure... But Hokage-sama has really been acting weird since that new jounin came in." Shibi replied. Inoichi nodded and Sarutobi walked into the room.

"Greetings. Now you must be wondering why there's one extra chair... Well it's simple." Sarutobi said and the door flew open. There stood a man, or should I say child, with blue hair and dark sapphire eyes.

"Hello everyone." He said.

"He will be our new council member for the shinobi. He has made many topics interesting and he is the last of his clan." Sarutobi said. He took a seat next to Tsume and Mebuki eyed his suspiciously.

"So Hokage-sama why have we been called?" asked a merchant.

"Well for one. It's about him." Sarutobi said pointing to the new council member.

"My name is Ryuzaki Namagishi." He said and bowed. Hiashi widened his eyes and stood up causing people to jump.

"You're an impostor. I killed Ryuzaki years ago!" Hiashi said.

"True but you see... I have a kekkei genkai that saved me." Ryuzaki said coolly.

"Hiashi! I know that is the real him. I faked his death." Sarutobi said.

"But why?" Shikaku asked.

"That is for a later time. For now Ryuzaki. Please speak what you told me." Sarutobi said.

"Hai, Sarutobi-sama." Ryuzaki said. "I'm wondering. Who changed the Ninja Academy?"

"I did." Mabuki said with a smile.

"And why did you do it?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Because it was too hard for people to pass." Mebuki said.

"But the life of a ninja is hard. You toned it down to which people should already know. They have little to no chakra control, jutsu arsenal, and horrid aim. Not to mention they don't know a thing about fuinjutsu and kenjutsu. They barely get help on genjutsu."

"But that's what their sensei's are for."

"No it's not. Sensei's are for critiquing their moves and tactics. They are for support. And why is someone in the civilian part doing things for the shinobi side?"

"Because the shinobi serve us." A merchant said as Tsume flared a Ki into the room at everyone. The civilian council started to shiver.

"How cute... THIS is a Ki." Ryuzaki said and released a Ki that made even the Hokage choke. The civilians were suffering. He allowed them to breathe.

"How is it you made Hokage-sama choke." Danzo asked with his only visible eye wide.

"Because he is one of the very few people Orochimaru is scared of most." Sarutobi said. Everyone gasped and turned to Ryuzaki with fear in their eyes.

"Liar!" Mebuki yelled. At that momment a kunai was held to her neck by a man with a blue mask on. Then an Ambu went to her aid and held up a kunai to his throat. Ryuzaki then drew one of his swords at the Ambu. Everyone went wide eyed and wondered why Ryuzaki was aiding the masked man.

"Ryuzaki-san why are you protecting him?" Hiashi asked.

"Well you see Hyuuga-san. He's my personal bodyguard. Nekrix, release Ms. Haruno." Ryuzaki said and withdrew his sword. Nekrix did what he was told and slowly went into the ground.

"What was that?" Danzo asked.

"His Kekkei Genkai. He never told my his last name though." Ryuzaki pouted. Nekrix came from behind Ryuzaki and whispered into his ear. Ryuzaki nodded them stood.

"It seems my enemy is here. I must deal with him... ALONE." Ryuzaki said and headed towards the main gate. He saw Naruto and Ino at a Ramen stand and walked in.

"Naruto, Ino come with me I'll explain on the way." Ryuzaki said and went for the rooftops.

"Ryu-sensei what's wrong?" Ino asked.

"My enemy is near and he has company. I want you guys to help me." Ryuzaki said and they nodded.

"What's his name?" Naruto asked.

"Tai." Ryuzaki said as they reached the main gates they saw a man with black pants and red mesh armor. He had two swords on his back in an 'X' shape. Next o him was a boy Naruto's age with a sword at his hip. He had red spiky hair and white shirt and pants.

"Ryuzaki you we're here to end you..." the older man said.

"Tai you'd be a fool." Ryuzaki said.

"Very well then." Tai said and did hand signs then a seal was on a floor and they were teleported to a plain.

"Shin. Get the two kids. I'll take Ryuzaki." Tai said.

"Hai." The little boy replied.

"Why must you fight me now." Ryuzaki asked.

"Evil never rests." Tai said.

"Whatever." Ryuzaki said as he drew his sword.

"Hmm." Tai said then followed suit. As did Naruto, Ino, and Shin. They stood and watched each other in silence.

"Go." Ryuzaki said and everyone went into battle. Tai charged at Ryuzaki who just parried his sword and blocked a kick going to his head. Ryuzaki slashed at his chest. Tai blocked the sword and kicked Ryuzaki who dodged.

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