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Naruto was slashing at Shin with all his training under Mizuki being offered to him as a gift, he won't be able to win. Ino stepped in and joined Naruto. Shin would always just parry and block but never strike. This kept going and got on Naruto's nerve.

"Red Blur Technique: Giant Air Slash!" Naruto yelled as he swung his sword at the air and hit Shin on the chest. Shin, now enraged, started slashing at Naruto and Ino and hit Naruto's cheek but hit Ino's side. This got Naruto even more mad. The sight of his best friend getting hurt was like no other. Shin kept going with all the attacks. Naruto and Ino now all bruised up with Shin only having one cut across his chest raised his sword.

"I pray to the heavens don't let you survive!" Shin yelled then brought his sword down pointing it at Ino and having lighting come from the tip and hit her in the chest.

"NOOOOOOOOO" Naruto yelled as red chakra started seeping from his body. "I will kill you! No one hurts my friends in front of me and gets away with it!" Naruto continued as a tail of chakra sprouted. "Go to sleep Naruto. Let me do all the work." He heard as he blanked out and slowly closed his eyes. He stood there for a second and opened his now red slitted eyes. Naruto ran towards Shin with lightning speed and punched him square in the jaw sending him flying. Naruto now extended his arm and out came a dozen kunai and shuriken from his palm. All striking Shin. Shin laid wide eyed and stared at Naruto's now pitch black eyes with a single white ring around it. Shin paralyzed with fear was helpless as another kunai slowly exited Naruto's palm and shot to his head. It was deflected by Tai and he grabbed Shin and shunshined out of sight. Naruto's chakra cloak soon disappeared and his eyes went normal as he fell. Last thing he heard was the village gate guards running towards them and someone yelling his name as everything went black...

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto awoke in some sort of sewage system with poor lighting. Sitting up waiting for hia eyes to adjust to the lighting. When it finally did he got up and started walking around. He got to a cage with a giant sleeping fox.

"Hello?" Naruto said. The fox's eye open then closes again.

"Please go away." The fox said.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"Who am I? I'm the Kyuubi no Yoko! The strongest tailed beast!" The fox yelled again.

"What! Impossible! The fourth killed him a long time ago!" Naruto yelled.

"I can't be killed. And when he saw that he sealed it into a baby." The Kyuubi said. Naruto went wide eyed.

"You were the one that told me to sleep wern't you." Naruto asked.

"I can't die. Not now" Kyuubi said. Then closed his eye again.

"Wait. I shot kunai and shuriken at Shin. How'd that happen?" Naruto asked.

"That wasn't my work. That was your own. You have a Kekkei Genkai. Full with Jutsu and Doujutsu. I can learn more through your DNA and teach you how to use it but for a price." Kyuubi said.

"I'm listening." Naruto said trying to keep his calm.

"If you follow my training and let me hear, smell, and see the world. I will see what your Kekkei Genkai can do." Kyuubi said. Naruto pondered on this and nodded.

"What do I have to do." He asked.

"Rip off the four corners of the seal." Kyuubi said.

"That's it?" Naruto asked and Kyuubi nodded. Naruto was brought up and ripped off the four corners. Then he fell into a dark abyss and faded out of his mindscape.

Konoha Hospital one month later

Naruto awoke in the hospital with Ryuzaki looking at him with Ino beside him looking like she's gonna explode. Naruto tried sitting up with Ino's help. He opened his mouth to speak but got slapped in the face by Ino. He held the place where he was slapped wide eyed.

"You don't know how worried I was!" Ino yelled and tackled him into a fierce hug.

"Can't breathe." Naruto managed to say. Ino gasped and allowed him to breathe. Naruto sighed and got out of his medical bed.

"Don't strain yourself." Ryu said. Naruto nodded and walked over to the still crying Ino and hugged her. After a minuet or so the nurse came in and told them they could go.

"Ryu-sensei. When do we get our mission?" Ino asked. Ryuzaki looked up and stared at the sky for a while before answering.

"How about the day after tomorrow?" Ryuzaki asked. Both Naruto and Ino nodded and Ryuzaki went for the roof tops going home. Naruto walk Ino home and headed to the training grounds.

"Hey furball can you hear me?" Naruto asked in his head.

"I'm not a fuball! I'm Kurama the Kyuubi no Yoko!" Kyuubi yelled.

"Uh-huh sure. Anyway have you figured out anything about my Kekkei Genkai?" Naruto asked.

"Are you serious? You're loaded with deep shit man. There is jutsu from D to S rank, multiple forms for your Dojutsu and many, many stages of it you have to complete. The kunai and shuriken were just the beginning. You gotta work on chakra control more in order to do the basics of this so what I want you to do is walk up a tree then do a handstand."Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded and started walking on the tree. Then he focused some chakra to his hands and did a handstand. "Good. Now do handstand push ups."

"Isn't that a bit overboard?" Naruto asked.

"Not unless you wanna unlock everything with your dojutsu."Kyuubi said. And at that Naruto started doing the push ups till the end of the day then walked over home.

Later that night

Naruto could be seen sweating and shivering in bed rolling around violently clearly having a bad dream. Tsume walked into his room and shook him awake. Naruto woke up screaming then saw Tsume and hugged her tightly.

"Naru-kun it's only a bad dream." Tsume said softly holding him. She stayed there until he fell asleep again and left after kissing his forehead.

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